Xiaowan Bai

Xiaowan Bai

School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD - email supervisor to discuss availability.

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    2024 Bai, X., Chen, C., Zhao, X., Zhang, Y., Zheng, Y., & Jiao, Y. (2024). Accelerating the Reaction Kinetics of CO<inf>2</inf> Reduction to Multi-Carbon Products by Synergistic Effect between Cation and Aprotic Solvent on Copper Electrodes. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 63(9), 12 pages.
    2024 Wang, Y., Jia, J., Zhao, X., Hu, W., Li, H., Bai, X., . . . Xu, C. (2024). Lowering the Coordination of Octahedra in Spinel Oxides by the Robust Fe-N Bonds for Enhancing Oxygen Evolution Reaction. ACS Catalysis, 14(4), 2313-2323.
    2024 Jiang, L., Bai, X., Zhi, X., & Jiao, Y. (2024). New Mechanistic Insights into Electrokinetic Competition Between Nitrogen Reduction and Hydrogen Evolution Reactions. Advanced Energy Materials.
    2024 Bai, X., He, M., Xu, Y., Xu, B., Lu, Q., Wang, J., & Ling, C. (2024). New Mechanistic Insights into CO<inf>2</inf>/CO Electroreduction to Acetate by Combining Computations and Experiments. ACS Catalysis, 14(5), 3171-3180.
    2023 Wang, P., Bai, X., Jin, H., Gao, X., Davey, K., Zheng, Y., . . . Qiao, S. Z. (2023). Directed Urea-to-Nitrite Electrooxidation via Tuning Intermediate Adsorption on Co, Ge Co-Doped Ni Sites. Advanced Functional Materials, 33(25), 1-10.
    DOI Scopus19 WoS3
    2023 Hao, J., Yuan, L., Zhu, Y., Bai, X., Ye, C., Jiao, Y., & Qiao, S. (2023). Low-cost and Non-flammable Eutectic Electrolytes for Advanced Zn-I2 Batteries. Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English), 62(39), 1-8.
    DOI Scopus10
    2023 Hao, J., Yuan, L., Zhu, Y., Bai, X., Ye, C., Jiao, Y., & Qiao, S. (2023). Low‐cost and Non‐flammable Eutectic Electrolytes for Advanced Zn‐I<sub>2</sub> Batteries. Angewandte Chemie, 135(39).
    2023 Gao, X., Bai, X., Wang, P., Jiao, Y., Davey, K., Zheng, Y., & Qiao, S. -Z. (2023). Boosting urea electrooxidation on oxyanion-engineered nickel sites via inhibited water oxidation. Nature Communications, 14(1), 5842-1-5842-10.
    DOI Scopus9
    2023 Ouyang, Y., Shi, L., Bai, X., Ling, C., Li, Q., & Wang, J. (2023). Selectivity of Electrochemical CO<inf>2</inf> Reduction toward Ethanol and Ethylene: The Key Role of Surface-Active Hydrogen. ACS Catalysis, 13(23), 15448-15456.
    2022 Fan, L., Bai, X., Xia, C., Zhang, X., Zhao, X., Xia, Y., . . . Wang, H. (2022). CO2/carbonate-mediated electrochemical water oxidation to hydrogen peroxide.. Nat Commun, 13(1), 9 pages.
    DOI Scopus38 WoS20 Europe PMC5
    2022 Ling, C., Cui, Y., Lu, S., Bai, X., & Wang, J. (2022). How computations accelerate electrocatalyst discovery. Chem, 8(6), 1575-1610.
    DOI Scopus20 WoS11
    2022 Bai, X., Shi, L., Li, Q., Ling, C., Ouyang, Y., Wang, S., & Wang, J. (2022). Synergistic Effect of Metal Doping and Tethered Ligand Promoted High-Selectivity Conversion of CO<inf>2</inf> to C<inf>2</inf> Oxygenates at Ultra-Low Potential. Energy and Environmental Materials, 5(3), 892-898.
    DOI Scopus13 WoS11
    2022 Bai, X., Zhao, X., Zhang, Y., Ling, C., Zhou, Y., Wang, J., & Liu, Y. (2022). Dynamic Stability of Copper Single-Atom Catalysts under Working Conditions. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 144(37), 17140-17148.
    DOI Scopus71 WoS36 Europe PMC10
    2021 Wang, M., Wa, Q., Bai, X., He, Z., Samarakoon, W. S., Ma, Q., . . . Feng, Z. (2021). The Restructuring-Induced CoO<sub><i>x</i></sub> Catalyst for Electrochemical Water Splitting. JACS Au, 1(12), 2216-2223.
    DOI Scopus30 WoS21 Europe PMC4
    2021 Li, Z., Wang, Q., Bai, X., Wang, M., Yang, Z., Du, Y., . . . Yang, Y. (2021). Doping-modulated strain control of bifunctional electrocatalysis for rechargeable zinc-air batteries. Energy and Environmental Science, 14(9), 5035-5043.
    DOI Scopus33 WoS24
    2021 Wang, S., Bai, X., Li, Q., Ouyang, Y., Shi, L., & Wang, J. (2021). Selective visible-light driven highly efficient photocatalytic reduction of CO₂ to C₂H₅OH by two-dimensional Cu₂S monolayers. Nanoscale Horizons, 6(8), 661-668.
    DOI Scopus13 WoS9 Europe PMC1
    2021 Han, Q., Bai, X., Chen, J., Feng, S., Gao, W., Tu, W., . . . Zou, Z. (2021). Hollow InVO<inf>4</inf> Nanocuboid Assemblies toward Promoting Photocatalytic N<inf>2</inf> Conversion Performance. Advanced Materials, 33(39), e2006780.
    DOI Scopus35 WoS23 Europe PMC1
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    DOI Scopus14 WoS11
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    DOI Scopus204 WoS149 Europe PMC20
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    DOI Scopus36 WoS29
    2021 Niu, X., Sun, D., Shi, L., Bai, X., Li, Q., Li, X., & Wang, J. (2021). A new nitrogen fixation strategy: The direct formation of *N₂‾ excited state on metal-free photocatalyst. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9(10), 6214-6222.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS5
