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Dr Meg Samuelson


Date Position Institution name
2018 Associate Professor Extraordinary Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch
2017 Lecturer The University of Adelaide
2013 - 2017 Associate Professor University of Cape Town
2009 - 2012 Associate Professor Stellenbosch University
2007 - 2008 Senior Lecturer Stellenbosch University
2005 - 2006 Lecturer Stellenbosch University

Awards and Achievements

Date Type Title Institution Name Amount
2017 - 2022 Achievement Internationally Acclaimed Researcher (B2) Rating National Research Foundation of South Africa ZAR160,000
2017 - 2017 Research Award Women's Research Excellence Award The University of Adelaide $5000
2015 - 2016 Award Merit Award (Research and Teaching) University of Cape Town ZAR66,000
2014 Research Award Young Researcher Award College of Fellows, University of Cape Town ZAR30,000
2007 - 2012 Research Award Rector's Award for Research Excellence Stellenbosch University


Date Institution name Country Title
University of Cape Town South Africa BA (Hons)
University of Cape Town South Africa PhD
University of Leeds United Kingdom MA (Commonwealth and Postcolonial Literatures)


Year Citation
2018 Samuelson, M. (2018). “You’ll never forget what your camera remembers”: image-things and changing times in Capital Art Studio, Zanzibar’. Critical Arts: A Journal of South-North Cultural Studies, -.
2017 Samuelson, M. (2017). Searching for stoke in Indian Ocean surf zones: surfaris, offshoring and the shore-break. Journal of the Indian Ocean Region, 13, 3, 311-325.
2017 Samuelson, M. (2017). Coastal form: Amphibian positions, wider worlds, and planetary horizons on the African Indian ocean littoral. Comparative Literature, 69, 1, 16-24.
2017 Samuelson, M. (2017). African textualities: travelling forms and subjects–an introduction. Social Dynamics, 43, 1, 1-7.
2016 Samuelson, M. (2016). Literature in the world: a view from Cape Town. PMLA, 131, 5, 1544-1547.
2016 Samuelson, M. (2016). Reading nostalgia and beyond: the hermeneutics of suspicion and race; and, learning to read, again, with Zoë Wicomb. English in Africa, 43, 3, 117-139.
2016 Samuelson, M. (2016). Rendering the Cape-as-port: Sea-Mountain, Cape of Storms/Good Hope, Adamastor and local-world literary formations. Journal of Southern African Studies, 42, 3, 523-537.
2016 Samuelson, M. (2016). Producing a world of remains in Indian Ocean Africa: discrepant time, melancholy affect and the subject of transport in Capital Art Studio, Stone Town, Zanzibar. African Studies, 75, 2, 233-256.
2014 Samuelson, M. (2014). Re-telling freedom in Otelo Burning: the beach, surf noir, and Bildung at the Lamontville pool. Journal of African Cultural Studies, 26, 3, 307-323.
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2014 Samuelson, M. (2014). (Un)lawful subjects of company. Interventions, 16, 6, 795-817.
2013 Samuelson, M. (2013). Narrative cartographies, ‘beautiful things’ and littoral states in Abdulrazak Gurnah's By the Sea. English Studies in Africa, 56, 1, 78-90.
2013 Samuelson, M. (2013). Sea-changes, dark tides and littoral states: oceans and coastlines in post-apartheid South African narratives. Alternation, 6, 9-28.
2012 Samuelson, M. (2012). Crossing the Indian Ocean and wading through the littoral: cosmopolitan visions in Amitav Ghosh’s ‘antique land’ and ‘tide country’. Cultural Dynamics, 24, 2-3, 189-205.
