Professor Andrew Lowe

Andrew Lowe
Chair in Plant Conservation Biology
School of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Sciences

Professor Andrew Lowe is Chair of Plant Conservation Biology and Deputy Dean of Partnerships and Collaboration in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide. He is also Principal Advisor:- Biodiversity Research Partnerships for the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

He leads a number of national and regional research programs, including the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) for which he is Associate Science Director, and established the Transects for Environmental Monitoring and Decision-making (TREND) program.

His research aims to develop and apply ecological and genomic analyses, to understand, monitor and better manage biodiversity, particularly adaptation in the face of the anthropogenic threats of habitat fragmentation, invasive species and climate change.

He also has experience commercializing research, and is Chief Scientific Office of Double Helix Tracking Technologies, a Bioknowledge startup headquartered in Singapore that uses DNA tools to eliminate illegally logged timber from global supply chains.

At the University, Prof Lowe leads a group of 40 scientists, has leveraged over $100M funding over the last 10 years and has published over 200 scientific publications.

He has collaborated with over 300 researchers (as evidenced by joint publications, funded projects or student supervision), from nearly 100 institutes and 30 countries.

He is passionate about communicating science to a general audience, particularly on the threats and solutions to biodiversity pressures, and used these skills to the full during a recent term as Acting Director of the South Australian Museum.

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Professor Andrew Lowe

Professor Andrew Lowe is Chair of Plant Conservation Biology and Deputy Dean of Partnerships and Collaboration in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide. He is also Principal Advisor:- Biodiversity Research Partnerships for the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

He leads a number of national and regional research programs, including the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) for which he is Associate Science Director, and established the Transects for Environmental Monitoring and Decision-making (TREND) program.

His research aims to develop and apply ecological and genomic analyses, to understand, monitor and better manage biodiversity, particularly adaptation in the face of the anthropogenic threats of habitat fragmentation, invasive species and climate change.

He also has experience commercializing research, and is Chief Scientific Office of Double Helix Tracking Technologies, a Bioknowledge startup headquartered in Singapore that uses DNA tools to eliminate illegally logged timber from global supply chains.

At the University, Prof Lowe leads a group of 40 scientists, has leveraged over $100M funding over the last 10 years and has published over 200 scientific publications.

He has collaborated with over 300 researchers (as evidenced by joint publications, funded projects or student supervision), from nearly 100 institutes and 30 countries.

He is passionate about communicating science to a general audience, particularly on the threats and solutions to biodiversity pressures, and used these skills to the full during a recent term as Acting Director of the South Australian Museum.


My main research focus is in plant ecological and evolutionary genetics

Gene flow and adaptation in fragmented landscapes

Even when individuals of a species survive in remnant habitat, small population sizes make them more susceptible to extinction  (Lowe et al 2005). In addition changes to gene flow dynamics can have detrimental impacts to the fitness of the new generation. Research in my lab has demonstrated this effect for plants (Breed et al 2013a; Ward et al 2005) and animals (Pavlacky et al 2012; 2010), and in Australian (Breed 2012a, b; Breed et al 2011), European (Bacles et al 2006, 2005) and tropical systems (Davies et al 2013; Breed 2012c; Davies et al 2010). Current work is focusing on integrating landscape genetic and adaptation genomics into restoration management and policy frameworks. By quantifying landscape level gene flow and assessing the strength of local adaptation, new principles for corridor and restoration planning have been developed (Broadhurst et al 2008, Sgro et al 2010; Navarro et al 2010, 2011; Breed et al 2013). At a national level, Greening Australia, Trees for Life, the Forestry Commission (UK) and English Nature have all reassessed their seed sourcing strategies based on this information.

Genetic structure and DNA timber tracking 

Examining the genetic structure across the range of plants and trees gives us important insight into the historical demographic dynamics (migration, adaptation or extinction). My group has examined the historical range dynamics of a range of plants (Mellick et al 2011; Navarro et al 2005; Cavers et al 2005; 2003a), across Australia (Mellick et al 2012; McCallum et al 2013), Europe (Cotrell et al 2002; Petit et al 2002), the Neotropics (Cavers et al 2013; 2004; 2003b; Lemes et al 2010), China (Wang et al 2009; Kang et al 2007) and Africa (Hardy et al 2013; Lowe et al 2010). Using such knowledge, particularly for valuable timber species (e.g. Cavers et al 2003; Lemes et al 2010), we have been developing specific markers to aid the tracking and identification of material from unknown or dubious sources (Lowe et al 2010; Lowe & Cross 2011; Dormontt et al 2015), and work with forest certification companies and NGOs (e.g. WWF and FSC) and a private company in Singapore (DoubleHelix)to identify the species and source of origin of timber to eliminate illegally logged products in supply chains.

