Researcher Profiles

Guy Robinson

Faculty of Arts

Guy Robinson is a human geographer with over 40 years experience of teaching and researching in universities in Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand. He has published eight books and over 200 papers in journals/book chapters and participated in numerous research projects. He holds degrees from the Universities of London and Oxford and has held positions at the Universities of Oxford, Edinburgh, Kingston London and South Australia as well as being an official visitor at 14 different institutions. He joined the University of Adelaide as an Adjunct in June 2015.

Miss Megan Rebuli

PhD Candidate
Faculty of Health Sciences

School of Public Health | BetterStart Child Health and Development Research Group

Angel Rea

Faculty of Sciences

Maria Angelica Rea is a PhD student in Frank Reith's Lab. Her topic focuses on the microbial-associated transformation of gold from temperate and tropical environments.

Dr Ravichandra Potumarthi

Research Associate
Faculty of Sciences

Fermentation and Bioprocess development; Renewable energy:Value addition to vineyard and wineries waste; Waste management (solid and liquid); Commercial process analysis and optimization; Bioreactor design development and operation; Cost benefit analysis; Consultancy

Dhamu Pongiyannan

Faculty of Arts

Dhamu is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide (School of Humanities), part-time lecturer (Media Studies) and journalist (SBS Australia). He published a book, entitled ‘Film and Politics in India: Cinematic Charisma as a Gateway to Political Power’ through Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, Switzerland. He is working on his next book on musicals.

Dhamu writes scripts for radio series and provides commentaries on socio-political events for SBS Australia. His 20-part radio series had been broadcast on SBS Australia (Tamil) from January to June 2016.

Dr Braden Phillips

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Braden Phillips is a senior lecturer in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide and is director of CHiPTec, the The Centre for High Performance Integrated Technologies and Systems.

Braden’s research focus is the design of new computing architectures for artificial intelligence, and in particular the Street Engine processor for cognitive computing. This work draws upon his research interest and experience in digital arithmetic, digital microelectronics, computer architecture, information security, and real-time and embedded systems.

Dr Alexandra Peralta

Faculty of the Professions

Alexandra is a Lecturer in Agricultural and Food Economics with Global Food Studies at the University of Adelaide. She is a development economist with experience on impact evaluation, field experiments and farmer decision-making models. Her recent research focuses on the use of experimental methods to evaluate the impact of value chain development interventions in East Africa and the Pacific. She has conducted impact evaluation of rural development projects with multiple interventions in Nicaragua and Haiti.

Mr Chris Penfold

Research Officer
Faculty of Sciences

As a research agronomist my focus has been the enhancement of agricultural systems through improved economic and environmental sustainability. The first 9 years involved a broadacre (arable agriculture) comparative trial of organic, biodynamic, integrated and conventional farming systems, and a similar trial in viticulture has recently been completed.

Dr Elisa Palazzo

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of the Professions

Elisa is an Architect/Urbanist and Landscape Architect with a PhD in Urban Design, Regional and Environmental Planning.
She is a Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design and the Coordinator of the Urban Ecosystem-design Lab in the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Adelaide.