Martyn Stoker

Martyn Stoker

Australian School of Petroleum & Energy Resources

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

I retired as a geologist from the British Geological Survey after 36 years (1980-2016), and am currently a Visiting Research Fellow (VRF) (2018-2020) in the Australian School of Petroleum (ASP). I have collaborated with the ASP since 2008 addressing the general issue of passive continental margin development in the NE Atlantic region and offshore southern Australia. The wide-ranging nature and extent of this research is reflected in the selection of key papers from 2005 and 2008-onwards listed in the 'Publications' section. Based on this knowledge and experience, my objectives as a VRF are to try and develop a better understanding of Cenozoic stratigraphy and sedimentation on the southern Australian continental margin, with a particular focus on the Dugong Supersequence in the Great Australian Bight, as well as continuing my NE Atlantic research.

The objective of my Visiting Research Fellowship is to continue my long-standing research into the Cenozoic tectonostratigraphic development of passive continental margins. This work is focused on establishing a better understanding of how the preserved sedimentary succession can be utilised as a sensitive recorder of the processes involved in passive margin development. My research is concentrated in two main geographic areas:

  1. The southern Australian continental margin. This work is focused on the Mid-Eocene to Recent Dugong Supersequence in the Great Australian Bight, with a view to better understanding its seismic-stratigraphic architecture and the tectonic, sedimentary and oceanographic processes involved in its development. This work continues my direct academic collaboration with the University of Adelaide, which was first established in 2008 when I was a Partner Investigator on Australian Research Council Discovery Project study into the ‘Compressional deformation and uplift of Australia’s passive southern margin’.
  2. The NE Atlantic region. This work is focused on the Cenozoic stratigraphy of the Atlantic continental margin of NW Britain, the Faroese and Icelandic continental margins, and the Jan Mayen Microcontinent. This work was originally instigated prior to my retirement from the British Geological Survey, and continues through my on-going collaboration with the Iceland Geosurvey, the University of Iceland, the Faroese Geological Survey, and with European and North American colleagues as part of an international working group led by the University of Durham, UK. The development of a new geodynamic model of continental breakup for the NE Atlantic region is the main goal of this working group.

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