    2020 Shi, Q., He, Y., Bai, X., Wang, M., Cullen, D. A., Lucero, M., . . . Wu, G. (2020). Methanol tolerance of atomically dispersed single metal site catalysts: Mechanistic understanding and high-performance direct methanol fuel cells. Energy and Environmental Science, 13(10), 3544-3555.
    DOI Scopus120 WoS110
    2020 Ouyang, Y., Shi, L., Bai, X., Li, Q., & Wang, J. (2020). Breaking scaling relations for efficient co<inf>2</inf> electrochemical reduction through dual-atom catalysts. Chemical Science, 11(7), 1807-1813.
    DOI Scopus204 WoS163 Europe PMC9
    2020 Bai, X., Li, Q., Shi, L., Niu, X., Ling, C., & Wang, J. (2020). Hybrid Cu⁰ and Cu×⁺ as Atomic Interfaces Promote High-Selectivity Conversion of CO₂ to C₂H₅OH at Low Potential. Small, 16(12), 1901981-1-1901981-8.
    DOI Scopus83 WoS74 Europe PMC7
    2020 Wang, S., Li, J., Li, Q., Bai, X., & Wang, J. (2020). Metal single-atom coordinated graphitic carbon nitride as an efficient catalyst for CO oxidation. Nanoscale, 12(1), 364-371.
    DOI Scopus58 WoS49 Europe PMC7
    2020 Niu, X., Bai, X., Zhou, Z., & Wang, J. (2020). Rational Design and Characterization of Direct Z-Scheme Photocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting from Excited State Dynamics Simulations. ACS Catalysis, 10(3), 1976-1983.
    DOI Scopus113 WoS108
    2020 Gao, W., Bai, X., Gao, Y., Liu, J., He, H., Yang, Y., . . . Zou, Z. (2020). Anchoring of black phosphorus quantum dots onto WO<inf>3</inf>nanowires to boost photocatalytic CO<inf>2</inf>conversion into solar fuels. Chemical Communications, 56(56), 7777-7780.
    DOI Scopus53 WoS47 Europe PMC1
    2020 Bai, X., Li, Q., Shi, L., Ling, C., & Wang, J. (2020). Edge promotion and basal plane activation of MoS₂ catalyst by isolated Co atoms for hydrodesulfurization and hydrodenitrogenation. Catalysis Today, 350, 56-63.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS4
    2020 Wang, S., Shi, L., Bai, X., Li, Q., Ling, C., & Wang, J. (2020). Highly efficient photo-/electrocatalytic reduction of nitrogen into ammonia by dual-metal sites. ACS Central Science, 6(10), 1762-1771.
    DOI Scopus120 WoS107 Europe PMC6
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    DOI Scopus47 WoS38 Europe PMC4
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    DOI Scopus57 WoS47
    2019 Li, Q., Shi, L., Wu, R., Lin, C., Bai, X., Ouyang, Y., . . . Wang, J. (2019). Unveiling chemical reactivity and oxidation of 1T-phased group VI disulfides. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 21(31), 17010-17017.
    DOI Scopus9 WoS8 Europe PMC1
    2019 Han, Q., Bai, X., Man, Z., He, H., Li, L., Hu, J., . . . Zou, Z. (2019). Convincing Synthesis of Atomically Thin, Single-Crystalline InVO<inf>4</inf> Sheets toward Promoting Highly Selective and Efficient Solar Conversion of CO<inf>2</inf> into CO. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141(10), 4209-4213.
    DOI Scopus188 WoS170 Europe PMC9
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    DOI Scopus297 WoS253
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    DOI Scopus180 WoS177 Europe PMC20
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    DOI Scopus155 WoS142 Europe PMC7
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    DOI Scopus26 WoS29 Europe PMC2
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    DOI Scopus24 WoS19
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    DOI Scopus38 WoS38 Europe PMC1
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    DOI Scopus110 WoS104
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    DOI Scopus218 WoS205
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    DOI Scopus59 WoS47
    2017 Tang, H., Bai, X., Zhao, E., & Wu, Z. (2017). Theoretical insights on the reaction pathways of the oxygen reduction reaction on yttrium doped graphene as a catalyst in fuel cells. Synthetic Metals, 232, 131-137.
    DOI Scopus1 WoS1
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    DOI Scopus25 WoS22
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    DOI Scopus30 WoS29
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    DOI Scopus22 WoS22
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    DOI Scopus84 WoS82
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    DOI Scopus57 WoS56
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    DOI Scopus12 WoS11
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    DOI Scopus6 WoS6
    2015 Zhang, X., Bai, X., Zhao, E., Wu, Z., Fu, L., & Hou, Q. (2015). First-principles calculation of structural, thermodynamic and mechanical properties of 5d transitional metal triborides TMB<inf>3</inf> (TM=Hf-Au). Computational Condensed Matter, 3, 53-60.
    DOI Scopus6 WoS7

ARC DECRA Fellowship (2024-2026), DE240100846, CI, Probing Electrochemical Interface in CO2 reduction by Operando Computation, $350,237

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