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Thomas Mackay

Faculty of Arts

Dr Thomas Mackay is a Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of History at the University of Adelaide. He specialises in modern American history, especially the history of American capitalism, the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era, and the histories of American social and democratic movements. Additionally, he is interested in twentieth-century Australian history, and general social and cultural histories.

Jean Winter

Research Fellow - DRMCRL
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Dr Jean M Winter - Postdoctoral Research Officer, Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories, Adelaide University - 2017

Ms Morgan Smith

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Lecturer in Nursing, Adelaide Nursing School, The University of Adelaide.
Adjunct Lecturer in Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia.
My main teaching and research expertise is in the areas of public health and nursing in the community. I am also committed to enhancing students' educational experiences by researching and evaluating innovations in nursing education.

Dr John Horsley

University Research Associate
Faculty of Sciences

I am a Synthetic Organic Chemist with extensive experience in peptide synthesis and electron transfer in peptides. I completed a PhD with the Abell group at Adelaide University in 2015, and since then have been employed as a post-doctoral fellow within the same group. I have also enjoyed an association with IPAS and particularly, the CNBP. My current work involves a number of areas including medical research, and developing photoswitchable sensors for molecular interaction.

Dr Diep Ha

NHMRC Graduate Research Assistant
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Dr Ha is involved in several research activities in ARCPOH. She is currently responsible for annual report of Child Dental Health Survey, the annual national oral health surveillance for children attending School Dental Service in Australia which is funded by Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. She is overall responsible for data management, analysis and reporting data.

Dr Rebecca Feo

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I am passionate about conducting qualitative research that generates practical outcomes related to the provision of health care. My research expertise involves exploring the experiences and perspective of receiver and providers of healthcare, as well as examining, through Conversation Analysis, the ways in which health care and advice are delivered in real-life, naturally occurring interactions. I use these approaches within my current postdoctoral research, which focuses on improving the delivery of fundamental nursing care within acute healthcare systems.

Mr Yu Chinn Chey

Higher Degree by Research Candidate
Higher Degree By Research Candidate
Faculty of Sciences

I am an MPhil candidate in the School of Biological Sciences. My current project involves further elucidating the role of hypoxia in the development and progression of multiple myeloma.

Dr Viet Linh Nguyen

ARC Super Science Research Fellow
Faculty of Sciences

I was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. After graduating with a Bs. degree in Applied Physics from Hanoi University of Science in 2002 I moved to South Korea to pursue the PhD in Information and Communications from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), under a prestigious IITA fellowship from the government of South Korea, graduating in 2009. My graduate work focused on the development of fibre-optics devices for applications in fibre sensor, fibre laser and all-optical signal processing. In early 2010 I moved to Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Western Australia.

Dr Daniel King

Senior Research Associate
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Dr Daniel King is a Senior Research Fellow and clinical psychologist in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide. His research expertise is technology-based problems, with a specific focus on young people's digital gambling, Internet gaming, and social media use.

Neda Gorjian Jolfaei

Higher Degree by Research Candidate
PhD Candidate
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences