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Mr Paul Mcliesh

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Paul currently works as a lecturer at the University of Adelaide.
The University of Adelaide has a unique Orthopaedic program that has students enrolled from all over Australia.
Paul initially trained as a registered nurse at the RAH in 1989. He has since then completed a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of South Australia, a Graduate Diploma in Orthopaedic Nursing and a Master of Nursing Science at the University of Adelaide.

Dr Joy McEntee

Faculty of Arts

Specializing in American film and American literature, with a particular interest in literature-to-film adaptation, Joy McEntee is best known for her excellent teaching.

Quentin Maire

Faculty of Arts

Quentin Maire is an Assistant Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences and School of Education at the University of Adelaide.
He joined the University of Adelaide in 2013 as a PhD candidate, after earning a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Humanities and Social Sciences, both from the University of Strasbourg (France). He completed his PhD in 2016.

Jessica Loyer

Faculty of Arts

Jessica Loyer holds a PhD in Humanities (History/Food Studies) from the University of Adelaide, an MA in Gastronomy from the University of Adelaide and Le Cordon Bleu, and a BA in History from Barnard College, New York. Her research investigates historical and contemporary food and nutrition culture, as well as seeks to conceptually connect food production and consumption through interdisciplinary social research methods.

Dr Adam Loch

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of the Professions

Dr Adam Loch is a Senior Lecturer and ARC DECRA Fellow at the University of Adelaide. Prior to moving to South Australia Adam spent 10 years on his family's farm in Queensland and currently researches topics such as irrigator decision-making, water markets and institutional reform, transaction costs, and reallocation policy/program effectiveness.

Christopher Letheby

Faculty of Arts

Dr. Chris Letheby is a philosopher working on issues related to the therapeutic and transformative potential of classic psychedelic drugs. His doctoral research, conducted at the University of Adelaide, presented the first systematic analysis of psychedelic experience within the framework of 21st century philosophy of cognitive science. In his thesis Letheby argues that an ‘entheogenic conception’ of psychedelics as agents of epistemic and spiritual benefit is both consistent with philosophical naturalism and plausible in light of current scientific knowledge.

Dr Cate Jerram

Academic - Management Information Systems
Faculty of the Professions

Cate is chief investigator on the Information Systems Research team (ISR), and the research partnership Human Aspects of Cyber Security (HACS) with co-researchers in the Defence Science and Technology Group (formerly DSTO).
As the Stephen Cole the Elder Fellow for the Faculty of the Professions, Cate is responsible for a portfolio supporting the learning and teaching in the faculty, with a focus on blended and online learning.

Associate Professor Paul Jackson

ARC Future Fellow
Faculty of Sciences

Cutting-edge research | Elite problem-solving | Progressive mentoring | Imaginative solutions | Piercing vocals

Dr Aaron Hermann

Visiting Research Fellow
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Aaron Hermann is a Visiting Research Fellow with the Law School and the School of Medicine. He also currently holds positions as an International Visiting Researcher with the Law School at the University of Innsbruck in Austria and the School of Economics at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Dr Caroline Tiddy

Senior Research Fellow
Faculty of Sciences

I am a multidisciplinary geoscientist and have research interests in Geochemistry, Tectonics and Resource Geology. I am currently working with the Deep Exploration Technologies CRC on developing new drilling technologies for hard rock mineral exploration, and on understanding geochemical footprints in cover and basement rocks associated with iron oxide-copper-gold deposits.