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Professor John Williams

Pro Vice-Chancellor - Research Operations
Division of Research and Innovation

John Williams joined the Adelaide Law School in 1997 as a lecturer having completed his doctorate at the Law Program, Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University. Prior to his appointment as Professor in Law in 2006 he was a Reader at the Australian National University (2004-2005) and a Senior Lecturer (1999-2003) and Lecturer (1997-1998) at the Adelaide Law School. He has held visiting positions at the University of Victoria, BC (2007), the University of Cape Town (2001) and was the Menzies Foundation Fellow at Kings College London (2002).

Dr Alexandra Whittaker

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Sciences

Alexandra Whittaker is a veterinary scientist and physiologist who has a research focus on gastrointestinal inflammatory conditions and their effects on emotion and cognitive processing. She also has significant research expertise in applied animal behaviour. She is a member of the Digestive Health Research Group led by Prof. Gordon Howarth and also leads a small independent research group which focusses on developing and refining novel methods of animal behavioural assessment.

Dr Ryan Whitford

Hybrid Wheat Program Leader
Faculty of Sciences

Ryan is a plant molecular biologist who's research interests are in floral developmental biology and the underlying molecular mechanisms behind plant responses to abiotic stress. He has previously worked on projects ranging from meiosis to extracellular peptide-based signalling in Arabidopsis and cereals.

Associate Professor Sarah Wheeler

Associate Professor
Faculty of the Professions

Sarah is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and Associate Director of Research with the Centre for Global Food and Resources at the University of Adelaide. She graduated with her PhD in 2007, and has over 100 peer-reviewed publications in the research areas of irrigated farming, organic farming, water markets, water scarcity, crime and gambling.

Associate Professor Seth Westra

Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Seth is an academic and chartered professional engineer with 13 years of postgraduate experience across academia and industry. Areas of expertise include extreme rainfall and flood risk estimation, hydrological modelling, water resources planning and management, and climate change impact assessments.

Dr Matthew Welsh

Research Fellow
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Dr Matthew Welsh is a psychological scientist specialising in decision making . In his role at the Australian School of Petroleum, he researches how people's decision-making tendencies impact the choices they make and the economic flow-on effects of this for industries like oil and gas, which depend on expert judgement and estimation to reduce uncertainty.

As part of this research, he works with oil companies, helping them to identify psychological biases in personnel and processes and developing training regimes and decision support tools to limit or eliminate those biases.