Researcher Profiles

David Brunton

Faculty of Sciences

Herbicide resistance is a major threat to cropping systems worldwide. Many herbicides previously used for weed control, have failed or are failing to provide adequate control of major grass and broad-leaf weeds. Annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) is one of these problematic weed species, which has developed resistance to a number of pre and post-emergent herbicides, across multiple herbicide groups (modes of action).

Mr Asheshwor Man Shrestha

PhD Candidate
Faculty of Arts

Currently, I am with the Department of Geography, Environment and Population, University of Adelaide working on my PhD on the topic of human-environment interactions and climate-resilience in the Nepali plains. I have submitted my thesis to examiners and expected to finish by mid-2017.

Apart from the research work, I also volunteer at the Adelaide City Library Innovation Lab tutoring visitors about 3D printing and scanning technologies.

Dr Peter Mickan

Visiting Research Fellow
Faculty of Arts

Brief career overview
My research is on language learning and language use for participation in society with the focus on text analysis for transforming languages pedagogy and curriculum.