2012 Samuelson, M. (2012). Textual subjects in motion: letters, literature and print medium in an Indian-South African exchange (1928-1946). PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, 9, 1, 1-19.
2012 Samuelson, M. (2012). Abdulrazak Gurnah’s fictions of the Swahili coast: littoral locations and amphibian aesthetics. Social Dynamics, 38, 3, 499-515.
2011 Samuelson, M. (2011). Reading Zoë Wicomb's cosmopolitan, domestic and recursive settings. Current Writing, 23, 2, 88-92.
2011 Samuelson, M. (2011). Orienting the Cape: a 'white' woman writing Islam in South Africa. Social Dynamics, 37, 3, 363-378.
2011 Samuelson, M. & Musila, G. (2011). Locations and locutions: Which Africa, whose Africa?. Social Dynamics, 37, 3, 424-426.
2010 Samuelson, M. (2010). Scripting connections: Reflections on the 'post-transitional'. English Studies in Africa, 53, 1, 113-117.
2010 Gamba, H., Michael, C. & Samuelson, M. (2010). Symposium: Global Africa: Travels, transfer, transformation Festschrift for Brenda Cooper: Introduction. Social Dynamics, 36, 2, 235-238.
2010 Samuelson, M. (2010). Oceanic histories and protean poetics: The surge of the sea in Zoë Wicomb's fiction. Journal of Southern African Studies, 36, 3, 543-557.
2010 Samuelson, M. (2010). (Un)settled states: Indian Ocean passages, performative belonging and restless mobility in post-apartheid South African fiction. Social Dynamics, 36, 2, 272-287.
2009 Samuelson, M. (2009). Editorial: Social Dynamics. Social Dynamics, 35, 2, 211-212.
2009 Samuelson, M. (2009). A community of letters on the Indian Ocean rim: Friendship, fraternity and (Af-filial) love. English in Africa, 35, 1, -.
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2008 Samuelson, M. (2008). 'Lose your mother, kill your child': The passage of slavery and its afterlife in narratives by Yvette Christiansë and Saidiya Hartman. English Studies in Africa, 51, 2, 38-48.
2008 Samuelson, M. (2008). The urban palimpsest: Re–presenting Sophiatown. Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 44, 1, 63-75.
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2007 Driver, D. & Samuelson, M. (2007). History's Intimate invasions: Yvonne Vera's The Stone Virgins. English Studies in Africa, 50, 2, 101-120.
2007 Samuelson, M. (2007). The disfigured body of the female guerrilla: (De)militarization, sexual violence, and redomestication in Zoë Wicomb's David's Story. Signs, 32, 4, 833-856.
2007 Samuelson, M. (2007). Re-imagining South Africa via a passage to India: M.K. Jeffreys's archive of the Indian Ocean world. Social Dynamics, 33, 2, 61-85.
2007 Samuelson, M. (2007). The city beyond the border: the urban worlds of Duiker, Mpe and Vera. African Identities, 5, 2, 247-260.
2007 Viljoen, S. & Samuelson, M. (2007). Editorial. Social Dynamics, 33, 2, 1-2.
2005 Samuelson, M. (2005). “Home and the world”: The contestation of social fictions in three South African women's memoirs. English Academy Review, 22, 1, 32-42.
2005 Distiller, N. & Samuelson, M. (2005). "Denying the Coloured Mother": Gender and Race in South Africa. L'Homme, 16, 2, -.
2003 Samuelson, M. (2003). Cracked vases and untidy seams: Narrative structure and closure in the truth and reconciliation commission and South African Fiction. Current Writing, 15, 2, 63-76.
2002 Samuelson, M. (2002). The rainbow womb: rape and race in South African fiction of the transition. Kunapipi, 24, 1-2, 88-100.
2000 Samuelson, M. (2000). Reading the Maternal Voice in Sindiwe Magona's To My Children's Children and Mother to Mother. MFS Modern Fiction Studies, 46, 1, 227-245.


