Professor Matthew Gilliham

Matthew Gilliham
Deputy Head of School (Research)
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

Matt is an ARC Future Fellow and group leader in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology. His areas of interest are crop plant nutrition and stress tolerance with a focus on salinity tolerance, stress signalling and membrane transport. He is also Deputy Head of School (Research) for the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, and Honorary Secretary of the Australian Society for Plant Scientists.

Matt gained a BSc in Ecology from Lancaster University and a PhD in Plant Physiology from the University of Cambridge, both in the UK. After a postdoc at Cambridge, he immigrated to Australia to run the Plant Transport and Signalling Laboratory at the Waite Campus, University of Adelaide, in 2006.

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Professor Matthew Gilliham

Matt is an ARC Future Fellow and group leader in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology. His areas of interest are crop plant nutrition and stress tolerance with a focus on salinity tolerance, stress signalling and membrane transport. He is also Deputy Head of School (Research) for the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, and Honorary Secretary of the Australian Society for Plant Scientists.

Matt gained a BSc in Ecology from Lancaster University and a PhD in Plant Physiology from the University of Cambridge, both in the UK. After a postdoc at Cambridge, he immigrated to Australia to run the Plant Transport and Signalling Laboratory at the Waite Campus, University of Adelaide, in 2006.

Matt's group studies the transport and signalling processes that underpin improvements in crop nutrition and stress tolerance. His research scales from genetics, through cell biology and whole plant physiology. Where applicable, his lab's fundamental research is then applied through plant breeding to modify signalling and transport processes in plants to improve crop yield and quality in the field. His main areas of study include salinity tolerance, anionic nutrition (particulary chloride) and GABA signalling. Notable advances his group have made include:

  • The first demonstration that wheat salt tolerance and grain yield can be improved in the field through modification of transport genes (Nature Biotechnology).
  • The discovery of a mechanism by which GABA could act as a stress signal in plants (GABA-regulated anion channels) (Nature Communications).
  • The discovery that cell-specific ion accumulation has physiological roles (Plant Cell, New Phytologist)
  • Frequent demonstrations that cell-specific ion transport processes are critical for stress tolerance and nutrition (e.g. Plant Physiology, Plant Journal...).

He has also authored well-respected reviews in his key areas of study: salt tolerance; chloride transport; single cell transport processes and GABA signalling

Matt and his research group have won a number of awards, honours and fellowships for their work, including an ARC Future Fellowship, ARC DECRA Fellowships, ASPB Highly Cited Author, SA Tall Poppy Awards, Australian Federal Government Science and Innovation Award for Young People in Agriculture. 

For more information, see his lab website: Plant Transport and Signalling lab

or, The Centre of Excellence website: Plant Energy Biology

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Date Position Institution name
2017 Deputy Head of School (Research) University of Adelaide
2017 Professor Univeristy of Adelaide
2017 Honorary Secretary Australian Society for Plant Scientists
2015 - 2016 Associate Professor University of Adelaide
2014 ARC Future Fellow University of Adelaide
2014 ARC Centre of Excellence Chief Investigator University of Adelaide
2013 - 2014 Senior Lecturer University of Adelaide
2006 - 2012 Senior Research Fellow University of Adelaide

Awards and Achievements

Date Type Title Institution Name Amount
2014 - 2017 Fellowship ARC Future Fellowship University of Adelaide
2013 Award Science and Innovation Award ABRES (Australian Federal Government)
2012 Award South Australian Tall Poppy Australian Institute of Policy and Science


Date Institution name Country Title
Lancaster University United Kingdom BSc Ecology
University of Cambridge United Kingdom PhD Plant Sciences


Year Citation
2017 Bose, J., Munns, R., Shabala, S., Gilliham, M., Pogson, B. & Tyerman, S. (2017). Chloroplast function and ion regulation in plants growing on saline soils: lessons from halophytes. Journal of experimental botany, 68, 12, 3129-3143.
2017 Ramesh, S., Tyerman, S., Gilliham, M. & Xu, B. (2017). γ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) signalling in plants. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 74, 9, 1577-1603.
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2017 Pornsiriwong, W., Estavillo, G., Chan, K., Tee, E., Ganguly, D., Crisp, P. ... Pogson, B. (2017). A chloroplast retrograde signal, 3’phosphoadenosine 5’-phosphate, acts as a secondary messenger in abscisic acid signaling in stomatal closure and germination. eLife, 6, e23361-1-e23361-34.
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2017 Gilliham, M., Able, J. & Roy, S. (2017). Translating knowledge about abiotic stress tolerance to breeding programmes. Plant Journal, 90, 5, -.
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Book Chapters