Adaptation to climate change 

Climate change is forcing a change in the adaptation of species and biological communities. We have examined the rate of change in species communities along environmental gradients (temperature and rainfall; Guerin et al 2013), and demonstrated that lowland semi-arid and upland heath ecosystems of South Australia appear to be relatively stable to temperature increases, but that the slope vegetation are expected to be very sensitive to future temperature change. Many endemic families of plants are predicted to be very sensitive to the future changes (e.g., Ericaceae, Proteaceae, Myrtaceae and Orchidaceae), whilst major weeds (e.g. Poaceae and Asteraceae) appear  much more resilient (Guerin et al 2013). Our research was also the first to demonstrate an adaptive shift in plant morphology linked to climate change when a narrowing of leaf width was identified over a 20-year period for the hop bush in South Australia (Guerin et al 2012; Guerin and Lowe 2012).

Ecological and evolutionary genomics

During this recent period of genomics revolution, my lab has been rapidly developing genomic methods for ecological and evolutionary applications (e.g. Prentis et al 2008; 2010; Gardner et al 2011; Scoble et al 2012; Wei et al 2012; Roda et al 2013), and is part of the Regional Facility for Molecular Ecology and Evolution, which houses state-of-the-art laboratories for sequencing technologies applied to ecological and evolutionary problems. Within the last year, the Facility has been significantly expanded to cater for large Next Generation Sequencing and DNA barcoding projects.

Previous work 

A continuing debate in the Australasian region and globally has been the role of long distance dispersal in speciation and adaptive radiations on new and ancient (Gondwanan) landmasses. My group found that the New Zealand kauri is a relatively recent arrival (30MY) that dispersed to this Gondawanan fragment after the Oligocene marine inundation (Biffin et al 2009), and that many southern confer groups evolved well after the KT boundary (when dinosaurs went extinct), meaning they evolved contemporaneously with flowering plants and mammals (Biffin et al 2011).

I studied the evolution of Britain’s newest plant species, discovered only 30 years ago, and described it as a new species, Senecio eboracensis (Lowe and Abbott, 2003). The origin of a new species within our time and its adaptation to man-made habitats (car parks; Lowe & Abbott 2004, Abbott & Lowe 2004) captured the scientific community and public imagination alike. In addition to scientific articles, press releases resulted in international media coverage (e.g. front page of The Times). The story also caused raging debate in creationist vs. evolution online forums, and a young British artist, Nich Relph, was inspired to produce an installation at the Finnish National Gallery on hearing the story.


Date Position Institution name
2015 Director of the Centre for Conservation Science and Technology University of Adelaide
2014 Principal Advisor: Biodiversity Research Partnerships South Australian Government
2013 - 2013 Acting Director South Australian Museum
2010 Chief Scientific Officer DoubleHelix Tracking Technologies
2009 - 2014 Director of the Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity University of Adelaide
2006 Professor of Plant Conservation Biology University of Adelaide
2006 - 2012 Head of Science South Australian Government
2003 - 2006 Lecturer University of Queensland
1998 - 2003 Principal and Senior Scientist Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
1998 - 1998 Postdoctoral Researcher BBSRC
1996 - 1997 Postdoctoral Researcher Institute of Terrestrial Ecology
1996 - 1996 International Consultant International Livestock Research Institute
1991 - 1992 Field Science Officer Society for Environmental Exploration


Date Institution name Country Title
1992 - 1996 University of St Andrews UK PhD
1987 - 1991 University of Bath United Kingdom Bsc (Hons) in Applied Biology


Date Citation
2017 Martín-Forés,I, Guerin,G, Lowe,A, 2017, Weed abundance is positively correlated with native plant diversity in grasslands of southern Australia, PLoS ONE, 12, 6, e0178681-1-e0178681-13 10.1371/journal.pone.0178681
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Report for External Bodies

Date Citation
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Date Citation
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Internet Publications

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Large collaborative or international funding

Lowe AJ, Hogendoorn K, Breed M, Wilkinson M, Paton D, Weinstein P, Keller M, Austin A (2016-2018) Pollination reserves    - Developing pollination services for native pollinators and managed honey bees from habitat restoration/ supplementation around pollinator dependent crops. (Dept Ag Rural R&D for Profit Fund, DEWNR, PIRSA, Native Vegetation Council, HIA, RIRDC, Lucerne Australia, Apple and Pear Growers of SA, Almond Board of Australia, NRM Boards, $4.5M)

Clancy T, Lowe AJ, Phinn S, Saunders M, Thurgate N, Walker C, Sparrow B, Caddy-Retalic S. Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network. Dept Education. (NCRIS 2015/16 $1.6M)

Lowe AJ, Thomas D (2015) Developing a DNA chain of custody method to verify legally sourced teak in Indonesia and Myanmar (ACIAR - Small Research Activity, FST/2015/007, $110K)           

Degen B, Lowe AJ, Dormontt E, Cavers S et al. (2015-2017) Large scale project on genetic timber verification (German Federal Government – total project budget €5M, $330K to my lab)

Lowe AJ, Degen B, Rimawanto A, Grant A (2014-2015) Implementing a DNA timber tracking system in Indonesia. International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO-TFLET, $650K)  

Thomas D, Lowe AJ, Dormontt E (2013-2015) Big Leaf Maple DNA Project - Original and Extension. (DoubleHelix and World Resources Institute, 1052-WRI-PP-006, $150K)   

Lowe AJ, Rimbawanto A (2014-2015) Proof on concept: verification of chain of custody of teak in Indonesia and Myanmar using DNA markers (ACIAR - Small research and development activity, FST/2014/028, $60K)

Thomas D, Lowe AJ, Dormontt E (2013-2015) Pilot Implementation of a DNA traceability system for Pericopsis elata in forest concessions and sawmills in Cameroon and Congo. (DoubleHelix and International Tropical Timber Organisation – CITES, $350K)      

Lowe AJ, Austin A, Cooper S, Crayn D, Nevill P, Appleyard S (2014-2015) Framework DNA barcode datasets for Australia. BioPlatforms Australia (BPA, $500k; total leverage $2.4M)

Clancy T, Phinn, Lowe AJ, Saunders M, Thurgate N, Walker C, Sparrow B, Caddy-Retalic S. Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network. Dept Education. (NCRIS 2013 $1.6M)

Clancy T, Phinn, Lowe AJ, Deed J (2013-2014) Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network. DIISRTE Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (CRIS, $2.8M)

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Lowe AJ, Walker C, Chinnick P, Turner D (2012-2014) From soils to satellites: Data integration across domains. Australian National Data Service (ANDS, $500K)

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Lowe AJ, Lindenmayer D, Liddell M (2011-2014) Long-term Australian Multi-scale Plot System (LAMPS), incorporating Ausplots, LTERs and Supersites. Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN), EIF-DIISR ($12M)

Lowe AJ, Hayman P, Bradshaw CJ, Brook B, Cooper A, Gurgel F, Ophel-Keller K, Tanner J, Foulkes J, Hamden R (2010-2013) Transect for Environmental monitoring and Decision making (TREND): Adaptive management of productive and native systems for climate change. Premier’s Science and Research Fund (PSRF $1.35M)

Lowe AJ, Foulkes J et al (2010-2012) National Scientific Reference Site Network – Australian Rangeland Ecosystems. Component of South Australian consortium application (coordinators Meyer W and Lowe AJ) for Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN). NCRIS-DEST ($3M)

Lowe AJ, Pillman S, Coddington P, Jenkins C et al (2010-2012) Eco-informatics – integrating and visualizing ecosystems information. Component of South Australian consortium application (coordinators Meyer W and Lowe AJ) for Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN). NCRIS-DEST ($4.5M)

Williams, S, Hughes L, Stafford–Smith M, Possingham H, Hoffman A, Brook B, Lowe A, Pressey B, Williams D, Garnett S, Kitching R, Thomas C, Moritz C (2009-2013) Terrestrial Biodiversity - Adaptation Research Network - National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF $1.6 M)

Kremer A, Koelewijn HP, Berenyi M, Degen B, Vendramin GG, Boerjan W, Bradshaw R, Finkeldey R, Lenee P, Amaral W, Lowe A, Brandl R, Gugerli F, Paule L, Muller-Starck G, Alia R, Morgante M, Frascaria-Lacoste N, Bhalerao R, Burczyk J, Savolainen O, Taylor G, Matyas C, Lascoux M, Reineke A, (2006-2010) EVOLution of TREEs as drivers of terrestrial biodiversity, EVOLTREE. EU (€14.7 M). After grant awarded, withdrew participation due to move to Australia from Europe.

