Dr Olena Kravchuk

Olena Kravchuk
Lecturer in Applied Statistics
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

Expertise in nonparametric inference and applied statistics in academic research and consulting in human nutrition, food sensory, soil and plant sciences, including design and analysis of experiments and observational studies. University teaching and workplace training in biometry, sensometrics and research methods in agriculture.

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Dr Olena Kravchuk

Expertise in nonparametric inference and applied statistics in academic research and consulting in human nutrition, food sensory, soil and plant sciences, including design and analysis of experiments and observational studies. University teaching and workplace training in biometry, sensometrics and research methods in agriculture.

I am interested in collaborations on three themes: 1) research on robust statistical methods, in particular the theory of rank methods, 2) research in food sensometrics, outside the consumer research, 3) applied statistics research in application to agriculture and food data.

Highlights and delights of my career were several papers on rank methods followed my PhD in 2006; establishing a Food Sensory Research Unit in the University of Queensland in 2011 and collaborating for more than a decade with researchers in medical, biological and agriculture sciences. Currently I am leading a large project funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation, Statistics for the  Australian Grains Industry in Southern Region, SAGI-STH.


Date Position Institution name
2011 Senior Lecturer in Biometry University of Adelaide
2003 - 2011 Lecturer in Biometry University of Queensland
2002 - 2003 Lecturer in Software Development Griffith University

Awards and Achievements

Date Type Title Institution Name Amount
2010 Teaching Award Award for excellence in teaching School of Agriculture and Food Science

Language Competencies

Language Competency
English Can peer review
Russian Can peer review


Date Institution name Country Title
National Technical University of Ukraine, Kiev Ukraine BEng (Honours)
University of Queensland Australia PhD (Mathematical Statistics)
University of South Australia Australia MSc (Applied Mathematics)


Date Title Institution name Country
2010 Accredited Statistician Statistical Society of Australia

Research Interests

Applied Statistics, Food Sciences, Statistical Theory, Statistics


Year Citation
2017 Petrovic, T., Perera, D., Cozzolino, D., Kravchuk, O., Zanker, T., Bennett, J. & Scott, E. (2017). Feasibility of discriminating powdery mildew-affected grape berries at harvest using mid-infrared attenuated total reflection spectroscopy and fatty acid profiling. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, 23, 3, 1-11.
2017 Nguyen, P., Kravchuk, O., Bhandari, B. & Prakash, S. (2017). Effect of different hydrocolloids on texture, rheology, tribology and sensory perception of texture and mouthfeel of low-fat pot-set yoghurt. Food Hydrocolloids, 72, 90-104.
2017 Gunness, N., Michiels, J., De Smet, S., Vanhaecke, L., Kravchuk, O., Van de Meene, A. & Gidley, M. (2017). Oat β -glucan lowers blood cholesterol by restricting its intestinal absorption and decreasing bile acids levels. Journal of Nutrition & Intermediary Metabolism, 8, 80-80.
2017 Feng, Y., Kravchuk, O., Sandhu, H., Wratten, S. & Keller, M. (2017). The activities of generalist parasitoids can be segregated between crop and adjacent non-crop habitats. Journal of Pest Science, 90, 1, 275-286.
2017 de Ieso, C., Nuberg, I. & Kravchuk, O. (2017). Informing Community Forest Management: A Retrospective Analysis of an Old Silvicultural Trial in Nepal. Small-scale Forestry, 1-14.
2016 Gunness, P., Michiels, J., Vanhaecke, L., De Smet, S., Kravchuk, O., Van De Meene, A. & Gidley, M. (2016). Reduction in circulating bile acid and restricted diffusion across the intestinal epithelium are associated with a decrease in blood cholesterol in the presence of oat β-glucan. FASEB Journal, 30, 12, 4227-4238.
2016 Gunness, P., Williams, B., Gerrits, W., Bird, A., Kravchuk, O. & Gidley, M. (2016). Circulating triglycerides and bile acids are reduced by a soluble wheat arabinoxylan via modulation of bile concentration and lipid digestion rates in a pig model. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 60, 3, 642-651.
2016 Higginson, E., Lloyd, N., Kravchuk, O., Ford, C. & Thomas, M. (2016). A high-throughput UHPLC MS/MS method for evaluation of tartaric and malic acid concentration in individual grapevine berries. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, 22, 1, 16-23.
2016 Radrizzani, A., Shelton, H., Kravchuk, O. & Dalzell, S. (2016). Survey of long-term productivity and nutritional status of Leucaena leucocephala-grass pastures in subtropical Queensland. Animal Production Science, 56, 12, 2064-2073.
2015 Nuberg, I. K., Gunn, B., Tavune, M., Sumareke, A. & Kravchuk, O. (2015). Evaluation of short-rotation coppicing fuelwood production systems for Papua New Guinea. Biomass and Bioenergy, 78, 126-139.
2015 Fang, Y., Kravchuk, O. & Taylor, D. (2015). Chemical changes in grape stem and their relationship to stem color throughout berry ripening in Vitis vinifera L. cv Shiraz. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 63, 4, 1242-1250.
2015 Prakash, S., Kravchuk, O. & Deeth, H. (2015). Influence of pre-heat temperature, pre-heat holding time and high-heat temperature on fouling of reconstituted skim milk during UHT processing. Journal of Food Engineering, 153, 45-52.
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Book Chapters

Year Citation
2012 Kravchuk, O., Torley, P. & Stokes, J. R. (2012). Food texture is only partly rheology. In B. Bhandari & Y. Roos (Eds.), Food Materials Science and Engineering (pp. 349-372). United Kingdom: Blackwell Publishers Inc.
2002 Kravchuk, O., Pullan, W. & Sattar, A. (2002). An investigation of variable relationship in 3-SAT problems. In B. McKay (Ed.), AI 2002: Advances in Artificial Intellegence (pp. 579-590). Springer-Verlag.