Year Citation
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Conference Papers

Year Citation
2009 Conn, S., Gilliham, M., Tyerman, S., Kaiser, B. & Leigh, R. (2009). Calcium compartmentation in arabidopsis mesophyll cells, a mechanism to regulate apoplastic calcium, photosynthetic rates and growth, involves low-affinity, high-capacity Ca2+/H+ antiporters. International Plant Nutrition Colloquium. California.
2009 Preuss, C., Huang, C., Gilliham, M. & Tyerman, C. (2009). Barley phosphate transporter 1;6 shows broad inorganic anion transport activity when expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes. International Plant Nutrition Colloquium. California.

Conference Items

Year Citation
2016 Byrt, C. S., Zhao, M., Kourghi, M., Bose, J., Henderson, S. W., Qui, J. ... Tyerman, S. (2016). Charging up water transport with plant aquaporins permeable to ions. Combio2016. Brisbane, Australia.

Curated or Produced Public Exhibition or Events

Year Citation
2015 Waters, S., Gilliham, M. & Hrmova, M.; (2015); Micro-biomachines helping plants survive salt; University of Adelaide; E-Science Magazine of the University of Adelaide;


Year Citation
2017 Sai, N., Rodriguez Lopez, C. M., Bogias, K., Pederson, S., Burgess, A., Breen, J. ... David, R.; (2017); Bioinformatic pipeline to detect di-cistronic RNA transcripts from RNA-sequencing data;
David, R., Hooper, C. M., Castleden, I. R., Gilliham, M. & Tyerman, S.; (); CropTiPS database (Crop Transport information, Physiology and Signalling) -;

Current Grants

ARC Future Fellow (2014-2017) Chloride Transport in Plant

ARC Discovery (2017-2019) GABA signalling in plants

ARC Linkage (2015-2018) Ancient diversity in aridity and salinity tolerance of cereals

GRDC Large Grant (2013-2017) Improving salinity tolerance of cereals

Wine Australia (2014-2017) Molecular markers for salt tolerance in grapevine

International Wheat Yield Partnership (2016-2019) Improving wheat energy use efficiency

Australian National Data Service (2016-2017) CropTIPS - Transport Information, Physiology and Signalling; and AGRICONNECT - linking Australian Agricultural Databases



Matt teaches into the Bachelor of Applied Biology, Viticulture and Oenology and Agricultural Science degrees, and the Masters in Biotechnology (Plant Biotechnology) program. 

Current students

Yue Wu (Grapevine salinity tolerance)
Yue Qu (Salinity tolerance of soybean)
Xueying Feng (GABA signalling in plants)
Johannes Scharweis (Regulation of leaf hydraulics) 
Shanika Amarasinghe (CIPK16 and salt tolerance)

Daniel McKay (Role of calmodulin-like proteins in plasmodesmatal regulation)

Staff - Postdoctoral Scientists       
Dr Rakesh David              CROPTiPs – Transporter Bioinformatics
Dr Yu Long                       GABA signalling in plants
Dr Jiaen Qiu                     Anion transport in plants
Dr Sam Henderson          Salt transport in grapevine
Dr Bo Xu                          GABA signalling in plants
Dr Allison Pearson           Fine mapping of tolerance traits in wheat 

Affiliated Research Fellows
Dr Stefanie Wege             Anion transport in plants (ARC DECRA)
Dr Caitlin Byrt                   Salt tolerance in cereals (ARC DECRA)
Dr Jay Bose                     Chloroplast transport (ARC DECRA)
Dr Xujin Zhu                     GABA signalling in plants (CSC Scholar)

Lab Managers
Dr Rebecca Vandeleur - ARC PEB node manager
Ali Mahfekeri - Lab manager



Date Role Membership Country
2015 - ongoing Member American Society for Enology and Viticulture United States
2012 - ongoing Member Australian Society for Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO) Australia
2006 - ongoing Member Australian Society for Plant Scientists (ASPS) Australia
2006 - ongoing Member American Society for Plant Biology (ASPB) United States
1998 - ongoing Member Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) United Kingdom

Committee Memberships

Date Role Committee Institution Country
2017 - ongoing Secretary Australian Society for Plant Scientists

Editorial Boards

Date Role Editorial Board Name Country
2015 - ongoing Associate Editor BMC Plant Biology
2014 - ongoing Associate Editor Frontiers in Plant Science
Deputy Head of School (Research)
8313 0431
Plant Research Centre
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2 24
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School of Agriculture, Food and Wine