Researcher Profiles

Ms Jasmin Martino

PhD Candidate
Faculty of Sciences

I am a PhD candidate in the Gillanders Aquatic Ecology Lab, which is part of the Southern Seas Ecology Laboratories. I am interested in using chemical signatures in fish tissues to investigate environmental and physiological histories.

Ms Stefanie Lopriore

PhD Candidate
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

My research focusses on the way we deliver healthcare at a distance using telephone helplines. I am also interested in how men engage in help-seeking behaviours, and to what extent helplines can be utilised to overcome the barriers that prevent health help-seeking.

David Kulikowski

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Completing a PhD (Structural Geology and Geophysics) by publication at the Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide. Research is focused on better understanding the structural history and evolution of Australia's largest onshore hydrocarbon province, the Cooper-Eromanga Basin.

Mr Indra Kiling

PhD Candidate
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Indra Yohanes Kiling is a co-founder of a small research community in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. He also contribute as an associate research fellow at IRGSC (Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change), an Indonesian think-tank based in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.

He is a current candidate in the PhD degree, supervised by Professor Deborah Turnbull, Dr Clemence Due (School of Psychology) and Dr Dominggus Elcid Li (Director of IRGSC).

Professor Finnur Larusson

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

I am a professor of pure mathematics. I did my PhD at the University of Chicago and worked at universities in the US and Canada before joining the University of Adelaide in 2006. I do research in complex analysis and complex geometry. I teach courses at all levels and supervise postgraduate students.

Ms Kaitlin Harkess

HDR Student
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I am interested in examining the practical psychotherapeutic benefits of a yoga practice, as well as biological mechanisms of its effect, with a particular focus on yoga’s comprehensive ability to fight stress. In my current research I am seeking to elucidate the mechanism through which the practice of yoga exerts both psychological and biological benefits. This falls under the broad field of Psychoneuroimmunology, where the relationship between a person’s psychological state, their nervous and immune systems, is examined.

Miss Kristy Kolc

PhD Candidate
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

A skilled and knowledgeable researcher with a passion for helping others. I work extremely well as part of a team and I am a motivated self-starter. I have over 10 years experience working in tertiary education in a variety of roles. I am adaptable and embrace challenges with a “can-do” attitude. I am dedicated and passionate about my work, with a strong desire to make a substantial and positive impact in research as well as towards the success of the organisation and my own career growth.

Dr Kenneth Clarke

Faculty of Sciences

Ken is interested in translating remote sensing research into management relevant information, to improve understanding, monitoring and management of natural and built systems. His interest stems from a belief that human aspirations and intrinsic environmental values are equally important, and that with the right information and perspective we can pursue our aspirations and improve our environmental stewardship.

Professor Gerard O'Brien

Professor of Philosophy
Faculty of Arts

Research Interests:

* Theoretical foundations of cognitive science
* Neurocomputational models of cognition
* Consciousness
* Mental representation
* Naturalised theories of ethics and values