Lowe AJ, Boshier D, Kremer A, Degen B, Finegan B, Vendremin G, Gribel R, Margis R, Navarrete H, Dick C, Parolin P (2006-2010) Developing best practice for seed sourcing for planting and natural regeneration in the neotropics, SEEDSOURCE. EU (€2.6 M). After move to Adelaide, resigned coordinating role, but still maintain project partner status.

Lowe AJ, Finegan B, Kremer A, Degen B, Gribel R, Margis R, Gheysen G (2002-2005) Sustainable Management of Neo-Tropical Tree Genetic Resources: Combining molecular and modelling methods to understand the structure and dynamics of gene diversity, GENEO-TROPECO. EU (€1.2 M; £225K to my group).

Lowe AJ, Indira EP, Sudarsono, Volkaert H, Van Der Straeten D, Wellendorf H (2002-2004) Developing know-how for the improvement and sustainable management of teak genetic resources, TEAKDIV. EU (€1.25 M; £200K to my group).

Kremer A, Fineschi S, Buiteveld J, Goicoechea P, Cottrell  J, Burg  K, Lowe AJ, Jensen JS, Dreyer E, Lascoux M, Gugerli F, Bordács S, Koenig AO, Himmelreich R (2000-2004) Intra and interspecific gene flow in oaks as mechanisms promoting genetic diversity and adaptive potential, OAKFLOW. EU (€2.5 M; £200K to my group).


Nationally competitive funding

Lowe AJ, Linacre A, Dormontt E, Johnson R, Austin J, Waycott M, Donnellan S, Tobe S, Austin A, Stephen J, Wilson-Wilde, L (2016) Advanced DNA Identification and Forensics Facility. ARC LIEF LE160100154 ($250K)

Dormontt EE, Lowe AJ (2015-2016) Plywood metabarcoding for DNA timber tracking SA Gov Catalyst Grant ($30k)

Lowe AJ, Breed MF, Byrne M, Lascoux M, Stephen J, Vendramin GG. Understanding adaptation to improve conservation of Australian flora. ARC Discovery DP150103414 ($600k)

Breed M. Understanding adaptation of plants along environmental clines. ARC DECRA ($400k)

Austin A, Lowe AJ Donnellan SC, Cooper A, Gardner MG, Cooper SJ, Weinstein P, Beheregaray LB, Waycott M, Bull CM, Wilkinson MJ, Stevens MI, Mitchell JG, Watson-Haigh NS (2012) Next generation enhancement of the South Australian regional facility for molecular ecology and evolution. ARC LIEF LE130100065 ($370K). Partner/Collaborating Eligible Organisation(s)- The Flinders University of South Australia, South Australian Museum, University of South Australia, Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and State Herbarium of SA, Australian Wine Research Institute.

Lowe AJ, Degen B (2012-2014) Developing DNA tracking methods to identify illegally logged timber products from Africa. ARC Linkage LP120100648 ($273K)

Crayn D, Costion C, Bransgrove K, Schulte K, Abell-Davis S, Metcalfe D, Rossetto M, Lowe AJ (2012-2014) What is at risk? Identifying rainforest refugia and hotspots of plant genetic diversity in the Wet Tropics and Cape York Peninsula. National Environmental Research Program: Tropical Ecosystems Hub ($344K)      

Lowe AJ, Rossetto M, Summerell B (2011-2014). Species and gene turnover across environmental gradients – a landscape approach to quantify biodiversity and resilience for climate adaptation. ARC Linkage, LP110100721 ($410K)

Lowe AJ, Brook B, Bradshaw C (2011-2014) Developing best-practice approaches for restoring forest ecosystems that are resilient to climate change. ARC Linkage, LP110200805 ($503)

Lowe AJ, Bradshaw C, van den Hengel A, Brook B, Cooper A (2011-2014) Multi-model predictions of ecosystem flux under climate change based on novel genetic and image analysis methods. ARC Super Science Fellowships, FS1102 00051 ($556K)

Breed M, Ottewell K, Lowe AJ (2010-2012) Developing best practice approaches for restoring River Murray forest ecosystems that are resilient to climate change. Native Vegetation Research Grant ($45K)

Lowe AJ, Keppel G (2007-2009) Genetic dynamics of lowland rainforest trees on islands in the tropical Southwest Pacific. Australian and Pacific Science Foundation ($24.5K).

