Md Julker Nine

Dr Md Julker Nine

ARC Grant-Funded Researcher B

School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Dr Nine is currently an Australian research council (ARC) Grant-Funded Researcher at “ARC Research Hub for Advanced Manufacturing with 2D Materials (AM2D-adelaide node)” based in the University of Adelaide. In this research hub, he leads a coating sub-group to develop new-generation protective coatings (e.g. corrosion, antibacterial, biofouling, ice-fouling and fire-retardant paints) for industry partners i.e. Ceylon Graphene Technologies (Pvt) Limited. As a part of the industrial research projects, his intense involvement includes design, synthesis and functionalisation’s of pioneering nanomaterials (graphene derivatives, hexagonal boron nitride, layered double hydroxides, molybdenum disulfide, MXene, metal oxides nanorods/nanowires etc) for coating applications. The applications are not limited to protective coatings (e.g. corrosion, biofouling, fire-retardants) and environmental remediation (oil/water, heavy metal, dye etc). One of the goals of his coating research is to establish the proof of concept and technology development to achieve technology readiness level (TRL3-5). In order to achieve target coating properties, MJ Nine exercises both chemical and physical modification of the nanomaterials and surface to alter functional properties and surface wettability (hydrophilic and hydrophobic and amphiphilic properties). His research recently further extended to soft (i.e. bio-adhesion, antibacterials) to hard fouling (i.e. icing, mineralization and scaling).

Dr Nine, prior to his ARC grant funded research position, he was awarded a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering in early 2018 from the University of Adelaide, Australia. His PhD research on cutting edged functional coatings generated 3 Intellectual properties which were later licenced to industry that exposed him to work closely with four different industries (First Graphene Ltd., "Sparc Technologies Ltd., "Caspak Packaging Ltd. and Ceylon Graphene Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.) in developing >10 products on coating technology. Due to his research excellence in PhD level, he was awarded University Doctoral Research Medal, followed by Alumni Medal (2018) from the University of Adelaide. He was also awarded a Fresh scientist of the year 2018 from Fresh Science, SA, Australia and received Carbon Journal (Elsevier) Prize (2018) for an "outstanding PhD thesis in carbon materials science and technology". The research on carbon nanomaterials (e.g. graphene, CNTs, activated carbon) by Dr Nine was initiated after his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from KUET, Bangladesh, when he started master of engineering degree at Gyeongsang National University, South Korea under a project called "Brain Korea-21" (BK21). He was awarded a prestigious Young Pioneer Researcher Award"- Dean Award (2012) for his research during master’s degree between 2010-2012. Meanwhile, he was offered a HIR grant-funded research position at the University of Malaya, Malaysia, wherein he worked on "bioimplant coatings and nanoparticle migration from implant to body" till the end of 2013 before he commended his PhD in 2014 at the University of Adelaide.

Dr Nine also serves as an editorial board member of the journal "Polymers " (MDPI) as well as a member of the Extended advisory board of the journal "Carbon " in Elsevier.


My current research interest is the synthesis and application of multifunctional inks and coatings based on 2D materials. The applications of coatings include superwetting surface, oil-water separation, corrosion-resistant, bio-implant, fire-retardant, and optoelectronic devices.

Research Interests


Publication Summary

Intellectual properties (Patents): 04  and 03 of them licensed to local industry, Book Chapters: 02, ISI Journals publications: 65+, Conference Presentation/proceedings: 15+, Citations: ~4500 h-Index: 34 (Google Scholar)


    Industrial Projects
    • First Graphene Ltd (Perth Based) [August-2017 to 2019]: Development of graphene-based fire-retardant coatings
    • Sparc Technologies Ltd  (Adelaide Based) [2019-2020]: Ecofriendly anti-corrosion paints  
    • Caspak Products Pty Ltd (Melbourne based) [2020-2022]: Development of gas-barrier coatings for food packaging
    • Ceylon Graphene Technologies Pty Ltd (Srilanka based) [2022-Present]: Development of graphene based protective coatings          


    • Postgraduate Alumni University Medal-2018. (Awarded to graduating postgraduate for outstanding academic merit), The University of Adelaide, SA.
    • Selected to play honorable "Role of the Mace Bearer" in Graduation Ceremony as part of the Academic Procession, April/May 2018. The University of Adelaide, SA.
    • University Doctoral Research Medal, 2017 awarded for outstanding research at PhD level. The University of Adelaide, SA.
    • Dean's Commendation for Doctoral thesis Excellence -December 2017, The University of Adelaide, SA.
    • ARC Grant-funded Supplementary Scholarship -2016/2017 (Stipend Valu $10,000 (per annuam))
    • Adelaide Scholarship International (ASI) -2014 for Higher Degree Program in The University of Adelaide, SA.
    • Dean Award-2012, Award for The 6th Young Pioneer Researchers, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea.
    • "BK21" Scholarship -2010, awarded by Second Phase Brain Korea21 (BK21) Project for Higher Degree Program in Gyeongsang National University, South Korea.


    1. ARC Grant-funded research support-2017/2018. Title- Graphene in protective Coatings, Investigators: Nine, Md Julker. Total grant: $10,000/yr.

    2. FND000166: Interdisciplinary Research Funding Scheme, University of Adelaide, Funder name: The University of Adelaide, Title: Advanced composite materials containing graphene micro-inclusions for underwater acoustic applications, Investigators: Ayub M; Zander A; Losic D; Nine MJ; Howard C; Cazzolato B; Huang D, Total fund: $ 85,000

    3. UA183562: Further develop and exploit technologies commercially, Contracting Party: Sparc Operations Pty Ltd, Years: 2019-2020, Investigators: Losic, Dusan; Nine, Md Julker, Contract value: $ 500,000.00

    4. UA205426: Innovation Connections Grant - Graphene Coated Fibre Meat Trays (ICG001480), Contracting Party: Trustee for Caspak Products Trust, Years: 2020-2021, Investigators: Losic, Dusan; Nine, Md Julker, Contract value: $ 400,000.00


    2021Course coordinator and Lecturing CHEM ENG 7101 - Materials Characterisation, Semester 2 - 2021

    2020: Course coordinator and Lecturing CHEM ENG 7101 - Materials Characterisation, Semester 2 - 2020

    2015: Tutoring and Lecturing  CHEM ENG 1009 - Materials I, Semester 2 - 2015


    • Position: ARC Grant-Funded Researcher B
    • Phone: 83131535
    • Email:
    • Campus: North Terrace
    • Building: Engineering North, floor Second Floor
    • Room: N207
    • Org Unit: School of Chemical Engineering

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