John Lynch

Professor John Lynch

Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, Deputy Dean Research

School of Public Health

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD - email supervisor to discuss availability.

John Lynch is Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. He is a Visiting Professor of Epidemiology in the Population Health Sciences at the University of Bristol. He spent 20 years studying and working in North America and before returning to Australia in 2009 he held professorial positions at the University of Michigan in the USA, and at McGill University in Canada.

In 2005 he was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Population Health. In 2007 his work in epidemiology and public health was recognized with an Honorary Doctorate in Medical Science from the University of Copenhagen. In 2009 he was awarded a prestigious NHMRC Australia Fellowship. In 2015 he was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.

In 2019 he won Research Australia’s Award for Data Innovation for developing the South Australian Better Evidence Better Outcomes Linked Data platform (SA BEBOLD). BEBOLD is a linked administrative data platform containing 29 whole-population birth cohorts starting in 1991 and contains data sources spanning perinatal, hospital, education, child protection, housing, mental health, drug and alcohol, youth justice, corrections, and social welfare (Centrelink).

He has over 350 publications that have attracted over 52,000 citations and a Google H index of 106. From 2014 to 2018 he received “Highly Cited Researcher” status that placed him in the top 1% of cited scientists internationally in his field.

He receives funding from competitive research schemes and government sources. He leads an NHMRC funded Centre for Research Excellence called "EMPOWER: Health systems, disadvantage and child well-being."

He currently serves on several international, national, and local scientific advisory groups. He was an editor of the highly ranked International Journal of Epidemiology for over a decade.

His research interests include health and development, social and health inequality, child maltreatment, pragmatic RCTs and quasi-experiments of early life interventions, large scale linked data systems to enhance evidence-based public health, and producing epidemiological research that is useful in improving policy, practice and service delivery.

Research Interests

  • Child health and development
  • Social and health inequality
  • Information systems to enhance evidence-based public health
  • Translational health science across research, policy and practice
  • Pragmatic RCTs of early life interventions
Current research projects in the areas of: 
  • Evidence for interventions to reduce inequalities in child health and development
  • Using linked data to monitor population health and interventions to reduce inequalities in child health and development
  • Cognitive and non-cognitive characteristics, child health, child development, health behaviours and trajectories of human capability formation
  • Predictive validity of routinely collected perinatal data for child development
  • Pragmatic RCTs of nurse-lead programs to support parenting
  • Internet-based parental support for infant and child development


For details on projects available please view the following booklet: School of Public Health Student Projects

  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2015 - ongoing Head, Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics University of Adelaide
    2013 - 2015 Director, DMAC University of Adelaide
    2011 - ongoing Professor Epidemiology and Public Health University of Adelaide
    2009 - 2015 NHMRC Australian Fellow National Health and Medical Research Council
    2009 - 2011 Professor of Epidemiology University of South Australia
    2008 - 2008 Senior Principal Research Fellow (Declined) National Health and Medical Research Council
    2008 - ongoing Visiting Professor of Epidemiology University of Bristol
    2007 - ongoing Adjunct Professor and Honorary Doctor of Medical Science University of Copenhagen
    2005 - 2008 Professor of Epidemiology McGill University
    2005 - 2008 Canada Research Chair Population Health
    2001 - 2005 Associate Professor University of Michigan Health System
  • Awards and Achievements

    Date Type Title Institution Name Country Amount
    2018 Distinction World High Cite Researcher Clarivate United Kingdom -
    2016 Award World’s Highly Cited Researcher - - -
    2015 Award World’s Highly Cited Researcher - - -
    2015 Fellowship Fellow Australian Academy Health & Medical Sciences AAHMS - -
    2014 Achievement World’s Highly Cited Researcher - - -
    2007 Honour Honorary Doctorate University of Copenhagen Denmark -
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    University California at Berkeley USA PhD
    University California at Berkely USA MPH
    University of Western Australia Australia M.Ed.
    University of Copenhagen Denmark Dr. Med. Sci. (Hon)
  • Research Interests

