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Kristi Urry
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PhD Candidate

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Ms Kristi Urry

PhD Candidate

I am a third year PhD candidate in the School of Psychology. My project, Sexual health in the mental health care setting: Experiences and perceptions of psychiatrists, mental health nurses and psychologists, is being supervised of Prof Anna Chur-Hansen and Dr Carole Khaw. My research interests lie in sexual health (care & rights), LGBT-QIA health, disability, and primary healthcare.

Sexuality is a central aspect of human experience and contributes to the overall wellbeing of individuals, family units, communities and nations. A person's right to sexual health, sexual expression and intimacy is not negated by the experience of psychological distress, mental illness, or psychiatric disability. Despite this, there is clear evidence that the sexuality of people accessing mental health services in Australia continues to be largely constrained, pathologised, or simply ignored by mental health clinicians.

My research explores the perceptions and experiences of sexuality and sexual health within the work of psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health nurses. Using qualitative methods and a transdisciplinary critical perspective, I seek to develop a nuanced understanding of how these clinicians conceptualise sexuality, sexual health and the relationship between these and mental health, and how this plays out in their everyday practice. My research findings contribute to current discussions around ethical practice, best care and training standards regarding sexuality in mental health settings. My work aims to improve people's experiences and outcomes in mental healthcare by promoting a broader consideration of sexuality and sexual health within mental health services.


Date Position Institution name
2015 PhD Candidate The University of Adelaide


Date Institution name Country Title
2010 - 2013 The Univeristy of Adelaide Australia Bachelor of Psychology (Honors)

Research Interests

Gender, Sexuality and Education, Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy, Psychology, Psychology and Cognitive Sciences


Year Citation
2015 Urry, K., Burns, N. & Baetu, I. (2015). Accuracy-based measures provide a better measure of sequence learning than reaction time-based measures. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 1158-1-1158-14.
2015 Baetu, I., Burns, N., Urry, K., Barbante, G. & Pitcher, J. (2015). Commonly-occurring polymorphisms in the COMT, DRD1 and DRD2 genes influence different aspects of motor sequence learning in humans. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 125, 176-188.

Conference Papers

Year Citation
2017 Urry, K., Chur-Hansen, A. & Khaw, C. (2017). Who decides when people can have sex? Mental healthcare providers’ perceptions of sexuality and autonomy. 10th Biennial Conference of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology. Loughborough, England.
2017 Urry, K. L. (2017). (Non)Disclosure of sexual identity in sexuality research: Reflexive account from a queer researcher. Qualitative Methods in psychology Conference 2017. Aberystwyth, Wales.

Conference Items

Year Citation
2016 Burns, N., Baetu, I. & Urry, K. (2016). Implicit learning: the Serial Reaction Time Task and intelligence.
2016 Baetu, I., Pitcher, J., Urry, K. & Burns, N. (2016). Individual differences in sequence learning correlate with polymorphisms in dopaminergic genes.

2016 Learning and Behaviour (Level 3)
This role involved preparing and delivering tutorials, and grading assessment pieces.

2017 Psychology, Science & Society (Level 3)
This role involved preparing and delivering tutorials, and grading assessment pieces.


Date Role Membership Country
2016 - ongoing Member Australian Psychological Society Australia

Committee Memberships

Date Role Committee Institution Country
2016 - 2017 Representative School Committee - School of Psychology The University of Adelaide
2015 - ongoing Member 2016 Postgraduate gender and Sexualities Conference Committee
PhD Candidate
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