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Mr Nan Hao

Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty of Sciences

My research interest lies in the broad fields of Synthetic Biology with the aim to combine biochemical studies with mathematical modeling to better understand the “design” features of the genome. This knowledge will inform the design of next generation synthetic platforms for biotechnology and bioremediation.

Dr Brendan Bentley

Faculty of Arts

Brendan Bentley is a lecturer and the Director: Engagement, School Partnership & Marketing in the School of Education at the University of Adelaide. He is an experienced School Principal, curriculum leader and teacher of STEM education. Brendan has designed and written educational leadership courses at post graduate level both nationally and internationally and is actively involved in conducting professional experience for teachers and school leaders.

Anuradha Tennakoon

Higher Degree by Research Candidate
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I'm currently undertaking a PhD focused on the role of cytokines in neuronal injury and neurodegenerative diseases. This involves analysis of postmortem brain tissue from patients with Alzheimer's Disease and Motor Neurone Disease as well as in-vivo and in-vitro studies following neuronal injury.

Wei Guo

Higher Degree by Research Candidate
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

My research interest is translational research of finding new targets to improve curative effect in breast cancer treatment. My previous project was about studying the effect of autophagy in breast cancer cell lines. Currently I'm studying on discovering the mechanism of ER reprograming and how it affects the fate of breast cancer and resistance against ER-targeted therapy