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Dr Robert Fitridge


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Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Prof Rob Fitridge (MBBS, MS, FRACS, PSM) is Professor of Vascular Surgery at University of Adelaide, and Consultant Vascular Surgeon with the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital). He is also head of the Multi-Disciplinary Foot (MDF) Service at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Lyell McEwin Health Service, which he co-founded in the mid-1990s, and is co-head of the MDF service at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. His contributions to surgical science have been recognised with an ad hominem membership with the Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 2023, and a Public Service Medal in 2024.

He is most recognised for his work on predictive modelling of outcomes after endovascular aneurysm surgery (NHMRC-funded with 15 related publications). He was a member of the steering committee for the Global Guidelines for Chronic Limb-threatening Ischaemia (CLTI), and also contributed to the GLASS anatomical staging system and to the ESVS Acute Limb Ischaemia guideline. He is managing editor for Mechanisms of Vascular Disease: A Textbook for Vascular Specialists, widely used for training in Australia and now in its third edition. He is actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate student teaching, as well as curriculum development for vascular surgical training.

Prof Fitridge has extensive clinical and research experience in management of chronic complex wounds, with 20 publications in the last five years in the field of limb salvage with a combined citation index over seven times the field average. He was a member of the Baker IDI/NHMRC and Diabetes Feet Australia working groups, which developed national guidelines for the management of the diabetic foot; he is also a member of the International Working Group for the Diabetic Foot (and co-chair of its Peripheral Arterial Disease committee), which develops and updates internationally-recognised guidelines for the assessment and management of diabetes-related foot disease. Prof Fitridge is a core partner with the Australian Centre for Accelerating Diabetes Innovations (ACADI), where he is a lead in the diabetic foot syndrome priority area.

Current Research Interests
  • Best-practice guidelines for the treatment of chronic limb-threatening ischaemia (CLTI) and diabetes-related foot disease (DRFD)
  • Predictive outcome modelling following major surgical procedures and evaluation of minimally-invasive techniques in vascular surgery
  • Assessment of factors affecting complex wound healing and outcomes of interventions in DRFD, including for treating diabetes-related foot infection and osteomyelitis
  • Telemedicine and health services for patients living in rural and remote communities, including Aboriginal people
  • Technological approaches to assessment and education for limb disease management, including 3D photography, virtual reality training modules, and augmented reality consults
Grants and Funding
2023-2028 An Augmented Reality program to improve telemedicine delivery and wound research for people with chronic lower-extremity ulcers RA Fitridge, N McMillan, Z Szpak, C Loughry, P Worley, S Wingard, A Szpak, K Graham Medical Research Futures Fund - National Critical Research Infrastructure scheme  $2,270,382
2023-2027 Towards a culturally appropriate coordination, rehabilitation and secondary prevention model in primary care for Aboriginal people hospitalised with chronic disease K Morey, O Pearson, S Hillier, A Brown, K Thomas, K McBride, P Psaltis, R A Clark, A Elliott, D Liew, R Fitridge, D Jesudason, S Mohor, N Keeler Medical Research Futures Fund - Indigenous Health Research $2,388,524
2023-2025 Hybrid 3D-printed imaging catheter for more accurate cardiovascular disease detection J Li, P Psaltis, S Nicholls, RA Fitridge, R McLaughlin NHMRC Development Grant $905,058
2023-2024 3D-printed imaging catheter for more accurate detection of high-risk plaques in patients to prevent heart attacks J Li, P Psaltis, J Verjans, RA Fitridge THRF Targeted Grant $250,000
2022-2025 The Asialoglycoprotein Receptor 1 (ASGR1): a novel target for atherosclerosis C Bursill, P Psaltis, N Packer, A Everest-Dass, RA Fitridge, J Tan MRFF Cardiovascular Health Grant $999,989
2022-2025 Development of a diagnostic platform for preventative wound management A Cowin, E Hilder, RA Fitridge, R Arrua NHMRC Ideas Grant $1,256,874
2022-2024 Integrating telehealth and triage tools to improve outcomes in diabetes-related foot disease (DRFD) and chronic limb-threatening ischaemia (CLTI) RA Fitridge (CIA), C Marron, C Loughry, A Brown CALHN CEO Rapid Implementation Project Scheme $200,000

Improving telemedicine delivery for Aboriginal people with diabetes-related foot complications using Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

RA Fitridge (CIA), A Brown, K Morey, C Loughry, S Jones, Z Szpak, A Szpak Commonwealth Indigenous Australians' Health Programme $575,020

Evaluation of the topical application of high-density lipoproteins on wound healing in patients with diabetic foot ulcers: a phase 1/2 clinical trial