Competitive Research Funding

National Competitive Schemes

Date Project/No. Investigators Funding Body Amount
2011 New Technology for New Mums - A Pragmatic Trial of Web-Based Support for Mothers of Young Children. Developing a pragmatic, preference, equivalence, RCT to examine a new method of delivering parent support programs by child and family health nurses in SA. CI-A Sawyer; My Role: CI-B. NHMRC Partnership Project Grant $1.74 M; 4 years.
2012 Sustaining Health: Follow-up of the Aboriginal Birth Cohrt in NT. CI-A Singh; My Role: CI-E NHMRC Project Grant. $2.2 M, 4 years.
2013 Child health and development: a South Australian data linkage study. APP1056888. My Role: CI-A; NHMRC Partnership Project Grant $457,000, 3 years.
2014 Seeding success: identifying factors that contribute to positive early childhood health and development in Aboriginal children. APP1061713. CI-A Jorm; My role CI-D NHMRC Project Grant $672,080.90, 3 years
2015 EMPOWER: Health Systems, Adversity and Child Well Being. APP 1099422. My Role: CI-A NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence $4.972 M, 2015-2020.

LENA: The Contribution of Home Language Exposure to Intergenerational Transmission of Inequality. APP1121830

My Role: CI-C NHMRC Project Grant $1,281,706 M, 2017-2020


Other Sources
Date Project/No. Investigators Funding Body Amount
2012 COMPaRE-PHC Centre for Obesity Management and Prevention Research Excellence in Primary Care. Centre for Research Excellence. CI-A; Harris,  My Role: CI-H APHCRI $2.5 M; 4 years.
2014 Does nurse home-visiting improve the longer-term health and well-being of mothers and children? CI_A Sawyer; My role CI-B Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation $58,000, 1 year
2014 Learning from success: Child development improvements in Northern Territory and South Australian Aboriginal communities. CI-A – Kinnell; My role: CI-B Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation $34,000 2 years.
2014 ALSPAC Core Funding (2014-2019). CI-A Davey Smith; My Role: CIW Wellcome Trust, MRC (UK) £7.9Million, 6 years.
2015 Emums Plus. CI-A Sawyer; My role CI-B Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation $75,000
2016 Child Protection in SA. CI-A Pilkington; My role CI-B; Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation $75,000
2016 Parenting Investments. CI-A Gialamas; My role CI-B; Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation $75,000
2016 SA Early Child hood Data Project My role CI-A SA Department Premier Cabinet $933,000, 3 years
Previous Research Grant Support
Date Project/No. Investigators Funding Body Amount
2008 Australia Fellowship -

Evidence-based public health, early life intervention, research-policy nexus.

My Role: CIA NHMRC $4 M; 5 years.
2009 Closing the Gap: Early Childhood Sustained Home Visiting for families of Aboriginal infants in an urban community.

Evaluation of home visiting program for aboriginal infants using a time-lagged comparison cohort. Project Grant RG 092170

CI-A Kemp; My Role: AI NHMRC $2.1 million; 5 years.
2010 The physiology of health systems: Port Lincoln as a case study.

Capture and describe comprehensively all health system activity relating to a sizeable and carefully-defined Australian population (that of Port Lincoln, in western South Australia, population ~14,000). Project Grant

CI-A Beilby; My Role: CI-G; NHMRC $2.2 M; 5 years.
2011 Improving chronic disease outcomes for Indigenous Australians: Causes, Interventions, System Change

This research will better understand the development of chronic conditions, and guide the development of diet, lifestyle, clinical and health system interventions. Program Grant; . (My involvement ended Sept 2012)

CI-A: O’Dea My Role: CI-D NHMRC $8.19 M; 5 years


Other Funding Agencies
Date Project/No. Investigators Funding Body Amount
1999 Psychosocial Factors & Ischemic Heart Disease - Examination of the role of various psychosocial factors in the genesis of CVD and diabetes. My Role: Co-Inv (Kaplan, Salonen CI) NHLBI $3.6 million; 5 years
2000 Early Life Factors in KIHD Study -

This grant is to supplement data collection from archival records on early life factors that may be relevant to adult disease in an Eastern Finnish population.

My Role: CIA Inst. Social Research $48,000; 1 year
2000 SES and Health in Alameda County-

Examines the lifecourse socioeconomic predictors of mortality, morbidity, functioning, health behaviors and psychosocial risk factors in a population-based sample that includes 6 waves of data collection over 35 years.

