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Christine Beasley

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Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

Chris Beasley is Emerita Professor at the University of Adelaide, and is located in the university's Dept of Politics and International Relations. She is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences and was named as the leading researcher in Feminism and Women’s Studies in November 2018 in The Australian's annual assessment of national Research based on major journal publications in the field (see p. 36). She was founder and inaugural Co-Director of the Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender (2009-2013), at the University of Adelaide.

Emerita Prof Beasley primarily taught, before her retirement in 2018, in three areas of Politics—social and political theory, gender, masculinity and sexuality studies, and cultural politics. Her academic background includes interdisciplinary work in both Social Sciences and Humanities. She has also been employed as a teaching and learning academic, and has coordinated enclave programs for Indigenous students. In 1994 she received the peak teaching prize from the University of Adelaide.

Her books thus far include 'Internet Dating: Intimacy and Social Change' (with Mary Holmes, Routledge, 2021), 'The Cultural Politics of Popular Film: Power, Culture and Society' (with Heather Brook, Manchester UP, 2019) , 'ReValuing Care in Theory, Law and Policy' (co-edited with Rosie Harding and Ruth Fletcher, Routledge, 2017), 'Heterosexuality in Theory and Practice' (with Heather Brook and Mary Holmes, Routledge, 2012),' Engaging with Carol Bacchi' (co-edited with Angelique Bletsas, University of Adelaide Press, 2012), 'Gender & Sexuality: Critical Theories, Critical Thinkers' (Sage, 2005), ' What is Feminism' (Sage, 1999) and 'Sexual Economyths: Conceiving a Feminist Economics (Allen & Unwin, 1994). Emerita Prof Beasley has also developed special issues in several leading journals, such as in 'Sexualities', 'Men and Masculinities', 'Australian Feminist Studies' and 'Health Sociology'. She is presently working on a further co-edited book titled 'Living Legacies of Social Injustice' (with Pam Papadelos, Routledge, forthcoming).

Emerita Professor Beasley is engaged in several research projects, including migration and national identity, internet dating, intimacy and social change, gender/sexuality and Hollywood films, boys’ schooling, embodied ethics and revaluing care, the impact of neoliberalism upon academic practices, and innovations in heterosexuality and hetero-masculinity.


Emerita Professor Beasley is engaged in several research directions. She is located in POLIR (Politics and International Relations) and is also linked with The Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender (University of Adelaide), GEXcel: Centre for Excellence in Gender (Sweden), and the Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality (UK). Em/Prof Beasley retired at the end of 2018 but continues to be an active researcher in her capacity as an Emerita Professor associated with POLIR.

Her main current projects include

  • theorising social change
  • social change and sexualities
  • socio-political theory
  • citizenship and national identity
  • social change and masculinities
  • masculinity and violence
  • boys’ schooling and advancing gender equity
  • women and politics: comparative issues
  • embodied ethics: the politics of the body, and revaluing care
  • older people, sexuality and care services
  • internet dating
  • the impact of neoliberalism upon the welfare state, the academy and on academic practices
  • the politics of 'Hollywood' film, of mass media
  • the politics of visual art
  • issues in 'intersectionality': class, gender, race, ethnicity, indigeneity and culture
  • Keynote Addresses, 2005-2021 (Australia, Canada, Sweden, Italy, and Spain)

    C. Beasley, ‘What matters in social change?: the uncertain significance of caring’, The Fay Gale Annual Lecture, Academy of Social Sciences, hosted by University of Sydney, June 2017 and later by University of Adelaide, September 2017)

    C. Beasley, ‘Mending the World?: Care is not enough—Beyond Care and vocabularies of altruism?’, Keynote Address for the Church of Sweden Conference, Mending the World?: Possibilities and Obstacles for Religion, Church and Theology, the National Church of Sweden, Uppsala, Sweden, October 13-15, 2015

     C. Beasley, Caution! Hazards ahead: Considering the potential theory/practice gap between men/masculinities theorising and practical pro-feminist interventions’, Conference—‘Engaging Men in Building Gender Equality, Centre for Research on Men and Masculinities (CROMM), University of Wollongong, November 29-30, 2012

