Researcher Profiles

Associate Professor Tracey Winning

Associate Professor
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

I coordinate inquiry-based learning activities in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery and support staff in implementing inquiry-based and flipped learning approaches. I have been co- (3) or principal-supervisor (4) for PhD students (five in the area of dental education; all of these PhD students are now in academic positions in dental schools Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and UAE).

Deepak Dubal

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Tien Dung Khong

Faculty of the Professions

Tien Dung Khong is a Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Global Food and Resources under supervision of Prof Mike Young, Dr Adam Loch and Dr Jayanthi Thennakoon. He is also a lecturer at College of Economics, Can Tho Univerity, Vietnam. His research focuses on climate change and agricultural economics.

Dr Gurjeet Gill

Associate Professor - Weed & Crop Ecology
Faculty of Sciences

Dr Gurjeet Gill is Associate Professor in Agronomy & Weed Science at the University of Adelaide. He works on understanding weed behaviour in cropping systems and management of herbicide resistant weeds and other difficult to control weed species. Current research projects include seedbank biology of emerging weeds, behaviour and management of locally important weeds and pre-breeding for weed competitive wheat genotypes. Dr Gill has also undertaken extensive research into weed management and development of cropping systems in developing countries.

Rabiah Rahmat

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

An experienced dentist and trained forensic odontologist who is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Forensic Dentistry. The PhD project aims to assess the possibility of recovering DNA from teeth of incinerated remains that is sufficient to be utilised in forensic identification process.