Thomas Sullivan

Dr Thomas Sullivan

Senior Biostatistician

School of Public Health

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Tom is an NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow, Lead Biostatistician in the SAHMRI Women and Kids Theme, and Adjunct Senior Fellow in the School of Public Health. His research interests include clinical trial methodology, methods for handling missing data, the analysis of clustered and longitudinal data, and methods of meta-analysis.

Competitive Research Funding

National Competitive Schemes

Date Project/No. Chief Investigator(s) Funding Body Amount ($AUD)
2020-2024 Iodine supplementation in pregnancy to improve early childhood neurodevelopment: how much is enough? / Project ID 1199617 Makrides M, Green T, Grivell R, Cheong J, Zhou S, Sullivan T, Afzali H, Best K, Gould J, Mackerras D MRFF 3,235,960
2020-2024 Increasing the value of randomised trials: a combined program of methodological and applied health research / Project ID 1173576 Sullivan T NHMRC


2020-2024 The effect of transfusion with washed versus unwashed red blood cells to modify neonatal morbidity and mortality: A randomised controlled trial / Project ID 1183561 Stark M, Collins C, Sullivan T, Andersen C, Morton R, Marks D NHMRC 2,071,936
2018-2022 Maternal diet rich in eggs and peanuts to reduce food allergies: a randomised controlled trial / Project ID 1147576 Palmer D, Makrides M, Prescott S, Campbell D, Sullivan T, Gold M, Koplin J, Nanan R NHMRC 3,668,162
2018-2020 Efficacy and safety of omega-3 DHA supplementation in preterm infants: childhood follow-up of the N3RO trial / Project ID 1146806 Collins C, Makrides M, McPhee A, Gibson R, Sullivan T, Gould J, Best K NHMRC 703,371
2012-2014 Docosahexaenoic acid for the reduction of bronchopulomonary dysplasia in preterm infants born at less than 29 weeks gestational age: a randomised controlled trial / Project ID 1022112 Collins C, Gibson R, McPhee A, Thio M, Sullivan T, Simmer K, Rajadurai V NHMRC 1,870,914
2012-2014 Does n-3 LCPUFA supplementation in pregnancy reduce asthma and allergies in school age children / Project ID 1027710 Makrides M, Gold M, Palmer D, Sullivan T, Kennedy J, Alfred M NHMRC 429,231

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