     C. Beasley, ‘The Politics of Libidinal Relationality: Hetero-masculinity and “Transgression” ’, Conference—‘In relation to what? – Critical Gender Research on Masculinities and Relationality’, Uppsala University, Centre for Gender Research, Sweden, January 18-20, 2012

     C. Beasley, ‘The state of Masculinities scholarship: possibilities and problems in relation to contemporary Gender/Sexuality thinking’, Inaugural Conference, Centre for Research on Men and Masculinities (CROMM), University of Wollongong, March 17-18, 2011

     C. Beasley, ‘No Standing Anytime, Move Along’: Men/Masculinities in a Globalising World’, GEXcel Symposium, Theme 9, ‘Rethinking Transnational Dominance: Men and other creatures’, Linköping University, Sweden, January 26-27, 2011

     C. Beasley, ‘Is Masculinity Studies increasingly the “odd man out”?: Considering problems and possibilities in contemporary Gender/Sexuality Thinking’, GEXcel Conference, Theme 2, ‘Men, Masculinities, Moving On!’, Linköping University, Sweden, April 27-29, 2009

     C. Beasley, ‘The Challenge of Pleasure: Let’s Talk about Sex in Gender-Masculinity Studies’, GEXcel Symposium, Theme 2, ‘Men/masculinities, transnational, spatial, virtual—Hegemony, Power and Deconstruction’, Linköping University, Sweden, May 5, 2009

     C. Beasley, ‘Gender and Sexual Violence: Gender Identities, Men and Strategies for Change’, Conflict or Violence? Transformations of Gender Identities and Violence against Women, Milan-Bicocca University, Milan, Italy, May 8-9, 2008

     C. Beasley, ‘Re-thinking Hegemonic Masculinity in a Globalising World’, ‘Experts Meeting’ on Gender Identity in a Globalized Society, Social Trends Institute (Barcelona, Rome & NY), Barcelona, Spain, October 13, 2006

     C. Beasley, ‘What happens when Women's Studies becomes Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies?’, McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, November 3, 2005 and Dept of Women's Studies, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, November 4, 2005

International Journals:
  • Politics and Gender
  • Gender & Society
  • Men & Masculinities
  • British Journal of Sociology
  • Sexualities
  • Journal of Homosexuality
  • Signs
  • Journal of Political Geography
  • Sexuality and Culture
  • Sex Roles
  • International Feminist Journal of Politics
  • Feminist Theory
  • Feminist Review
  • Gender, Place and Culture
  • thirdspace: a journal of feminist theory and culture
  • NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research
  • NORMA: International Journal of Masculinity Studies
  • Citizenship Studies
  • Sex Education
  • Sexual and Relationship Therapy International Perspectives on Theory, Research & Practice
National Journals:
  • Australian Journal of Political Science
  • Australian Journal of Politics and History
  • Journal of Sociology
  • Australian Feminist Studies
  • Outskirts
  • Australian Journal of Social Issues
  • Australia and New Zealand Journal of Public Health

Reviewer for Publishers: Sage, Routledge, Polity, Oxford University Press, Bentham Science Publishers, Intellect Publishers, Duke University Press, Palgrave Macmillan



Guest Professor, Karlstad, Stockholm and Gothenberg Universities ($3.5k) [2020]

Research Network Development, Karlstad University ($1.7k) and University of Edinburgh ($2.5k) [2018]

Priority Partner Grant, Ongoing Legacies of Discrimination and Violence International Research Network ($5k) [2017]

Institute of Advanced Studies 2016 Short Stay Fellowship Grant at University of WA ($2k) [2016]

Faculty Research Centres Competitive Funding Scheme, Advancing gender equity in male single-sex environments: elite boys’ schools (with Prof Augoustinos, Dr Treagus and Dr Papadelos) ($4k)[2014]

