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Dr Douglas Bardsley

Douglas Bardsley
Senior Lecturer
School of Social Sciences
Faculty of Arts

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Dr Douglas Bardsley

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD — email supervisor to discuss availability.

I have been trained as a social geographer, an educator and an agricultural scientist, and my research represents that cross-disciplinary interest.  Over the last 18 years, my work has focused on environmental and agro-ecological risk management, and especially  climate change adaptation; links between conservation and development; and education, for sustainable development.  My research has been undertaken while working for the South Australian Government and while based in universities and research institutes in Australia, Switzerland and the UK, and has involved socio-ecological studies in Australia, Thailand, Turkey, Switzerland, Nepal and the European Union.  Over the last few years I have been researching climate change adaptation in the Adelaide-Mt Lofty Ranges and Alinytjara Wilurara regions of South Australia, and planning for bushfire risk mitigation within the Mediterranean biome.


Date Institution name Country Title
University of Melbourne Australia PhD
University of Melbourne Australia GDipEd
Flinders University Australia MA
University of Adelaide Australia BAgSci(Hons)


Year Citation
2018 Moskwa, E., Bardsley, D., Weber, D., & Robinson, G. (2018). Living with bushfire: rRecognising ecological sophistication to manage risk while retaining biodiversity values. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 27, 459-469.
2018 Bardsley, D., Moskwa, E., Weber, D., Robinson, G., Waschl, N., & Bardsley, A. (2018). Climate Change, Bushfire Risk, and Environmental Values: Examining a Potential Risk Perception Threshold in Peri-Urban South Australia. Society and Natural Resources, 31(4), 1-18.
2018 Robinson,, G., Bardsley, D., Raymond, C., Underwood, T., Moskwa, E., Weber, D., . . . Bardsley, A. (2018). Adapting to climate change: lessons from farmers and peri-urban fringe residents in South Australia. Environments, 5, 40.
2018 Gamlen, A., Bardsley, D., & Wall, J. (2018). The evolution and impacts of Graeme Hugo’s environmental migration research. Population and Environment, 39(4), 1-18.
2017 Bardsley, D. (2017). Too much, too young? Teachers' opinions of risk education in secondary school geography. International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education, 26(1), 36-53.
DOI Scopus1
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2016 Moskwa, E. C., Ahonen, I., Santala, V., Weber, D., Robinson, G. M., & Bardsley, D. K. (2016). Perceptions of bushfire risk mitigation and biodiversity conservation: a systematic review of fifteen years of research. Environmental Reviews, 24(3), 219-232.
DOI Scopus2
2016 Wiseman, N., & Bardsley, D. (2016). Monitoring to learn, learning to monitor: a critical analysis of opportunities for Indigenous community-based monitoring of environmental change in Australian rangelands.. Geographical Research, 54(1), 52-71.
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DOI Scopus11 WoS12
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2015 Fielke, S., & Bardsley, D. (2015). Regional agricultural governance in peri-urban and rural South Australia: strategies to improve multifunctionality. Sustainability Science, 10(2), 231-243.
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2015 Bardsley, D. (2015). Navigating the roles of the social learning researcher: a critical analysis of a learning approach to guide climate change adaptation. Australian Geographer, 46(1), 33-50.
DOI Scopus4 WoS4
2014 Lereboullet, A., Beltrando, G., Bardsley, D., & Rouvellac, E. (2014). The viticultural system and climate change: coping with long-term trends in temperature and rainfall in Roussillon, France. Regional Environmental Change, 14(5), 1951-1966.
DOI Scopus11 WoS6
2014 Fielke, S., & Bardsley, D. (2014). The importance of farmer education in South Australia. Land Use Policy, 39, 301-312.
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2014 Bardsley, D., & Bardsley, A. (2014). Organising for socio-ecological resilience: the roles of the mountain farmer cooperative Genossenschaft Gran Alpin in Graubünden, Switzerland. Ecological Economics, 98, 11-21.
DOI Scopus13 WoS8
2014 Bardsley, D. (2014). Four degrees of global warming: Australia in a hot world. Edited by
Peter Christoff. Abingdon and New York: Routledge, 2014, 268 pages, paperback, ISBN 9780415824583. Geographical Education, 27, 63.
2013 Lereboullet, A., Bardsley, D., & Beltrando, G. (2013). Assessing vulnerability and framing adaptive options of two Mediterranean wine growing regions facing climate change: Roussillon (France) and McLaren Vale (Australia). EchoGeo, 23(23), 1-15.
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2013 Lereboullet, A., Beltrando, G., & Bardsley, D. (2013). Socio-ecological adaptation to climate change: A comparative case study from the Mediterranean wine industry in France and Australia. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 164, 273-285.
DOI Scopus26 WoS24
2013 Niven, R., & Bardsley, D. (2013). Planned retreat as a management response to coastal risk: A case study from the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. Regional Environmental Change: natural and social aspects, 13(1), 193-209.
DOI Scopus26 WoS22
2013 Wiseman, N., & Bardsley, D. (2013). Climate change and indigenous natural resource management: A review of socio-ecological interactions in the Alinytjara Wilurara NRM region. Local Environment: the international journal of justice and sustainability, 18(9), 1024-1045.
DOI Scopus10 WoS9
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2003 Bardsley, D. (2003). Risk alleviation via in situ agrobiodiversity conservation: drawing from experiences in Switzerland, Turkey and Nepal. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 99(1-3), 149-157.

