Emily Buddle

Emily Buddle

School of Humanities

Faculty of Arts

Dr Emily Buddle is an Affiliate Associate Lecturer in the School of Humanities, and works within the agricultural industry as an extension manager with Animal Health Australia. Her research is scholarly, interdisciplinary, and applied as demonstrated by her findings being applicable and readily accessible to the relevant agricultural industry sector.

Emily has a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences with Honours from the University of Adelaide, a Graduate Certificate in Internet Communications from Curtin University and a PhD from the University of Adelaide with a thesis titled "Australian Meat Consumers' Understandings of Farm Animal Welfare".

In her spare time, Emily is a sheep, beef cattle and grains producer with her husband in the lower mid-north region of South Australia.

Emily's main research interests are the social and cultural aspects of food and food production. Her work is interdisciplinary, using mixed-method approaches in her research. She has a sound understanding of qualitative research methods and thematic analysis of transcripts and media content. She works collaboratively with researchers from the School of Humanities and the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Adelaide. Emily is also a proud member of the Food Values Research Group https://arts.adelaide.edu.au/history/food-values/ 

  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2019 Affiliate Associate Lecturer The University of Adelaide
    2019 Program/Policy Officer Rural Solutions SA
    2019 - 2019 Visiting Research Fellow The University of Adelaide
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    2019 Curtin University Australia Graduate Certificate in Internet Communication
    2019 The University of Adelaide Australia Doctor of Philosophy
    2014 The University of Adelaide Australia Honours
    2012 The University of Adelaide Australia Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences

Emily's PhD was funded through the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project "Getting to the Meat of the Matter - Social and economic issues in animal welfare in Australia's Livestock Industries". After completing her PhD, she also contributed to this project through the collection and analysis of Australian meat producers' understandings towards farm animal welfare.

Emily is an experienced tutor and practical demonstrator in subjects including

  • Principles in Animal Welfare, Behaviour and Ethics (Level I)
  • Agricultural Systems 1A (Level I)
  • Animal Handling and Husbandry (Level I)
  • Livestock Production Science (Level II)
  • Professional Skills in Veterinary Bioscience (Level II)
  • Animal Breeding and Genetics (Level III)
  • Media Industry Transitions (Level III)

Emily has also given lectures to and provided examination material for Level II Animal Science students in social science research methods. She has also been invited to give a guest lecture to Level I Animal Science/Veterinary Bioscience students in community understandings of farm animal welfare.

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