RA Fitridge (CIA), C Bursill, S Nicholls THRF BioMed City Translational Grant $250,000
2017 Predicting outcomes in patients with diabetic foot ulcers and effectiveness of interventions to produce outcomes RA Fitridge (CIA), C Delaney, M Miller ANZ Society for Vascular Surgery project grant $37,500
2015-2017 Predicting 12 month mortality risk in elderly patients after elective surgery C Pham, J Karnon, C Gibb, RA Fitridge, G Maddern Health Services Charitable Gifts Board $252,000
2012-2016 TElmisartan in the management of abDominal aortic aneurYsm (TEDY) J Golledge, P Norman, P Walker, A Ahimastos, R Dalman, RA Fitridge NHMRC Project Grant $1,105,891
2012-2014 Economic Evaluation and Optimisation of Services for the Preoperative Assessment of and Management of High Risk Surgical Patients. J Karnon, C Gibb, RA Fitridge, V Marshall, J Field NHMRC Project Grant $386,155
2011-2013 The role of the clotting cascade in aortic aneurysm and associated cardiovascular events J Golledge, C Rush, P Walker, RA Fitridge, R Muller NHMRC Project Grant $619,911
2010-2014 National Centre of Research Excellence to Improve Management of Peripheral Arterial Disease J Golledge, B Kingwell, P Norman, A Tonkin, RA Fitridge, C Reid, P Walker, G Hankey, J Fletcher, M Nelson NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence Grant $2,499,250
2009-2013 Prospective Evaluation of a model to predict outcomes following endovascular aortic aneurysm repair RA Fitridge (CIA), M Boult, J Golledge, GJ Maddern, M Thompson, M Barnes NHMRC Research Grant $1,036,925
2009-2013 TQEH Vascular Diseases and Therapeutics Research Group; towards improved outcomes for vascular diseases JD Horowitz, JF Beltrame, RA Fitridge, RG Morris, CJ Zeitz, DP Wilson, BC Sallustio, YY Chirkov, JA Kennedy, PA Cowled TQEH Research Foundation Program Grant $1,180,000


  • Current Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

    Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
    2024 Co-Supervisor The role of coding and non-coding RNA in atherosclerotic plaque phenotype in diabetic vs non-diabetic patients with peripheral arterial disease Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Dr Benjamin Thurston
    2024 Co-Supervisor Nonlinear Biomechanical Behaviour of Diseased Carotid Arteries Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Kaveh Moghadasi Koohi
    2022 Principal Supervisor Evaluating musculosketal effects in diabetes-related foot disease. Master of Philosophy (Surgery) Master Full Time Dr Kay Yee Hon
    2022 Co-Supervisor The impact of treatment patterns on quality of life in individuals with critical limb ischaemia Master of Clinical Science Master Part Time Miss Suhanya Seimon
    2022 Principal Supervisor Identification of bacterial resistance to silver-based wound dressings. Master of Clinical Science Master Part Time Dr Matipaishe Saul Mashayamombe
    2021 Principal Supervisor NOVEL VIDEO RECORDING SYSTEMS IN SURGERY: A NEW ERA IN SURGICAL EDUCATION, SAFETY AND MEDICO-LEGAL DOCUMENTATION Master of Philosophy (Surgery) Master Full Time Dr Victor Jesus Aguirre Gutierrez
  • Past Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

    Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
    2019 - 2021 Principal Supervisor Predicting Outcomes in Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Mr Guilherme Nogueira Pena
    2019 - 2022 Principal Supervisor Technological developments in the assessment and management of diabetic foot ulcers Master of Philosophy (Surgery) Master Full Time Miss Beatrice Kah Poh Kuang
    2018 - 2022 Co-Supervisor The Anti-Inflammatory and Pro-Angiogenic Capacity of High-Density Lipoproteins in Diabetic Wound Healing Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Zahra Lotfollahi
    2017 - 2020 Co-Supervisor Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events and Mortality in Peripheral Artery Disease Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Dr Saman Laleh Parvar
    2013 - 2014 Co-Supervisor The effect of alcohol on pancreatic blood flow. An experimental study. Master of Surgery Master Full Time Mr Glen Leon Benveniste
    2007 - 2013 Co-Supervisor The Role of Cytoskeletal Protein Flightless 1 (FLII) in Diabetic Wound Healing Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Nadira Ruzehaji
    2006 - 2013 Co-Supervisor Non-Invasive Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaque Prior to Percutaneous Interventional Procedures Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Dr Gary Yin Hoe Liew
    2004 - 2006 Principal Supervisor Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and Sepsis in Major Vascular Surgery Master of Surgery Master Full Time Dr Tiffany Hassen
  • Board Memberships

    Date Role Board name Institution name Country
    2020 - 2024 Co-Chair Guideline for Periperal Arterial Disease International Working Group for the Diabetic Foot Netherlands
    2014 - ongoing Member Steering Committee Global Vascular Guidelines for Severe Limb Ischaemia United States
    2014 - ongoing Member International Working Group for the Diabetic Foot - -
  • Memberships

    Date Role Membership Country
    2011 - 2012 President World Federation of Vascular Societies -
    2010 - 2012 President Australian and New Zealand Society for Vascular Surgery -
  • Editorial Boards

    Date Role Editorial Board Name Institution Country
    2013 - ongoing Member European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery - -
    2012 - ongoing Member The Vascular Specialist - -
    2010 - ongoing Editor ANZ Journal of Surgery - -
  • Position: Professor
  • Phone: 82226752
  • Email:
  • Fax: 82226028
  • Campus: The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Building: QEH - Main Bldg, floor 6
  • Org Unit: Surgical Specialities

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