My Role: CIA NICHD & NIA $530,000; 3 years
2000 Community Health Assets Index -

Involves the development of an index of key contextual level exposures that may help characterize communities as to their disease risk.

My Role: CIA CDC $600,000; 3 years
2000 Social Context, Social Inequality and Health –Investigates the individual and contextual effects of neighborhood in representative sample of Chicago neighborhoods. My role: Co-Inv (House J, Kaplan G CIs) (Morenoff, Diez Roux, Raudenbush Co-Inv). NICHD $3,470,138; 5 years
2001 Health of Women Under Economic Stress - Investigates the health effects of shifts from welfare to work in single mothers. My Role: CID NICHD $1,110,364; 4 years
2002 Pathways to Child Health and Function - Investigates inter and intra-generational socioeconomic effects, parenting characteristics and neighborhood influences on child health and development. My Role: CIB.   $1,133,010; 3 years
2003 Marginalization and Health in Denmark -

Random sample of the Danish population aged 40-50 years that prospectively examines the health consequences of economic and social marginalization.

My Role: Co-Inv (Holstein, Due, Modvig Co-CIs) Danish Ministry of Health DK 3 Million; 5 years

Monitoring Cancer Disparities –

Project to conceptualize, develop and measure socioeconomic and race/ethnic disparities in cancer mortality, survival, screening, and risk behaviors.

Individual and Population Lifecourse Approach to Health –

Project for funding to write a book that brings together evidence from biology, medicine, epidemiology, psychology and sociology concerning a lifecourse approach to adult chronic disease.

My role: CIA



My role: CIA (Davey Smith CIB)

National Cancer Institute, USA


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation USA

$320,000; 2 years


$270,000; 3 years


The New Old Public Health-

Investigate the contributions of the theory of general susceptibility to levels and trends in population health.

My role: CIA (Davey Smith, Kunitz CIs Robert Wood Johnson Foundation USA $20,000; 1 year

Lifecourse Predictors of Psychosocial Function –

Investigates the lifecourse socioeconomic predictors of adult psychosocial functioning such as depression, hopelessness, hostility, aggression, sense of coherence, and social isolation.

My Role: CIC NICHD $510,000, 3 years

Canada Research Chair -

Population health research.

My Role:  CIA. Govt. of Canada $1.4 Million 7 years.
  HD:IDEAS Health Disparities - Capacity building in health inequalities research My Role: CIA. CIHR Canada $760,000; 5 years

ALSPAC Social Determinants - Family socioeconomic factors, health and development of children and adolescents.

My Role: Co-Inv (Lawlor, Davey Smith, Sterne Co-Inv)

Economic and Social Research Council UK;

£3.5 Million; 5 years


Epirical Case Studies in Cancer Inequalities -

Compare how different health inequality measures perform in the assessment of trends in cancer disparities.


Geographical, social and individual determinants of health and health care utilization – A longitudinal multilevel analysis. Agency: Swedish Govt. Grant for Medical Research (ALF);

Lifecourse SEP, Diabetes and Potential Gene x Environment Interactions - Examine interactions between early life disadvantage and genetic polymorphisms eg FTO, TCF7L2 in regard to NIDDM.

Framingham Offspring -

Investigate the inter-generational patterning of CVD risk factors.

Longitudinal analysis of the Quebec birth cohort - Project to examine links between social deprivation in childhood and CVD risk factors.

My Role: CIA



My Role: Co-Inv (Merlo CIA, Rastam, Rosvall Co-Inv)


My Role: CIB (Loucks CIA) (Abrahamowizc, Benjamin, Engert CoCIs)


My Role: CIC (Loucks, Fuhrer, Pilote, Muribato, Benjamin Co-CIs)


My Role: Co-Inv (Seguin CI) (Daniel, Gauvin, Zunzenegi Co-Inv)






CIHR Canada;


CIHR Canada;



CIHR Canada

$100,000; 2 years


12 million; 3 years.


$240,000; 3 years.


$680,000; 3 years



$345,000; 4 years.

2008 SMART

Microsimulation modeling of the effectiveness of different risk reduction strategies.

