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Professor Dorothy Keefe

Professor of Cancer Medicine
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Professor Keefe is the Clinical Ambassador for the Transforming Health initiative in SA, Professor of Cancer Medicine at the University of Adelaide, and a Senior Medical Oncologist at Royal Adelaide Hospital Cancer Centre. She is the Past-President of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC).

Associate Professor Tak Kee

Associate Professor
Faculty of Sciences

My group uses steady state and time-resolved spectroscopic techniques to investigate the molecular processes in two significant systems. The first system is the important medicinal pigment curcumin. We aim to provide molecular insight into the medicinal effects of curcumin, focusing on the role of excited state photophysical processes and metal chelation. In addition, we use molecular assemblies including cyclodextrins and hydrogels to capture and stabilize curcumin in aqueous environment. We use these molecular assemblies to deliver curcumin to cancer cells.

Professor Dmitri Kavetski

Deputy Head of School
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

One of the main contributions of Dmitri's research work has been the development of Bayesian Total Error Analysis (BATEA) - a comprehensive framework for parameter estimation and probabilistic prediction accounting for data and model uncertainties. BATEA is currently applied in hydrological modelling, with additional appplications developing in river system modelling, irrigation modelling and other areas of environmental engineering.

Dr Yan Jiao

Postdoctoral Researcher
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Dr Peipei Jia

ARC Research Associate
Faculty of Sciences

I graduated from Shandong University with BSc degree and Zhejiang University with MSc degree, both in Biomedical Engineering. I continued my research in Biomedical Graduate Program at University of Western Ontario (Western University) from 2010 and obtained my PhD in 2014. My research is focused on plasmonic optical sensor engineering towards biosensing, and developing method for metal nanostructure patterning. I has lots of experience in clean room environment and a variety of fabrication techniques, i.e. photolithography, e-beam lithography.

Associate Professor David Jeffery

Associate Professor in Wine Science
Faculty of Sciences

David completed a PhD on the development of methodology for the stereoselective synthesis of polypropionate marine natural products. He also has experience with the synthesis of aromatic heterocycles and a strong analytical chemistry background. David has worked in the area of aroma and flavour chemistry, undertaking and overseeing analytical method development, compound synthesis and isolation/characterisation of grape and wine components.