Woei Saw

Dr Woei Saw

Grant-Funded Researcher (C)

School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD, but is currently at capacity - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Dr Woei Saw is a senior Research Fellow in the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials at the University of Adelaide (UA). He has research and hands on experience in designing and operating pilot scale systems, and expertise relevant to thermal conversion technologies. He has been heavily involved in concentrated solar thermal (CST) research projects funded by ARENA. Currently, he is project managing one of the ARENA funded R&D projects, 'Integration of CST energy into the Bayer process'.

Furthermore, he is working towards on a transformation of agricultural waste through the development of technologies to produce value-adding energy co-products. The work targets on converting organic matter to both ‘liquid smoke’ and much more energy dense and stable ‘bio-coal’. He is also target on the development of solar gasification technologies that convert agricultural products to solar syngas or solar fuels that can be transported as liquids (green biodiesel). These technologies are delivering a low cost route to a sustainable and carbon neutral fuel to replace both conventional diesel and kerosene.

Prior to his position at UA, he held a research position at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, as the project leader leading one of the four research programs, 'Thermal conversion of biomass to H2-rich syngas and liquid fuel', funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.

Research Interests 

  • Concentrated solar thermal for power generation, liquid fuel production and mineral processing 
  • Gasification of biomass for production of synthetic gas (H2,CO) for biofuel or H2
  • Waste (including Food waste) to value
  • Process modelling and Techno-economic assessment 
  • Torrefaction and pyrolysis of biomass for high value products
  • High temperature thermal energy storage
Date Project Investigators Funding Body Amount
2020-21 Feasibility study of co-gasification of bagasse and solid waste in a sugarcane mill Saw, Woei Lean; Kwong, Philip; Nathan, Graham; Ashman, Peter Department of Industry, Innovation and Science $50,000
2019 Development of biochar briquette and low cost kindling
for energy
Saw, Woei Lean; Kwong, Philip; Nathan, Graham; Ashman, Peter Department of Industry, Innovation and Science $70,545
2018 Establishing new, leading interdisciplinary capability and solutions for secure, affordable and sustainable energy Maier, H.; Nathan, G.; Ashman, P.; Burton, R.; Cavagnaro, T.; Riddell, G.; Dally, B.; Binenbaum, E.; Adamson, D.; Lewis, M.; Simpson, A.; Saw, W.; van Eyk, P.; Packer, J. University of Adelaide, Interdisciplinary Fund $65,000
2018-2021 Converting Sunlight Innovation Challenge, Building Australia’s international partnerships in solar fuels research and innovation
for energy
Nathan, G; Stein, W; Dally, B; Stechel, E; Steinfeld, A; Kodama, T; McDaniel, A; Saw, W; Chinnici, A Australian Renewable Energy Agency $494,000
2017-2018 Potential for reduction in the cost and carbon emissions
for energy
Jafarian, Mehdi; Saw, Woei Lean; Nathan, Graham Department of Industry, Innovation and Science $110,215
2016-2020 Integrating concentrating solar thermal energy into the Bayer alumina process; Nathan, Graham; Saw, Woei Lean; Alwahabi, Zeyad; Arjomandi, Maziar; Ashman, Peter; Dally, Bassam; Hawkes, Evatt; Hinkley, Jim; Steinfeld, A; Taylor, Robert; Tian, Zhao Feng; van Eyk, Philip Joseph; Yeoh, Guan Heng; Chatfield, Ray; Abraham, John; Harrison, Ian; Haywood, Ross; Lovegrove, Keith; Stein, Wes; Stephenson, Ian; ARENA: Emerging Renewables Program: $4,490,752
2016-2017 Design tools for complex solar hybrid thermochemical processes Nathan, Graham; Dally, Bassam; Pitsch, Heinz; Medwell, Paul; Jafarian, Mehdi; Saw, Woei Lean; Chinnici, Alfonso; Universities Australia - DAAD - Australia Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme $25,000

CHEM ENG 1007              Introduction to Process Engineering

ENG 1001/1011                Introduction to Engineering

CHEM ENG 4058/7058    Hydro and Electrometallurgy

CHEM ENG 4014             Plant Design Project

CHEM ENG 4054             Research Project


  • Position: Grant-Funded Researcher (C)
  • Phone: 83131182
  • Email: woei.saw@adelaide.edu.au
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Engineering Annexe, floor First Floor
  • Room: 104
  • Org Unit: School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

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