Md Anwarul Islam

Md Anwarul Islam

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

My current research focuses on developing a robust sustainable technology for the removal of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) and microplastics from wastewater.

With 15 years of professional experience in Wastewater Treatment and Environmental Sustainability, I specialize in minimizing resource usage and advanced chemical management for large industries. As a former Sustainability Manager for multinational companies, I drive eco-friendly solutions, aligning industry practices with environmental stewardship.

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2024 Parvin, M. I., Islam, M. A., Perveen, M. F., Jamal, M. R., Faruque, M. J., Hossen, B., . . . Sarker, M. M. (2024). Assessment of land use transition and crop intensification using geospatial technology in Bangladesh. Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, 9, 100660.
    2023 Islam, M. A., Parvin, M. I., Dada, T. K., Kumar, R., & Antunes, E. (2023). Silver adsorption on biochar produced from spent coffee grounds: validation by kinetic and isothermal modelling. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 15 pages.
    DOI Scopus6 WoS1
    2022 Dada, T. K., Islam, M. A., Duan, A. X., & Antunes, E. (2022). Catalytic co-pyrolysis of ironbark and waste cooking oil using X-strontium /Y-zeolite (X= Ni, Cu, Zn, Ag, and Fe). Journal of the Energy Institute, 104, 89-97.
    DOI Scopus5 WoS2
    2022 Antunes, E., Vuppaladadiyam, A. K., Kumar, R., Vuppaladadiyam, V. S. S., Sarmah, A., Anwarul Islam, M., & Dada, T. (2022). A circular economy approach for phosphorus removal using algae biochar. Cleaner and Circular Bioeconomy, 1, 1-9.
    DOI Scopus17
    2022 Islam, M. A., Dada, T. K., Parvin, M. I., Vuppaladadiyam, A. K., Kumar, R., & Antunes, E. (2022). Silver ions and silver nanoparticles removal by coffee derived biochar using a continuous fixed-bed adsorption column. Journal of Water Process Engineering, 48, 1-12.
    DOI Scopus15 WoS5
    2022 Kassa Dada, T., Islam, M. A., Kumar, R., Scott, J., & Antunes, E. (2022). Catalytic co-pyrolysis of ironbark and waste cooking oil using strontium oxide-modified Y-zeolite for high-quality bio-oil production. Chemical Engineering Journal, 450, 1-11.
    DOI Scopus10 WoS4
    2021 Islam, M. A., Jacob, M. V., & Antunes, E. (2021). A critical review on silver nanoparticles: From synthesis and applications to its mitigation through low-cost adsorption by biochar. Journal of Environmental Management, 281, 17 pages.
    DOI Scopus109 WoS66 Europe PMC24
    2021 Dada, T. K., Islam, M. A., Vuppaladadiyam, A. K., & Antunes, E. (2021). Thermo-catalytic co-pyrolysis of ironbark sawdust and plastic waste over strontium loaded hierarchical Y-zeolite. Journal of Environmental Management, 299, 13 pages.
    DOI Scopus9 WoS8
  • Theses

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    2022 Islam, M. A. (2022). Mitigation of silver pollution by biochar adsorption. (Master's Thesis, James Cook University).

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