Researcher Profiles

Prashant Regmi

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I am PhD student. My research area is management of glucose intolerance.

Dr Tien-Fu Lu

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Ms Kayoko Enomoto

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Arts

Kayoko Enomoto is a senior lecturer & Japanese Studies Program Coordinator, with over 25 years experience in teaching Japanese to university students in the UK and Australia. Kayoko has published in the fields of language education and higher education and has specific research interests and expertise in the following areas: approaches to student diversity; assessment and promotion of student learning; flexible learning and teaching using new technologies; curriculum innovation and design; the first year experience; flipped classroom; team-based learning.

Dr Edwin Cedamon

Research Officer
Faculty of Sciences

My research interest is in small-scale forestry, agroforestry and community forestry particularly in increasing the social, economic and ecological functions of trees and forests. The research projects I was involved in include biophysical forestry experiments (nursery and fields trial), socio-economic research, systems modelling and Geographic Information System (GIS) in forestry planning.

Mrs Kelly Harper

Study Coordinator
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Kelly joined The Australian Collaborative Cerebral Palsy Research Group as a Data Assistant in April 2013. Over the years the role has evolved to meet the needs of the research group and her title is now Study Coordinator. The role has predominantly been responsible for coordinating the recruitment of families affected by Cerebral Palsy to our biobank and managing a cohort of biological samples for our ongoing research use. A major part of the role has been maintaining a database of personal and clinical information of our research cohorts.

Mrs Shanika Amarasinghe

PhD Student
Faculty of Sciences

Shani started her studies as a biology student in Sri Lank, which paved her way to bioinformatics. Currently, she is studying for the PhD in Bioinformatics under the supervision of Dr. Ute Baumann, Dr. Nathan S. Watson-Haigh, Dr. Stuart Roy and Prof. Matthew GIlliham at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Her project mainly focuses on identifying salt tolerant mechanisms in crops (barley). Transcriptomic and network analysis and molecular phylogenetic studies are mainly used in her project. She is expected to complete her PhD by December 2017.

Azmeraw Amare

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Azmeraw T. Amare is a Clinical Epidemiologist and data scientist interested in precision medicine, the pharmacogenomics of antidepressants (SSRIs) & mood stabilizers (lithium), translational medicine, and also in global health.