Researcher Profiles

Dr Murray Unkovich

Adjunct Lecturer
Faculty of Sciences

Murray has a BSc in Biology (Murd.) and MSc and PhD in Botany (UWA).

Dr Rhiannon Schilling

Postdoctoral Fellow
Faculty of Sciences

Rhiannon is an agricultural scientist. She has expertise in plant physiology, soil science and molecular biology. Her current research focus is to develop crop varieties with improved tolerance to subsoil constraints. She is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on a GRDC-funded project (UA00159, Years 2015-2020) "Improving wheat yields on sodic, magnesic and dispersive soils".

Dr Pichu Rengasamy

Senior Research Fellow
Faculty of Sciences

Dr Rengasamy is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine. He is involved in research activities related to soil salinity, soil sodicity and dispersivity, soil processes affecting crop production in salt-affected soils, abiotic stress in alkaline soils, subsoil constraints and the role of exchangeable cations in soil structural stability.

Mr Joshua Philp

Research Associate
Faculty of Sciences

I am currently allocated to ACIAR project "Management practices for profitable crop livestock systems for Cambodia and Lao PDR" as a researcher. My role is to implement and monitor the sustainable integration of improved forages into smallholder livestock farming systems.

My previous research has examined the management of forages for feeding sheep in resource constrained farming systems of northwest China.

Dr Beth Loveys

Faculty of Sciences

My PhD research began in the area of plant ecophysiology and then post doctoral positions expanded my area of interest into the effects of global climate change on plant growth. After my appointment at The University of Adelaide as a teaching only academic my area of interest has expanded again to include education research.

Professor John Lynch

Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

John Lynch is Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. He is a Visiting Professor of Epidemiology in the School of Social and Community Medicine at the University of Bristol in the UK. He spent 20 years working in North America and before returning to Australia in 2009 he held professorial positions at the University of Michigan in the USA, and at McGill University in Canada.

Professor Paul Delfabbro

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I have worked at the University of Adelaide since 2001 and I lecture in the areas of learning theory as well as methodology and statistics. My principal research interests are in the area of behavioural addictions (gambling and technology) as well as child protection and out-of-home care. Most of my research work involves statistical analysis of cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys and experimental studies.