Researcher Profiles

Mr Tom Lang

PhD Student
Faculty of Sciences

Currently a PhD student in the Wine Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology Lab under supervision of Professor Vladimir Jiranek. My project involves utilising CRISPR/Cas9 mediated genome editing to enhance industrial wine yeast strains.

Hannah Wardill

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Dr Wardill's research broadly investigates gastrointestinal dysfunction and disease. Her main interest is chemotherapy-induced gastrointestinal injury and the molecular mechanisms underpinning diarrhoea development. To date, her research has focused on gut dysbiosis, inflammation and local mucosal immunity, and their impact on intestinal barrier dysfunction. Dr Wardill completed her PhD in 2016, receiving a Dean's Commendation.

Mara Zeissig

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Master of Philosophy (Medical Sciences) Student currently working at SAHMRI (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute) in the Multiple Myeloma Research Laboratory

Tania Plueckhahn

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Recent research has suggested that the preferred use of either the right or left hand side of the brain (brain lateralisation) by domestic dogs may influence behavioural issues such as aggression, anxiety and excitability. Greater understanding of lateralised behaviour in dogs and the relationships between lateralisation, personality and problem-solving may lead to advancements in training of these animals for purposes such as service roles for those with disabilities, as well as an increased understanding of animals with anxiety and other behavioural issues.

Dr Sharyn Gaskin

Research Fellow
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

2010-present: Research Academic & Occupational Hygienist in Occupational & Environmental Health, School of Public Health, University of Adelaide, Australia
2009-2010: Postdoctoral Researcher, Australian Antarctic Division, Hobart, Australia (Included 3 months field-work on Macquarie Island Sub-Antarctic Station).
2005-2008: PhD in Environmental Health, Flinders University, Australia
1999-2003: BSc (Hons) in Environmental Health, Flinders University, Australia