Neil Langlois

School of Biomedicine

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Consultant forensic pathologist. UK trained and qualified in medicine. Trained and qualified in anatomical and forensic pathology. Consultant since 1999 in NSW, moved to Adelaide in 2008. Interest in estimating age of wounds, particularly bruises. Also, improving the evidence base for forensic pathology practice.


Forensic Pathology

General projects:

- Data extraction and analysis - projects requiring extraction of information from autopsy reports from Coronial post-mortem examinations for critical analysis

- Determining the age of bruises - projects using experimental models

Project work must be conducted at Forensic Science SA. A National Police Clearance for the period of the project work is required.

Potenial Honours projects:

Investigating the time course of change in the pattern of glycophorin staining in bruises using brain contusions and haemorrhages as a model. 

Glycophorin A is a protein that is present on the surface of red blood cells. There are commercially available antibodies that allow immunohistochemical demonstration of its presence in formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissues. Brain tissue from coronial post-mortem examinations is available for research proposes. The project will investigate the pattern of Glycophorin A staining in brain contusions and cerebral haemorrhages over time. This study has University of Adelaide HREC approval.


Further studies of using alternate light sources to enhance the appearance of bruises.

Studies conducted to examine the use of alternate light sources to enhance the visual appearance of bruises so far have used a model system representing a fresh bruise (by injection of blood). These previously published studies could be expanded by replicating old bruises (by using a mixture of bilirubin, ferritin and blood). Investigation is also required to compare visual assessment of bruises using alternate light source illumination with the results using photography.


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