CI-A Kopeck; My Role: CI-H CIHR Canada $1.1 Million; 5 years

World Health Inequality -

Investigate the extent and correlates of global health inequality using the new World Health Survey data from WHO.

Does Nurse Home-Visiting Improve Infant Development in Rural and Remote Regions? An evaluation of the South Australian nurse home-visiting (SA-NHV) program.

The New England Family Study: Fifty Year Post-Perinatal Follow-Up for Life Course Effects on Aging, -. Early life factors and gene x environment interactions as predictors of early aging. US NIH # 1RC2AG036666-01

My Role: CIC (Moore, Harper Co-CIs)



CI-A Sawyer; My Role: CIB.


CI-A Loucks; My Role CI-F

CIHR Canada



Channel 7 Childrens Research Foundation




$40,000; 1 year


$72,500; 2 years


$1.7 million; 3 years

2010 Data Linkage Seed Grant -

Support for fostering the use of data linkage for early childhood development research.

My Role: CIA ARACY $15,000; 1 year

Preventing maternal and child overweight and obesity: InFANT-Extend.

Combined child care and preschool: What level of participation is needed to improve school readiness for disadvantaged children?

CI-A Campbell; My Role CI-E.


CI-A Krieg; My role: CIC.

World Cancer Research Fund


Channel 7 Childrens Research Foundation.


$450,000, 3 years


$61,700, 2 years


ALSPAC Core Funding

The effect of early life conditions and experiences on child development and learning: A whole of population study.

Does nurse home-visiting improve the longer term health and wellbeing of mothers and children?

CI-A Davey Smith; My Role: CIS

CI-A Guthridge; My Role CI-C

CI-A: Sawyer; My Role: CI-B

Wellcome Trust

Lowitja Institute;

Ch 7 Children’s Research Foundation;

£6 Million, 3 years

$100,000; 1 year

$70,000 1 year


eMums – Advancing the potential of nurse-guided internet support for young families.


Perinatal predictors of AEDI and NAPLAN. Proof of Concept Project #3.

CI-A; Sawyer,  My Role: CI-B


CI-A; Brinkman,  My Role: CI-B

Robinson Institute, Univ. Adelaide.


Population Health Research Network

$50,000; 1 year.

$280,000; 1 year.



      I have taught courses on epidemiologic methods, social epidemiology and population health at the Master’s and PhD level. I have excellent teaching evaluations and was awarded “Teacher of the Year” at McGill University in 2006 by student vote.

      Current Graduate and Undergraduate Courses:
      • Epidemiological Research Methods, MPH, University of Adelaide
      • Epidemiology – Bachelor Health Sciences, University Adelaide
      • Advanced Epidemiology 4 day Short Course with Professor Tony Blakely: Adelaide (2012), Brisbane (2013), Sydney (2014); Hobart (2015); Canberra (2016)

        Previous Courses

      • Population Health and Social Epidemiology, University of Michigan, McGill University
      • Advanced Epidemiological Methods: Causal Inference, McGill University
      • Fieldwork in Epidemiology, University of Michigan
      • Measuring Population Health and Health Inequalities, University of Michigan
      • University of Michigan Summer School: Social EpidemiologyBHEH H
      • European Science Foundation, Coimbra, Portugal: Summer School on Health Inequalities
      • Karolinska Institute, Stockholm: Gender and Health Inequalities Course
      • University of Copenhagen, Dept. Social Medicine: PhD Course in Social Epidemiology
      • Adelaide University: Addictions and Inequality Summer School, Adelaide, Australia
      • Johns Hopkins University Fall Policy Institute, Barcelona: Social Inequalities in Health
      • McGill University, Genetics and Public Health
      • Advanced Epidemiology, University of Otago, 2011

      Advanced Epidemiology, University of Adelaide, 2011, 2012, 2013.

      Post Doctoral Students Years Role Topic Current Status
      Gavin Turrell, PhD 1998 - 1999 Primary Life course socioeconomic position and health NHMRC  Senior Research Fellow
      Jennifer Beebe-Dimmer, PhD 2001 - 2003 Primary Life course socioeconomic factors and CVD in women Assistant Professor, University Michigan
      Bruna Galobardes, MD, PhD 2002 - 2005 Co-S Life course approaches to health and health inequalities (University of Bristol, UK) MRC Research Fellow
      Kathy Bainbridge, PhD 2003 - 2005 Primary Life course exposures and health WESTAT Corporation
      Sonia Angell, MD, MPH 2003 - 2004 Primary Early life predictors of insulin resistance Head CVD Branch, New York City Health Dept.
      Nick King, PhD 2003 - 2005 Co-S Ethics and health inequalities Assistant Professor, McGill University
      Sarah Burgard, PhD 1003 - 2005 Co-S Life course predictors of health Assistant Professor, University Michigan
      Allison Aiello, PhD 2003 - 2005 Co-S Life course and infection Assistant Professor, University Michigan
      Sonia Eden, MD 2004 - 2005 Co-S Race/ethnic differences in stroke care RWJ Clinical Scholar
      Sam Harper, PhD 2005 - 2008 Primary Population health perspectives on social epidemiology Asst Professor McGill University
      Seungmi Yang, PhD 2006 - 2009 Primary Families, cognitive processes and adolescent health Post-doctoral Fellow, McGill University
      Amani Nuru-Jeter, PhD 2006 - 2008 Co-S Racial disparities in insulin resistance Assistant Professor, UCSF
      Beatriz Alvarado Llano, MD, PhD 2007 - 2009 Primary Social determinants of longitudinal growth trajectories in children Asst Professor, Queens University
      Cathy Chittleborough, PhD 2008 - Primary Longitudinal analysis of child behaviour trajectories and health Post-doctoral Fellow, University Bristol
      Lisa Smithers PhD 2009 - Primary Early life nutrition and cognitive functioning Research Fellow, University Adelaide
      Rebecca Golley PhD 2009 - Primary Early life nutrition and cardiometabolic risk NHF Research Fellow, UniSA
      Alyssa Sawyer PhD 2011 - Primary Early life behavioural dysregulation and academic achievement Research Fellow, University of Adelaide
      PhD Students
      Sarah Wamala, PhD 1998 - 2002 Co-S Socioeconomic differences in CHD risk among women (Karolinska Institute, Sweden) Department Health, Stockholm County Council
      Susan Gorstein, PhD 1998 - 2002 Co-S Risk factors for stunting and wasting in Bangladesh Completed PhD
      Sioban Maty, PhD 1998 - 2003 Co-S Life course socioeconomic factors and diabetes Assistant Professor, Portland State University
      Peter Baltrus, PhD 1998 - 2003 Co-S Life course socioeconomic factors and weight gain over 30 years Research Associate, Morehouse University
      Louisa Borrell, PhD 1999 - 2002 Co-S Socioeconomic and race/ethnic differences in dental caries Assistant Professor, City University New York
      Barbara Smith, PhD 1999 - 2002 Co-S Individual and institutional risk factors for poor dental care among the elderly Completed PhD
      Don Mathanga, PhD 1999 - 2003 Co-S Effectiveness of insecticide-treated bed nets in preventing malaria. Completed PhD
      Robert Lubwama, PhD 1999 - 2003 Co-S A novel approach to understanding cohort effects using cross-sectional data Completed PhD
      Sharon Simonton, PhD 1999 - 2004 Co-S Life course socioeconomic indicators and obesity in children Post-doctoral Fellow, University Michigan
      Amelia Gavin, PhD 2000 - 2004 Co-S Life course risk factors for preterm delivery Assistant Professor, University Washington
      Sam Harper, PhD 2001 - 2005 Primary Understanding social inequalities in health using routinely collected data Research Associate, McGill University
      Burcu Bayirli, PhD 2001 - 2005 Co-S Risk factors for malocclusion Assistant Professor, Wayne State University
      Dawei Xie, PhD 2001 - 2004 Co-S Combining information from multiple sources in the small area estimation of cancer risk factors.
      Assistant Professor, University Pennsylvanian
      Debbie Barrington, PhD 2001 - 2005 Co-S Intergenerational risk factors for low birth weight Assistant Professor, Columbia University
      Seungmi Yang, PhD 2001 - 2005 Primary Socioeconomic, cognitive and family background influences on trajectories of change in BMI and smoking during adolescence Post-doctoral Fellow, McGill University
      Annette Anderson, PhD 2002 - 2004 Co-S School context and adolescent alcohol consumption (U. Copenhagen) Post-doctoral Fellow, University Copenhagen
      Mette Rasmussen, PhD 2002 - 2005 Co-S School context and adolescent smoking (U. Copenhagen) Post-doctoral Fellow, University Copenhagen
      Susanna Toivanen, PhD 2004 - 2006 Co-S Sense of coherence as a risk factor for health (Karolinska Institute, Sweden) Post-doctoral Fellow, Stockholm University
      Laura Kauhanen 2005 - 2013 Co-S Early life social conditions and adult health (Finland) Medical School
      Jose Siri 2000 - Co-S Social inequality in malaria control Unknown
      Katerina Maximova 2005 - 2009 Primary Adolescent physical activity, overweight and blood pressure: longitudinal analysis

      Research Fellow

      U Alberta

      Sheila MacDonald 2005 - 2009 Primary Longitudinal analysis of change in family structure and child health

      Post Doctoral Fellow

      U Calgary

      Rikke Krølner 2006 - 2012 Co-S Social inequalities in children’s fruit and vegetable consumption (University Copenhagen) Assistant Professor U Sth Denmark
      Maninder Setia 2007 - 2010 Co-S Immigrant health in Canada Public Health Dept Delhi, India
      Katina D’Onise 2008 - 2011 Co-S Kindergarten attendance and adult health. Awarded the Ian Davey Thesis Prize for best PhD at UniSA for 2011. SA Health
      Sandra Campbell 2008 - 2012 Co-S Pre-pregnancy health and birth outcomes in Indigenous women in Nth Australia. James Cook University
      Jaci Peters 2009 - 2012 Co-S Parents knowledge and early life diet in children Research Assistant U Adelaide
      Torbjorn Van Heeswijck 2009 - Co-S An evaluation of the ecological associations between active transport environments, active transport behaviour and cardiovascular disease mortality Completing PhD
      Kerri Beckman 2011 - Primary Over diagnosis and cancer screening Research Fellow UniSA
      Angela Gialamas 2011 - Primary The Role of Child Care in Healthy Child Development Research Fellow U Adelaide
      Amelia Maika 2012 - Primary Child Development in Indonesia Completing PhD
      Katherine Dusynzski 2012 - Co-S Vaccine safety through data linkage Completing PhD
      Chandran Gokula 2012 - Co-S Township communities in Darwin and child development Completing PhD
      David Banham 2014 - Primary Equity, effectiveness and health system provision Completing PhD
      Veronica Smyth 2014 - Primary Early language development Completing PhD
      Jane Tuckerman 2014 - Secondary Immunizations in children Completing PhD
      Masters Students

      I have acted as the primary supervisor on 16 MPH/MSc theses and as co-supervisor on 20+ others.  Current MPH students are:

      Karen Rowland – Potentially preventable hospitalizations in children

      External Examiner

      I have acted as external examiner/opponent for PhD and Masters theses at University of South Australia (3) Melbourne University (1), Australia National University (2), Flinders University (1), U Western Australia (1) Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Lund University (Sweden) and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

      • Current Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

        Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
        2023 Co-Supervisor Investigating the intersection of parental substance misuse and child protection contact using whole of population linked data enriched with service system perspectives Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Miss Kimberly Jade Klassman
        2022 Co-Supervisor Moving towards a fairer Australia: disentangling multidimensional disadvantage and child protection contact Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Miss Anna Anne Kalamkarian
        2022 Co-Supervisor Integrating social and medical care at a hospital serving a disadvantaged urban community in South Australia Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Miss Kate Emily Neadley
        2021 Co-Supervisor Investigating out-of-home care contact and mental health sequelae using linked whole-of-population data Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Miss Jessica Renee Judd
        2019 Co-Supervisor A Public Health Approach to Intergenerational Welfare Disadvantage Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Miss Alexandra Marie Procter
        2018 Principal Supervisor Child Maltreatment in Children of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Background Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Dr Razlyn Abdul Rahim
      • Past Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

        Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
        2019 - 2021 Co-Supervisor Clinical Prediction Modelling in Oral Health: A Review of Study Quality and Empirical Examples of Model Development Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Mi Du
        2017 - 2020 Co-Supervisor Obstetrical Interventions during Labour and Birth: An examination of Effects on Breastfeeding, Neonatal Mortality and Children's Educational Outcomes Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Engida Yisma Derbie
        2017 - 2022 Co-Supervisor Validating a Population Measure of Early Childhood Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: The Early Human Capability Index Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Miss Alanna Sincovich
        2015 - 2020 Co-Supervisor Influenza Vaccination in Children with Special Risk Medical Conditions Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Jane Louisa Tuckerman
        2013 - 2022 Principal Supervisor A Person-Centred Approach to Performance Measurement in the Health System Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Mr David Mark BANHAM
        2013 - 2016 Co-Supervisor Children's Temperament and Parenting Practices in the First Five Years of Life and Cognitive, Academic and Adiposity Outcomes in Later Childhood and Adolescence Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Miss Shiau Yun Chong
        2012 - 2014 Principal Supervisor Trends in child maltreatment in the Northern Territory, using child protection reports and hospital admissions, 1999 to 2010 Master of Philosophy (Public Health) Master Part Time Dr Steven Guthridge
        2012 - 2016 Principal Supervisor Effects of Inequality, Family Investment and Early Childhood Interventions on Children Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Wellbeing in Indonesia Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mrs Amelia Maika
        2011 - 2014 Principal Supervisor Quantifying Breast Cancer Over-diagnosis in an Organised Mammography Screening Program Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Kerri Beckmann
        2011 - 2015 Principal Supervisor The quality, type and time spent in child care in the first three years of life and children's cognitive and socio-emotional development at school entry Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Dr Angela Gialamas
      • Committee Memberships

        Date Role Committee Institution Country
        2015 - ongoing Co-Chair ERA 2015 - Medical Health Sciences Panel - -
        2013 - ongoing Member Who Expert Reference Group - -
        2013 - ongoing Member Translational Faculty–Healthy Start NHMRC Translational Research Faculty -
        2012 - ongoing Member ERA 2012 Panel Member Health and Medical Sciences -
        2010 - ongoing Co-Chair Public/Allied Health Cluster REC - -
        2010 - ongoing Member PHRN Management Council - -
        2010 - ongoing Member ERA 2010 Panel Public Health - -
        2010 - ongoing Member Research Committee South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute -
        2010 - ongoing Chair Australia Fellowship Review Panel - -
        2009 - ongoing Member Public Health Academy - -
      • Memberships

        Date Role Membership Country
        2015 - ongoing Member Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences Australia
        2010 - ongoing Member Robinson Institute, University of Adelaide -
      • Consulting/Advisories

        Date Institution Department Organisation Type Country
        2013 - ongoing University of Bristol MRC (UK) Integrative Epidemiology Unit - United Kingdom
        2013 - ongoing AIHW Burden of Disease - - -
        2013 - ongoing MRC (UK) Integrative Epidemiology Unit, Univ. Bristol - - United Kingdom
        2011 - ongoing AIHW, CVD Monitoring Advisory Committee - - -
        2010 - ongoing SA Cancer Research Collaborative Scientific Advisory Group - Australia
        2010 - ongoing Growing Up in NZ Birth Cohort Study - - -
        2010 - ongoing University of Melbourne MEGA Centre School Pop Health - Australia
        2010 - ongoing Plunkett Foundation New Zealand - - -
        2010 - ongoing Public Health Academy - - -
        2007 - 2012 Bristol University CAiTE Centre - United Kingdom
        2007 - ongoing WHO Commission Social Determinants of - -
        2007 - 2009 Canadian Household Panel Survey - - -
        2006 - ongoing MRC/Wellcome – UK Biobank Review - - United Kingdom
      • Editorial Boards

        Date Role Editorial Board Name Institution Country
        2009 - ongoing Member Australia New Zealand Journal of Public Health - -
        2007 - ongoing Member Journal of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (South Korea) - -
        2006 - ongoing Member International Journal of Health Equity - -
        2006 - 2008 Editor Elsevier Encyclopaedia of Public - -
        2005 - ongoing Editor International Journal of Epidemiology - -
      • Position: Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, Deputy Dean Research
      • Phone: 83136541
      • Email:
      • Fax: 83136885
      • Campus: North Terrace
      • Building: Rundle Mall Plaza, floor 4
      • Org Unit: Public Health

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