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Dr Hannah Brown

Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Dr. Hannah Brown is a Robinson Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellow and is under the mentorship of Associate Professor Jeremy Thompson and Professor Sarah Robertson. She gained her PhD from the University of Adelaide and took up international postdoctoral posts in both France (INRA) and the United States (Baylor College of Medicine). Her interests lay in the fields of epigenetics and metabolism, and in particular the changing epigenetic landscape of the early embryo.

Dr Fred Brown

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

I am a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at The University of Adelaide. I am also a Chartered Member of the British Computer Society, a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Scientist and a member of the ACM. I received a PhD from St Andrews University in Scotland, for my work in Persistent Object Systems. My research interests have included programming language design, type systems, data intensive applications, business information systems and bioinformatics.

Professor Michael Brooks

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Division of Research and Innovation

Professor Mike Brooks is a leading international researcher in computer vision and image analysis. He holds the position of Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research) at the University of Adelaide. His work has seen wide commercial use in the security and defence industries and has resulted in international awards.

Dr Sally Brinkman

Adjunct Associate Professor
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Sally is a social epidemiologist with the majority of her research focusing on societies’ impact on child development. Sally is the Co-Director of the Fraser Mustard Centre, an innovative new initiative between the Telethon Kids Institute and the South Australia Department of Education and Child Development aimed to improve research translation.

Associate Professor Stuart Brierley

Associate Professor
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

A/Prof Brierley is an NHMRC R.D Wright Biomedical Fellow and Head of the Visceral Pain Group, Discipline of Medicine, University of Adelaide located in the Centre for Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Diseases at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).

Emeritus Professor Bill Breed

Emeritus Professor
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Emeritus Professor Bill Breed, who retired in February 2015, is a reproductive biologist whose main research interest is the fertilisation of Australian rodents and marsupials, and the morphology and evolution of sperm, eggs and egg coats. He has published around 170 papers in morphological, zoological, and reproductive biological journals, including 2 in Nature. In 2007, he and Fred Ford produced a book entitled "Native Mice & Rats", published by the CSIRO in their Australian Natural History series.

Dr Martin Breed

Faculty of Sciences

Martin is a Beacon Fellow within the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide. His research interests sit broadly in restoration ecology, ecological genomics, and plant adaptation, which he applies in urban, rural, production, and wild habitats.

Martin returned to the University of Adelaide as an ARC DECRA Fellow in 2015, and established new research strengths in plant adaptation and restoration genomics. From 2013 to 2014 Martin was a Swedish Research Council postdoctoral Fellow at Uppsala University, Sweden, in Prof Jon Ågren’s plant ecology and evolution laboratory.

Dr Heather Bray

Senior Research Associate
Faculty of Arts

Dr Heather Bray is a researcher exploring community understandings of, and attitudes to, the role of science and technology in food production, in particular genetically-modified crops and food, and farm animal welfare.

She has recently returned to full-time research after working for over 10 years in science communication, developing community engagement programs for agricultural research centres that use complex and controversial technologies. Her background is in agricultural science and she has worked as an animal scientist in both Australia and the Netherlands.

Professor Annette Braunack-Mayer

Professor in Health Ethics
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I am Professor of Health Ethics in the School of Public Health. I am a bioethicist, with considerable experience in the use of qualitative research methods (including deliberative approaches such as Citizens’ Juries) to explore public health issues, including obesity, immunization and pandemics. I also contribute to a program of research in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander methodologies and chronic disease prevention.