Lucie Walters

Professor Lucie Walters


Adelaide Medical School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Professor Lucie Walters, PhD is Director of Adelaide Rural Clinical School. This program provides a full academic year of clinical training to University of Adelaide medical students in their penultimate year. Students are based in small rural communities in the north and west part of rural South Australia where they actively participate in patient care under the supervision of experienced rural doctors in general practice, rural hospitals, and community and outpatient settings.

Her research interests include work-integrated learning, adult education pedagogies, and rural training pathways, and rural generalism and resilience in medicine.

  • Journals

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  • Conference Papers

    Year Citation
    2012 Hirsh, D., Walters, L., & Poncelet, A. (2012). Better learning, better doctors, better delivery system: Possibilities from a case study of longitudinal integrated clerkships. In Medical Teacher Vol. 34 (pp. 548-554). England: TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD.
    DOI Scopus48 WoS40 Europe PMC26
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