David Rutley

School of Animal and Veterinary Science

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Red Meat Value Chain

From the consumer to the breeding industry.
Consumer sensory analysis and behaviour, preparation, retail, wholesale, distribution, processing, finishing, production, breeding and genetics.  I also have a practical understanding of the game industry.

Applied Statistics

Mechanistic and empirical models to connect all links through the chain.

Over 30+ years, apart from conducting research in all sectors of the value chain I have worked commercially in all sectors, gaining a  very practical understanding of the chain and inhibitors to technology adoption.

I have also worked and undertaken research on the two Red Meat Industry Social Licenses

  1. Animal Welfare, and
  2. the Environment

As an adjunct I currently work in industry, having left the university and my teaching role in 2013.

In industry I undertake various adult teaching roles from time to time in subjects from the red meat value chain to applied statisitics.

I co-supervise PhD and honours students.

I wrote and coordinated Research Methodology for Animal Science a second year compulsory subject for four years.  I have tutored and given guest lectures into nearly all Animal Science subjects over many years.


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