Conference Papers

Year Citation
2014 Kravchuk, O. & Rutley, D. (2014). Topics from Australian Conferences on Teaching Statistics. M. A. M. A. B. P. Helen MacGillivray (Ed.)
2014 Kravchuk, O. & Rutley, D. (2014). Engaging entry level researchers in agriculture in statistical communication and collaboration: Why? and how?.
2007 Radrizzani, A., Shelton, H., Dalzell, S. & Kravchuk, O. (2007). A survey of graziers' perceptions of long-term productivity of leucaena pastures in Queensland. 7th Australian Tropical Pastures Conference. Dalby, AUSTRALIA.


Year Citation
2006 Kravchuk, O.; (2006); Trigonometric scores rank procedures with applications to long-tailed distributions;

Project Leader

2016 - 2021, Statistics for the Australian Grains Industry, Southern Region (SAGI-STH), project leader, $5M, GRDC and SARDI

Current and completed projects, in which I am a single Chief investigator (CI)
2014, GRDC Sponsorship for AASC’14, $7K

2013, SEB metrics statistical analysis, DEWNR, SA, $15K

2011 – 2014, Statistics Capacity Building, GRDC, $187K

2010, Sensory and physical evaluation of the texture of non-fermented milk beverages with dispersed soft-gel micro particles, UQ ECR, $22K

2008, Advanced data analysis and interpretation in adaptive research: training workshop in PNG, ACIAR , $4K

2008, Biometrical services for a pork chilling trial, APL, $11K

2006, Adaptive statistical methods for the analysis of empirical distributions of images of bacteria colonies, UQ, $10K

Current and completed projects, in which I am a CI

2013 – 2015, Objective measures for powdery mildew, GWRDC ($512K, 5%)

2010 – 2013, Sensory – Texture – Rheology, Research capabilities building for Dairy Industry, DIAL&UQ ($305K, CIs: Deeth, Sharma, Kravchuk)

2010 Strengthening the food biometrials testing facility, UQ MEI ($63K, CIs: Bhandari, Stokes, Sharma, Kravchuk, Prakash)

2008 – 2011, Enhancing on-farm income through improved silvicultural management of teak in Laos PDR, ACIAR ($1,166K, 10%)

2008 – 2009, Research design, data analysis and interpretation in adaptive research projects, ACIAR ($66K, CIs: Huang, Kravchuk)

2007 – 2008, Design and analysis of agricultural experiments and interpretation of experimental findings – training program, ACIAR ($78K, CIs: Huang, Kravchuk)

Academic courses taught and coordinated:

University of Adelaide, 2011 - current
Special topics in Statistics (Nonparametrics), Research Methodology in Agricultural Sciences, Biometrics module in Foundations in Plant Biotechnology

University of Queensland 2003 - 2011
Introductory Statistics, Research Methodology in Biophysical Sciences, Food Sensory, Experimental Design, Advanced Biometry (generalized linear models), Special topics in Biometry

Griffith University, 2000 - 2003
Software development, Data management, Discrete Mathematics



Student research projects, principal supervision:

Mr Chris De-Ieso, 2017 - current, PhD (Horticulture), UA
Big data in Australian Horticulture

Kiki Fibrianto, 2010 – awarded 2014, PhD (Food Sensory), UQ
Contribution of anhydrous milk fat to oral processing and sensory perception of liquid milks

Isabel Munoz Santa, 2012 – awarded 2014, MSc (Biometry), UofA
Mixture model analysis of nitrogen use efficiency indices

Margaret Carr, 2006 – awarded 2011, MSc (Biometry, PT), UQ
Statistical models in a heifer management study: testing effects on plasma progesterone in Bos indicus cross cattle

Student research projects, associate supervision:

Shu Hwa Ong, 2009 – 2012, PhD (Food Nutrition)
Nutritional status and eating behaviours of children with Asperger syndrome

Kim Fyfe, 2007 – 2010, PhD (Food Technology)
Surface characterisation of dairy powder particles

Dan Pagendam, 2007 – 2010, PhD (Statistics)
Experimental design and inference for population models


Date Role Membership Country
2012 - ongoing Board Member Australasian GenStat Users Association Australia
2007 - ongoing Member International Biometrics Society Australia
2006 - ongoing Member Statistical Society of Australia Inc Australia
Lecturer in Applied Statistics
8313 7109
Waite Building
Room Number
2 03a
Org Unit
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine