Researcher Profiles

María Núñez Salces

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

PhD Project: Nutrient sensing mechanisms involved in the gastric secretion of leptin and ghrelin in health and obesity.

Miss Matilda Jackson

Research Assistant - Junior Post Doc
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

- Establish and characterise a mouse modelling the complete knockout of Iqsec2 to explore the role of Iqsec2 on development and plasticity of the brain.

- Investigate and functionally validate how mutations in IQSEC2 impact resulting protein function and localisation in vitro.

- Interrogate behavioural and seizure outcomes of mice modelling two most common ARX polyalanine expansion mutations.

- Study variants of unknown significance in ARX and IQSEC2.

Mr Prem Shakya

PhD Student
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Prem Raj Shakya is a research student at University of Adelaide. Previously, He worked at Patan Academy of Health Sciences (Lagankhel, Nepal) as a Lecturer. He received his post graduate degree in M.Sc. in Medical Biochemistry from B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (Dharan, Nepal). He has keen interest in research in the field of Nutrition and Metabolism. Currently, he is working in his PhD project under the supervision of Prof. Amanda J. Page.

Dr Ulrike Schacht

Senior Research Fellow
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Ulrike runs an extensive geochemical monitoring program focussing on the Otway Demonstration site for CO2 storage in Victoria, SE Australia. For this she receives financial support from the CO2CRC.

Veronica Coram

Faculty of Arts

I am a PhD candidate in Political Science, supervised by Professor Lisa Hill and Dr Wayne Errington. My PhD title is Future Benefits, Future Burdens: Age, Values and Policy Attitudes in Australia. I have previously worked for 15 years in university management and academic policy development.

Stewart Christie

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

PhD research student in the discipline of medicine under the supervision of Professor Amanda Page, head of the Vagal Afferent Research Group (VARG).