Simranjeet Singh Dahia

Simranjeet Singh Dahia

School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Based at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning and the School of Computer Science, my work delves into Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Complex Systems, with a focus on applications in Public Health. Additionally, I'm actively engaged in projects at the Flinders Medical Centre, aiming to bridge research with real-world impact.


S. No Project Title Location Senior Investigators Status

Analysis of young-onset and late-onset Pancreatic Cancer using GBD 2019

Flinders Medical Centre Professor

Stephen J. Pandol, Associate Professor Savio Barreto, Dr. Laalithya Konduru 

Study Completed/Paper Submitted
2. Numerical studies of air blast hazards in cave mining CSIRO Dr. Pengyu Huang Ongoing
3. Forecasting young- and late-onset Colorectal Cancer in High SDI regions using GBD 2019 and GLOBOCAN data School of Computer Science/Flinders Medical Centre

Associate Professor Claudia Szabo, Associate Professor Savio Barreto, Dr. Laalithya Konduru

4. Cardiovascular disease risk prediction using machine learning School of Computer Science Associate Professor Claudia Szabo Phase 1 Completed/Paper published

Machine learning-based prediction of early onset Cardiovascular disease risk using pediatric factors: Insights from the Bogalusa Heart Study

School of Computer Science Associate Professor Claudia Szabo Ongoing
6.  Phenotyping Cardiovascular Disease using Deep Learning Australian Institute for Machine Learning

Associate Professor Johan Verjans, Dr. Mohsen Dorraki

7.  Quantum Annealing Simulation Australian Institute for Machine Learning Dr. Michele Sasdelli, Professor Tat-Jun Chin Ongoing
8.  Evaluating the effectiveness of Bhagvad Gita in reducing stress and augmenting resilience in vulnerable populations in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic  School of Computer Science Dr. Laalithya Konduru, Dr. Nishant Das, Assistant Professor Santwana Sagnika, Associate Professor Ajit Behura Ongoing


  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2023 Dahia, S. S., Konduru, L., Pandol, S. J., & Barreto, S. G. (2023). The burden of young-onset pancreatic cancer and its risk factors from 1990 to 2019: A systematic analysis of the global burden of disease study 2019. Pancreatology.
    - Dahia, S. S., & Szabo, C. (n.d.). Implementing Machine Learning to predict the 10-year risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Qeios.

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