Researcher Profiles

Dr Katja Hogendoorn

Research Associate
Faculty of Sciences

Research Interests

My fundamental research interests are in behavioural ecology and evolution of native bees, in particular related to mating, social and foraging behaviour. I also contribute to taxonomy and phylogeography of native bees.

My applied interests are in enhancing the environment for crop pollinating bees, development of native bees as greenhouse pollinators, the use of bees as vectors of biological control agents, and the conservation of native bees.

Hong Shen

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Professor Hong Shen's research interests are parallel and distributed computing, algorithms, data mining and high performance networks.

Dr Anna Crump

Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty of Sciences

Postdoctoral Fellow, Sensory and Consumer Science

Dr Fleur Dolman

Postdoctoral Fellow & Communications
Faculty of Sciences

Dr. Fleur Dolman is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Adelaide. She primarily works on communication activities for the Weed Science Research Group, to translate research findings into practical information for the farming community. Understanding and management of herbicide resistant weeds is the main focus.

Michael Harding

Faculty of Arts

I am interested in the historical agency of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and the history of their engagement in the labour market and the mining industry, in particular, the northern and central Australia regions. Other research interests include Aboriginal people and government policy in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the history of northern and central Australia, and South Australia generally..

Dr Gang Li

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Molecular Bio
Faculty of Sciences