Gurleen Singh Sandhu

Gurleen Singh Sandhu

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials (Inact)

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

  • Language Competencies

    Language Competency
    English Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
    Panjabi; Punjabi Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2017 Singh, R., Sandhu, G. S., Penna, R., & Farina, I. (2017). Investigations for thermal and electrical conductivity of ABS-graphene blended prototypes. Materials, 10(8), 13 pages.
    DOI Scopus61 WoS51 Europe PMC9
  • Book Chapters

    Year Citation
    2021 Singh, R., & Sandhu, G. S. (2021). Investigations of Graphene Reinforced Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Matrix Prototypes Produced Via Functional Deposition Modeling (FDM). In Encyclopedia of Materials: Composites (Vol. 2, pp. 847-854). Elsevier.
    DOI Scopus2
    2018 Singh, N., Singh, R., & Sandhu, G. S. (2018). Application of Graphene Polymer Blended Feed Stock Filament for 3D/4D Printing. In Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering. Elsevier.
    2018 Sandhu, G. S., & Singh, R. (2018). Development of abs-graphene blended feedstock filament for fdm process. In Additive Manufacturing of Emerging Materials (pp. 279-297). Springer International Publishing.
    DOI Scopus4

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