Dr Nina Maadad

Dr Nina Maadad
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School of Education
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Dr Nina Maadad

Research Interests

Education, Language in Culture and Society, Language, Communication and Culture, Migrant Cultural Studies, Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-cultural Studies


Year Citation
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Year Citation
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Book Chapters

Year Citation
2014 Maadad, N. (2014). Global academics moving down under: living and learning a new academic culture. In N. Maadad & M. Tight (Eds.), Academic mobility (pp. 137-151). United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing.
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Conference Papers

Year Citation
2014 Maadad, N. & Thomas, J. (2014). Learning the Arabic language in Australia’s Arab communities: Perspective of young Arabic-speaking Australians on informal and formal opportunities. Colloquium 2013: Policies, Practices and Research in University Language and Culture Programs. Australian National University, Canberra.
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2007 Maadad, N. & Nallaya, S. (2007). Professional English language development for teachers (PELDT). The Asia TEFL International conference. Bernard Spolsky (Ed.) Malaysia.
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