Year Citation
2007 Samuelson, M. (2007). Remembering the Nation, Dismembering Women? Stories of the South African Transition. Scottsville, South Africa: U of KwaZulu-Natal P.
2004 Rasebotsa, N., Samuelson, M. & Thomas, K. (2004). Nobody Ever Said AIDS Poems and Stories from Southern Africa.

Book Chapters

Year Citation
2018 Samuelson, M. (2018). Scenes & Settings. In J. Zimbler (Ed.), The Cambridge Companion to JM Coetzee Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
2017 Samuelson, M. (2017). Unsettling Homes and the Provincial-Cosmopolitan Point of View in Zoë Wicomb’s October. In D. Attridge & K. Easton (Eds.), Zoë Wicomb and the Translocal 2017: Routledge.
2015 Samuelson, M. (2015). Crossing the Indian Ocean and wading through the littoral: cosmopolitan visions in Amitav Ghosh's 'antique land' and 'tide country'. In S. Gabriel & F. Rosa (Eds.), Cosmopolitan Asia: Littoral Epistemologies of the Global South (pp. 105-122). London: Routledge.
2015 Samuelson, M. (2015). Literary inscriptions on the South African Beach: Ambiguous settings, ambivalent textualities. In U. Kluwick & V. Richter (Eds.), The Beach in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures: Reading Littoral Space (pp. 121-138). Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.
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2010 Samuelson, M. (2010). Cceanic charades: the female figures of M.K. Jeffreys's Passage to India. In 1. Hofmeyr & P. Gupta (Eds.), Eyes Across the Water: Navigating the Indian Ocean University of South Africa Press.
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2009 Samuelson, M. (2009). Nongqawuse, National Time and (Female) Authorship in The Heart of Redness. In Ways of Writing: Critical Essays on Zakes Mda (pp. 229-253). Scottsville, South Africa: U of KwaZulu-Natal P.
2008 Samuelson, M. (2008). The Disfigured Body of the Female Guerrilla: (De)Militarization, Sexual Violence and Re-Domestication in Zoë Wicomb’s David’s Story. In K. Alexander & M. Hawkesworth (Eds.), War & Terror: Feminist Perspectives (pp. 88-112). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
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2005 Samuelson, M. (2005). Crossing borders with words: Sello Duiker, Phaswane Mpe & Yvonne Vera. In M. Mzamane (Ed.), Words Gone Two Soon (pp. 196-201). Johannesburg: Skotaville Press.
2004 Samuelson, M. (2004). The Mother-as-Witness: Reading 'Mother to Mother' alongside South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In S. Koyana (Ed.), Sindiwe Magona: The First Decade (pp. 127-144). Pietermarizburg: University of KwaZulu-Natal.
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2002 Samuelson, M. (2002). Re-Membering the Body: Rape and Recovery in Without a Name. In Sign and Taboo: Perspectives on the Poetic Fiction of Yvonne Vera (pp. 93-100). Oxford, England: Currey.
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2001 Samuelson, M. (2001). Lifting the Veil of Romance: A Reading of Lord Jim. In Conrad at the Millennium: Modernism, Postmodernism, Postcolonialism (pp. 345-360). Boulder, CO--Lublin, Poland: Social Science Monographs--Maria Curie-Skłodowska University.

South African Settings and Australian Connections. Faculty Research Active Grant Scheme (FRAGS), Faculty of Arts, The University of Adelaide, 2017. Value: AU$5,000.

African Textualities: Mobilities, Translations, Frames. African Collaboration Grant, Programme for the Enhancement of Research Capacity, University of Cape Town, 2014-2016. Value: ZAR175,000.00.

Coastal Cultures, Oceanic Africa & Thinking from the Cape: Literary and Cultural Positions. National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa. Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers (CPRR), 2014-2016 (Grant Number 87809). Value: ZAR400,000.00 plus ZAR320,000.00 in graduate funding.

Intimate Relations between South Africa and South (East) Asia Stellenbosch University Research Grant Award, 2009-2010. Value: ZAR50,000.00.

Southern African Subjectivities: Roots and Routes in Literary and Cultural Studies. Thuthuka Programme for emerging researchers, National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa, 2006-2011. Value: approx. ZAR200,000.00 plus approx. ZAR1.5 million in graduate/staff development funding.

Current PhD Supervisions:

R. Niemann. ‘Reading Margaret Atwood’s twenty-first fictions at the dawn of the Anthropocene epoch’. Primary supervisor (80%). 

G. Mitchell. ‘Malediction: Towards a Queer Black Humor’. Novella and Exegesis. Co-supervisor (20%). 

Current PhD Co-Supervisions (external):

J. Simeus, ‘Speaking Others – Speaking the Self. A Study of the Textual Construction of Selfhood in Three South African Texts with Autobiographical Traits’. Linnaeus University, Sweden. 

M. Geustyn, ‘Littoral literatures: amphibious politics in South African writings’. University of Cape Town, South Africa. 

R. Roux, ‘Post-apartheid Speculative Fiction and the South African city’. University of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Postdoctoral Fellows:

D. W. Kiguru, ‘Creating an African Literary Canon’. Humanities Faculty Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, University of Cape Town, 2016. 

P. Aghoghovwia, ‘Reading Petrocultures in the Niger Delta: An Eco-Critical Enquiry’. University Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Cape Town, 2015. 

K. Ngara, ‘Imagining Postcolonial Urban Space in Work by Ivan Vladislavic and other Southern African Writers’. University Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Cape Town, 2013.

Completed PhD Supervisions:

K. Naicker, ‘Return to the Scene of the Crime: Representing Homecoming in Postcolonial Fiction’. Graduated: University of Cape Town, 2017. Primary supervisor.

P. Phalafala, ‘“My name is Afrika”: Setswana Genealogies, Trans-Atlantic Interlocutions, and NOW-Time in Keorapetse Kgositsile’s Life and Work’. Graduated: University of Cape Town, 2016. Primary supervisor. 

C. Abel, ‘Power and Transgression: Margins, Crossings and Monstrous Women in Selected Works of Bharati Mukherjee and Angela Carter’. Graduated: University of Cape Town, 2016. Sole supervisor.

F. Mkwesha, ‘Zimbabwe Women Writers from 1950 to the Present: Re-creating Gender Images’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2016. Primary supervisor.

L.G. Spencer, ‘Writing Women in Uganda and South Africa: Emerging narratives from post-repressive states’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2014. Primary supervisor.

K. Muchemwa, ‘Imagining the Zimbabwean City: 1950 to 2010’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2013. Primary supervisor.

C. Weyer, ‘Confession, Ethics and Embodiment in the Poetry of Joan Metelerkamp and Antjie Krog’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2013. Sole supervisor.

J. Ocita, ‘Diasporic Imaginaries: Memory and Negotiation of Belonging in East African and South African Indian Narratives’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2013. Primary supervisor. 

M. Musiyiwa, ‘The Narrativisation of Post-2000 Zimbabwe in the Shona Popular Song-Genre: An Appraisal Approach’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University,  2013. Co-supervisor. 

I. Ndlovu, ‘An Examination of Prison, Criminality and Power in Selected Contemporary Kenyan and South African Narratives’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2010. Co-supervisor. 

Completed MA Supervisions:

S. Kohler, ‘Stories “lodged in goods”: Reading the thing-culture of The Thousand and One Nights’. Graduated: University of Cape Town, 2017; with distinction. 

K. Samson, ‘From “sad black stories” to “useful tragedy”: Trajectories of hope in Johannesburg win Kgebetli Moele’s Room 207 and Perfect Hlongwane’s Jozi’. Graduated: University of Cape Town, 2017; with distinction. 

A. Hofmeyr, ‘Archipelagic fictions: Sindbad the Sailor, Alan Villiers and travel in the Indian Ocean’. Graduated: University of Cape Town, 2016. 

E. Hugo, ‘EcoGothic fiction from Contemporary Urban Africa: Excluded Subjects and Dark Environmentalism’. Graduated: University of Cape Town, 2016; with distinction. 

M. Geustyn, ‘The Art of Looking Sideways: Representations of Slave Subjectivity in Post-Apartheid Fiction’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University,  2013; with distinction. 

E. de Beer, ‘Spicing South Africa: Representations of Food and Culinary Traditions in Post-Apartheid Literature, Cookery Books and Art’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2012. 

C. Van Houwelingen, ‘White Women Writing the (Post)Colony: Creolité, Home and Estrangement in Novels by Marguerite Duras, Jean Rhys and Marlene van Niekerk’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2012; with distinction. 

H.G. Kim, ‘Marginality in Post-TRC Texts: Storytelling and Representational Acts’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2011; with distinction. S

S. Visser, ‘Romantic Children, Brazen Girls? An Exploration of the Girl-child’s Representation in and around Nabokov’s Lolita and Three Derivative Novels’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2010; with distinction. 

K. Samuel, ‘Bearing Witness to Trauma: Representations of the Rwandan Genocide’, Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2010; with distinction. 

W.J. Smit, ‘Becoming the Third Generation: Negotiating Modern Selves in Nigerian Bildungsromane of the 21st Century’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2009. 

N. Louw, ‘Grace and The Township Housewife: Excavating Black Women’s Magazines from the 1960s’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2009. 

S. M. Moudouma, ‘Re-visiting History, Re-discovering Identity in Black British Fictions of the 21st Century: Caryl Phillips’s A Distant Shore and Buchi Emecheta’s The New Tribe’. Graduated: Stellenbosch University, 2009. 


Date Role Membership Country
2017 - ongoing Member JM Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice, University of Adelaide Australia
2017 - ongoing Member DIRE (Déplacements, Identités, Regards, Ecritures) Research Centre, Observatory for the Societies of the Indian Ocean, University of Reunion Réunion
2017 - ongoing Member Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender, University of Adelaide Australia

Committee Memberships

Date Role Committee Institution Country
2016 - 2016 Member Specialist Committee for Evaluation and Rating: Literary Studies, Languages and Linguistics National Research Foundation South Africa
2016 - 2016 Member Panel of Judges-UJ Prize for South African Writing University of Johannesburg South Africa

Editorial Boards

Date Role Editorial Board Name Country
2017 - ongoing Editor Palgrave Studies in Maritime Literature and Culture United Kingdom
2015 - ongoing Board Member Literature as World Literature Book Series United States
2013 - ongoing Board Member African Articulations Book Series United Kingdom
2012 - ongoing Board Member Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies United Kingdom
2012 - ongoing Board Member Journal of African Cultural Studies United Kingdom
2012 - 2017 Board Member Social Dynamics-A Journal of African Studies South Africa
2011 - ongoing Board Member English in Africa South Africa
2009 - ongoing Board Member Current Writing South Africa
2009 - ongoing Board Member Imbizo South Africa
2007 - ongoing Board Member English Studies in Africa South Africa
2007 - 2011 Editor-In-chief Social Dynamics-A Journal of African Studies South Africa
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