Book Chapters

Year Citation
2017 Bardsley, D. (2017). Indigenous knowledge and practice for climate change adaptation. In D. DellaSala, & M. Goldstein (Eds.), Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene (Vol. 2, pp. 359-367). Elsevier.
2016 Bardsley, D., Wiseman, N., & Hugo, G. (2016). Generating narratives on future risk to inform regional climate change adaptation planning. In J. Knieling (Ed.), Climate adaptation governance in cities and regions: theoretical fundamentals and practical evidence (1 ed., pp. 89-111). Chichester, UK: Wiley.
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2014 Lereboullet, A. -L., Beltrando, G., & Bardsley, D. (2014). L'adaptation multiforme des terroirs viticoles au changement climatique: un cas d'etude comparative France (Roussillon)/Australie (McLaren Vale). In H. Quénol (Ed.), Changement Climatique et Terroirs Viticoles (pp. 377-404). Paris: Lavoisier.
2013 Bardsley, D., & Hugo, G. (2013). Migration and climate change: examining thresholds of change to guide effective adaptation decision-making. In Climate Change and Migration, 2013 (pp. 418-442). Edward Elgar.

Conference Papers

Year Citation
2015 Lereboullet, A. -L., Beltrando, G., Bardsley, D., & Rouvellac, E. (2015). Le changement climatique va-t-il déstabiliser la filière viti-vinicole dans le Roussillon?. In S. Bigot, & S. Rome (Eds.), Actes du XXV ème colloque de l'AIC (pp. 463-468). Grenoble, France.
2013 Pandey, R., & Bardsley, D. (2013). Human ecological implications of climate change in the Himalaya: pilot studies of adaptation in agro-ecosystems within two villages from Middle Hills and Tarai, Nepal. In Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Ed.), Conference Proceedings Impacts World 2013: International Conference on Climate Change Effects (pp. 536-547). Germany: Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.
2012 Lereboullet, A. -L., Beltrando, G., & Bardsley, D. (2012). Améliorer la capacité d'adaptation des agrosystèmes viticoles: les apports complémentaires de la climatologie et des sciences sociales. In Actes des Journées de la Commission Climat et société du CNFG (pp. 63-75). Liège, Belgium.
2010 Bardsley, D. (2010). Research to support sustainable alternatives to the productivist paradigm in an era of climatic risk. In Proceedings of the Symposium Innovation and Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Food, ISDA 2010 (pp. 1-12). online: ISDA.
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Conference Items

Year Citation
2016 Gamlen, A. J., Bardsley, D., Tan, Y., & Wall, J. (2016). Keynote Address - Weaving the strands: A review of Graeme Hugo's work on environmental migration. Poster session presented at the meeting of The Hugo Conference: Environment, Migration, Politics, 3-5 Nov.. University of Liege.

