Researcher Profiles

Dr Gerald Groot

Head of Department
Faculty of Arts

Gerry has long been interested in Chinese politics and political history and is well known for his work on the Chinese Communist Party's United Front Work, particularly with China's so-called democratic political parties. He is also interested in the place of ghosts in Chinese culture, aspects of religion and Western understandings of Chinese food. Other interests include how Asian influences have helped shaped other societies, the role of culture in social and political interaction and social change.

Dr Elizabeth Grant

Senior Research Fellow
Division of Academic and Student Engagement

Dr. Elizabeth Grant is an architectural anthropologist and Senior Research Fellow in the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Academic) at the University of Adelaide with a distinguished record in the field of Indigenous architecture with specialist interest in the design of institutional environments for Indigenous peoples.

Associate Professor Linda Gowing

Associate Professor
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I am a Principal Research Officer with Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia, and an Associate Professor in the Discipline of Pharmacology.

Dr Adele Feakes

Lecturer - Veterinary Skills
Faculty of Sciences

A veterinarian with a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, currently undertaking a PhD in entrepreneurship, and seeking to use my skills in curriculum development, student career intent research and entrepreneurship research, to help student development of both an innovative and enterprising mindset to enhance success in their chosen career.

Dr Debbie Faulkner

Research Fellow
Faculty of Arts

Debbie Faulkner is the Acting Director of The Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning. Debbie has many years experience in social and population based research issues with a strong focus and expertise in understand the housing and care needs of the older population in Australia.

Mr Habtamu Edjigu

PhD Candidate
Faculty of the Professions

Welcome to my webpage. I am a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide. My research interest is primarily empirical with a focus on the area of Development Economics (micro aspects), Firm-level studies of econometric and Impact evaluation in developing countries. Currently, I am working on impact evaluation in developing countries.

Dr Antony Eagle

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Arts

My research is mainly in ‘theoretical’ philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology/philosophy of science, philosophy of logic and language, philosophy of probability, and philosophy of physics. I teach in all these areas, and their early modern history (especially Descartes, Cavendish, and Hume).

Before coming to Adelaide in 2013, I had been since 2004 Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Oxford and William Kneale Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Exeter College. Before that, I completed my PhD at Princeton, and even earlier I was an undergraduate at Melbourne.