Richardson DM, Wilson JR, Lowe AJ, Hedderson TAJ, Hoffman JH, Sheppard AW, Witt ABR, Foxcroft LC (2007-2010) Research for integrated management of invasive alien species; Using genetic techniques to improve understanding and management of invasive alien plant species in South Africa. Working for Water Programme, South African Government (South African R 1.4 M ~ $200K).

Paton D, Lowe AJ, Hill R (2007-2010) Habitat reconstruction and restoration: securing biodiversity assets in the face of climate change. Working group within ARC Environmental Futures Network ($57K)

Lowe AJ, Clarke AR, Schenk PM, Rieseberg LH, Abbott RJ (2006-2009) Why do some exotics become invasive? Using ecological and genomic approaches to test alternative hypotheses in an Australian weed, fireweed. ARC Discovery DP0664967 ($561K).

Lowe AJ, Rossetto M, Crayne D, Pole M, Lambert D, Hollingsworth P (2006-2009) Developing biogeographic know-how: Improving species divergence and dispersal estimations to examine geological and climatic evolutionary drivers. ARC Discovery DP0665859 ($282K).

Morgan-Richards M, Robertson A, Lowe A (Nov 2005) Does gene flow limit species’ ranges? Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Grant ($30K).

Shapcott A, Accad A, Lowe AJ, Mengersen KL, Williams KJ, Hardner CM, Westcott D, Austin MP (May 2005) Macadamia National Macadamia Conservation. ARC Linkage LP0562265 ($72.5K). 

Bacles C, Lowe AJ, Kremer A (2005-2007) Ecological Genomics of Sub-tropical Eucalypt Woodlands: Comparing the Structure and Dynamics of Neutral and Adaptive Genes across a Sharp Environmental Cline in Queensland Eucalyptus. ADaPtE. EU Marie Currie Outgoing Fellowship (€300K).

Muir G, Lowe AJ, Schlötterer C, Kremer A, (2001-2003) Identification and characterisation of genomic regions differentiating two hybridising oaks (Quercus robur L. and Q. petraea (Matt.) Liebl). Austrian Science Fund, FWF (0.74M Austrian Shillings).


Government agency, Non-government agency, research centre or commercial contracts

Lowe AJ (2011) Study on the Genetic Differentiation of Remnant Populations of Atriplex sp. Yeelirrie Station. BHP Billiton ($160K)

Breed M, Lowe AJ, Gardner M, Ottewell K (2010) Developing best practice approaches for restoring Murray-Darling ecosystems that are resilient to climate change. Field Naturalists Society of South Australia, Lirabenda Endowment Fund ($3K)

Thomas D, Chew FT, Lowe AJ (2009-2011) DNA VerifiedTM Timber Origin. Proof of Concept stage, Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme, Singaporean Government (SING$250K)

Lowe AJ (2009-2010) DNA barcoding of Australia’s trees. Australian Biological Resources Study, DEWHA, Australian Government ($80K)

Lowe AJ, Bickerton D (2007-2009) Genetic delimitation and health assessment of threatened flora. Department for Environment and Heritage SA ($100K)

I teach into the third year Biological Sciences courses on 'Restoration and Conservation' and 'Australian Biota', and offer a range of intern training programs in my lab

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2016 Postgraduate Nick Gellie
2016 Postgraduate Duncan Jardine
2016 Postgraduate Kimberly McCallum
2016 Postgraduate John McDonald
2016 Postgraduate Ben Sparrow
2016 Honours Marlee Crawford

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2014 Member UN Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
2012 Member International Global Genome Biodiversity Network
2012 Co-Founder Global Timber Tracking Network
2009 Member International Barcode of Life
2008 - 2013 Member Terrestrial Biodiversity Node of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
2007 Chair Australian Barcode of Life Network
2003 - 2011 Advisory Board Member International Union of Forest Research Organisations

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2009 Member Atlas of Living Australia

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2007 Board Member Diversity and Distributions: a journal of conservation biogeography
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