Report for External Bodies

Year Citation
2017 Bardsley, D., Palazzo, E., Wiseman, N., & Stringer, R. (2017). The roles of agricultural biodiversity in the McLaren Vale landscape (DEWNR Technical Report 2017/01). Adelaide: Government of South Australia, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.
2017 Moskwa, E., Robinson, G., Bardsley, D. K., & Weber, D. (2017). Bushfires and Biodiversity: Optimising Conservation Outcomes in Peri-urban Areas at Risk.
2016 Wiseman, N., Palazzo, E., & Bardsley, D. K. (2016). Mount Lofty Ranges World Heritage Bid: Gaps in GIS data mapping and recommendations for future research.
2015 Wiseman, N. D., & Bardsley, D. K. (2015). Adapting to climate change on country. Climate change addendum - technical report for the Alinytjara Wilurara regional management plan. Adelaide, South Australia: Government of South Australia.
2015 Wiseman, N. D., & Bardsley, D. K. (2015). Climate change addendum for the Alinytjara Wilurara regional management plan. Adelaide, South Australia: Government of South Australia.
2013 Findlay, C., Umberger, W., Bardsley, D., Tan, Y., & Watson, A. (2013). Asian Food in Transition: Priority Research for Food Security and Sustainable Futures in Australia, China and the Asia-Pacific Region.. Adelaide: The University of Adelaide.
2012 Bardsley, D., & Wiseman, N. (2012). It depends which way the wind blows: An integrated assessment of projected climate change impacts and adaptation options for the Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resources Management region: final report June 2012. Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resources Management Board.
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2006 Bardsley, D. (2006). There's a change on the way - an initial integrated assessment of projected climate change impacts and adaptation options for natural resource management in the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Region (2006/06). Government of South Australia.

Original Creative Works

Year Citation
2006 Publication status: Published
NTRO sub category: 1 Visual art work
Title: The Adaptation Challenge: A Conversation in Climate Risk for 2030
Authors: Bardsley DK
Place of publication: Adelaide
Publication date: 2006
Extent: An Educational Game produced for the Government of South Australia
Record created at source: 27 October 2015


Year Citation
2002 Bardsley, D. K. (2002). A Comparative Study of In Situ Agrobiodiversity Conservation in Switzerland, Turkey and Nepal. (PhD Thesis, The University of Melbourne).
1996 Bardsley, D. K. (1996). A Philosophy of Diversity as a Basis for Sustainable Development: Learning from Examples of Agricultural Development in Northeast Thailand. (Master's Thesis, Flinders University of South Australia).
1991 Bardsley, D. K. (1991). The Effect of Elevated Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Mineral Nitrogen on the Growth and Nitrogen Fixation of Subterranean Clover Swards. (Undergraduate Dissertation, The University of Adelaide).

Internet Publications

Courses taught at Undergraduate Level include:

GEOG 2139 Environmental Management

GEOG 3146 Food Security

GEOG 3137 Biogeography and Biodiversity Conservation (with Dr John Tibby)

GEOG 2142 Climate Change (with Dr John Tibby)

ARTS 1007 The Enquiring Mind: Freedom and Media (Tutor)

At Postgraduate Level: GEOG 5002 Environmental Planning and Governance

I am currently supervising 2 students undertaking PhD Dissertations.

Current Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
2018 Co-Supervisor Quantifying Natural and Anthropogenic Land Use Changes Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Brooke Patricia Deak
2018 Co-Supervisor Exploring the City as the Blueprint of Global Sustainability: City of Singapore, Singapore Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Miss Hannah Hia
2018 Co-Supervisor Rural Urban Linkages in Local Economic Development: The Role of Periodic Market Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Godfred Addai
2017 Co-Supervisor Developing Green Agriculture in Indonesia Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Sacha Amaruzaman
2017 Co-Supervisor Egyptian Agriculture in Transition: Sustaining Agricultural Workers in a Changing Climate Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Ayah Roushdy Abdul Aty Omar
2017 Principal Supervisor Integrating energy and climate policies; strengthening adoption capacities in the Himalayan Mountains. Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Govinda Pathak

Past Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
2012 - 2016 Principal Supervisor Human Ecological Implications of Climate Change in the Himalaya: Investigating Opportunities for Adaptation in the Kaligandaki Basin, Nepal Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Rishikesh Pandey
2012 - 2017 Principal Supervisor Climate, Agriculture and Migration: A Critical review of Dynamic Livelihood Changes in the Nepali Tarai Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Asheshwor Man Shrestha
2011 - 2015 Principal Supervisor South Australian agriculture: A narrative to encourage future policy reform Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Simon James Fielke
2011 - 2017 Principal Supervisor Risky Environments: Governance and Adaptation for Future Flood Risk Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Miss Rhiannon Niven
2008 - 2013 Co-Supervisor Coastal Vulnerability and Climate Change in Australia Public Risk Perceptions and Adaptation to Climate Change in Non Metropolitan Coastal Communities Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Mr Christopher David Button
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