Professor Anna Chur-Hansen

Anna Chur-Hansen
Head of School
School of Psychology
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I am a Registered Psychologist with Endorsement in Health Psychology. I hold a PhD in Medical Education, which I completed in the Discipline of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide, where I was on staff from 1987 to 2013. As well as a focus on research in best practice education for health professionals, my research interests are broadly around food and eating; sex and relationships; physical pain; and death and dying. I am also interested in companion animals and their impact on human health (psychological, social and physical). Much of my research and teaching is around a biopsychosociocultural framework, and I use qualitative methods (as well as quantitative and mixed methods).

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Professor Anna Chur-Hansen

I am a Registered Psychologist with Endorsement in Health Psychology. I hold a PhD in Medical Education, which I completed in the Discipline of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide, where I was on staff from 1987 to 2013. As well as a focus on research in best practice education for health professionals, my research interests are broadly around food and eating; sex and relationships; physical pain; and death and dying. I am also interested in companion animals and their impact on human health (psychological, social and physical). Much of my research and teaching is around a biopsychosociocultural framework, and I use qualitative methods (as well as quantitative and mixed methods).

Companion animals and human health is an area of research focus
Companion animals and their influence on human health is a focus of research interest



Date Position Institution name
2013 Head of School University of Adelaide
2008 Psychologist Private Practice

Awards and Achievements

Date Type Title Institution Name Amount
2016 Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Health Professional Educators
2013 Australian Psychological Society South Australian Branch Award
2011 Australian Psychological Society Distinguished Service Award
2009 Fellow, Australian Psychological Society
2007 Fellow, Higher Education and Research Development Society of Australasia (FHERDSA)
2006 Carrick Citation University of Adelaide
2003 Stephen Cole the Elder Award University of Adelaide


Date Institution name Country Title
1998 University of Adelaide Australia PhD


Date Title Institution name Country
Endorsement in Health Psychology Psychology Board of Australia


Behavioral Science & Comparative Psychology, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Health, Clinical and Counselling Psychology, Mental Health, Psychological Methodology, Design and Analysis, Psychology


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Report for External Bodies

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Internet Publications

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2016 Bray,HJ, zambrano ramos,SC, Chur-Hansen,A, Ankeny,RA; 2016; 'Mummy, where does steak come from?' How Australian families talk about meat

Research Funding

Dry, M.J., Due, C., Chur-Hansen, A. and Burns, N.R. (2015-16). Office of Learning and Teaching - Seed Grant: Assessing the utility of an online adaptive learning tool in a large undergraduate program. (SD14-4348), $22,000.

Australian Learning and Teaching Council Award (value $465,000) for project “A collaborative multi-disciplinary project for the expansion, dissemination, and evaluation of a blended learning initiative for tertiary medical education.” (Palmer, E., Devitt, P., Chur-Hansen, A. and Crabb, S.) 2009-2011.

I currently teach into the School of Psychology curriculum at undergraduate level (primarily qualitative research methods) and postgraduate level (evidence based practice).  I supervise clinical health psychology and health promotion placements in the Masters of Psychology (Health).  In 2016 I co-ordinated Mind, Brain and Behaviour (Honours) and am doing so again in 2017.  I am the co-ordinator of Research Project I & II (Master of Psychology (Health).


I have supervised quite a number of Honours and Masters by coursework projects, Summer Vacation Research Scholarships, and postgraduate medicine dissertations as part of Fellowship training. I have not listed these projects here, but they are all within the areas of health professional education and health psychology (food and eating, sex and relations, physical pain and death and dying, companion animals and physical, psychological and social health).

I welcome enquiries regarding potential supervision. 

PhD students as of 2017

Melissa Opolski PhD – Psychological aspects of surgery for obesity.  Co-supervisor Professor Gary Wittert (Medicine)

Justyna Pollok PhD – Psychological aspects of COPD.  Co-supervisor Professor Gregory B. Crawford (Medicine)

Tiffany De Sousa Machado Master of Psychology(Health)/PhD – Women and intergenerational social support.  Co-supervisors Dr Susan Hemer (Anthropology) Clemence Due (Psychology)

Dr Josephine (Jo) Thomas PhD – Interprofessional learning in Medicine and Pharmacy.  Co-supervisor Dr Koshila Kumar (Flinders University)

Dr Rebecca Thomas PhD – Depression and mindfulness for older people.  Co-supervisor Dr Melanie Turner (Psychiatry)

Kristi Urry PhD – Sexual health and stigma. Co-supervisor Dr Carole Khaw (Medicine).

Previous PhD graduates

Carly Sutherland Master of Psychology (Clinical)/PhD – Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics of rural and urban psychologists.  Co-supervisor Professor Helen Winefield (Psychology).  Completed March 2017, with Dean's Commendation.

Gigetta Salamone-Violi PhD – User satisfaction in an inpatient psychiatric mental health unit.  Co-supervisor Professor Helen Winefield (Psychology). Completed Jan 2017.

Ethel Chung Master of Psychology (Clinical)/PhD – Non-traditional university students and mental health.  Co-supervisor Professor Deb Turnbull (Psychology). Graduated September 2016, with Dean's Commendation.

Amaya Gilson – Ethnography of genetic counselling.  Co-supervisors Dr Shona Crabb (Public Health) and Dr Susan Hemer (Anthropology) - graduated May 2016, with Dean's Commendation.

Sonia Masciantonio – An Ethnography of a parent-infant psychiatric facility.  Co-supervisor Dr Susan Hemer (Anthropology) - graduated May 2016.

Dr Felicity Ng – The concept of depression in palliative care: explanatory models from the perspectives of patients, palliative physicians and psychiatrists. (co-supervisors Dr Greg Crawford, Mary Potter Senior Lecturer in Palliative Medicine and Dr Rajan Nagesh, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry).  Degree awarded with Dean's Commendation, 2014.

Dr Melanie Turner –  Assessment of supportive interventions for parents of babies in neonatal intensive care units (co-supervisor Dr Phil Brock, Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Psychiatry). Degree awarded 2014.

Sofia Zambrano Ramos – Experiences and attitudes towards death and dying in different medical contexts and specialties‖ (co-supervisor Dr Greg Crawford, Mary Potter Senior Lecturer in Palliative Medicine).  Degree awarded with Dean's Commendation, 2012.

Cindy Stern – A systematic review of the use of animals for therapeutic purposes in the health and social care of the elderly. (co-supervisor Professor Alan Pearson, Joanna Briggs Institute).     Degree awarded 2011.

Michael Savic – Refugee mental health and service provision. (co-supervisors Dr Afzal Mahmood and Associate Professor Vivienne Moore, Discipline of Public Health).  Degree awarded 2010.

Shirley Chui – Quality use of medications. (co-supervisors Professor Ross McKinnon, Samson Institute, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia and Kingsley Coulthard, Pharmacy, Women‘s and Children‘s Hospital). Degree awarded 2010.

Rebecca Gooden – Cosmetic surgery and the psychology of body modification. (cosupervisor Professor Helen Winefield). Degree awarded 2009.

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2016 Member Organising Committee, Australian Animal Studies Conference
2016 Member Organising Committee, Australian and New Zealand Association of Health Professional Educators Annual Conference

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