Aust Dental Health Research Foundation, Social Construction of Oral Health in Aust mass media (with Dr Jones and Dr Merrick) ($9.12k) [2013]


2012 Arts & Humanities Research Council (UK), ‘Revaluing Care’ Research Network (with Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality), Keele Law School (70k GBP)


Health in All Policies Unit, SA, Improving the health and wellbeing of overseas students (with Prof Augoustinos and Dr Hanson-Easy) ($22k)


Australian Sports Commission, Integrity in Sport (with Dr Treagus and Dr Cover) ($24k)

2009 University funding for designated Research Centres: The Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender (with Prof Augoustinos) ($300k)
Research Funding


Institute of Advanced Studies 2016 Short Stay Fellowship Grant at University of WA ($2k)

2014 Faculty Research Centres Competitive Funding Scheme, Advancing gender equity in male single-sex environments: elite boys’ schools (with Prof Augoustinos, Dr Treagus and Dr Papadelos) ($4k)


Aust Dental Health Research Foundation, Oral Health-Aust mass media (with Dr Jones) ($5k)

2011 Faculty Research Grant (with Dr Treagus and Dr Cover) ($5k)


School Grant, Teaching Pol Science: Graduate Skills & Critical Thinking (with Dr Cao) ($2k)


Faculty Research Grant, XVII World Congress of Sociology, Sweden ($5k)


Preventive Health Research Cluster, Social, Cultural and Economic Influences ($10k)


Faculty Grant, Globalizing culture (with Prof Bulbeck and Prof McCarthy) ($8k)


Small ARC Grant, Women’s Bodies in Australian Public Policy (with Prof Bacchi) ($7k)


Primary Health Care Initiatives Program, SA Health Commission, at Women’s and Children’s Hospital, ‘Improving Continuity of Care—families dealing with a health crisis’ ($70k)

Selected previous courses at Undergraduate Level
  • Faculty Foundation Course: ‘The Enquiring Mind’
  • ‘The Politics of Gender and Sexuality’
  • Justice, Liberty & Democracy’
  • The Politics of Media: Film
  • ‘Introduction to International Politics’,
  • Politics of Popular Culture’,
  • Past Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

    Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
    2012 - 2015 Co-Supervisor Women in Leadership: The Role of Individual Agency in Leadership Career Decisions of Female Executives in South Australian Public Service Master of Philosophy Master Full Time Mrs Syeda Nuzhat E Ibrat
    2010 - 2019 Principal Supervisor The Thai State and Sexual Health Policy: Deconstructing the culture of silence and stigmatisation of young people's non-marital heterosexual activity Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Brendan Robert Drew
    2009 - 2017 Principal Supervisor Adam Smith in Immanuel Kant's Moral Philosophy Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Guy Richardson
    2008 - 2017 Co-Supervisor The Subject of Television: A Methodology of Subject-Oriented Textual Analysis Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Dr Jessie Edwards
    2008 - 2012 Principal Supervisor Rethinking Masculinities and Young Age: Primary School Students Constructing Gender Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Clare Bartholomaeus
    2007 - 2014 Co-Supervisor Looking Out for the Aussie Bloke: Gender, Class and Contextualizing the Hegemony of Working-Class Masculinities in Australia. Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Dr Kirsty Whitman
    2005 - 2011 Principal Supervisor A Radical Alternative? A Re-Evaluation of Chantal Mouffe's Radical Democratic Approach Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Ms Leah Skrzypiec
    2005 - 2011 Principal Supervisor Community Gardening As Social Action: The Australian Community Gardening Movement and Repertoires for Change Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Ms Claire Elizabeth Nettle
    2005 - 2018 Principal Supervisor Reconsidering Aboriginal welfare dependency: The Howard Government years through the lens of Postcolonial theory Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Ms Zoe Gordon
    1994 - 2002 Principal Supervisor POLITICISING THE PRODUCTIVE: SUBJECTIVITY, FEMINIST LABOUR THOUGHT AND FOUCAULT Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Ms Wendy Bastalich
    1993 - 2005 Principal Supervisor Emotions and the Prelinguistic Maternal: their Place in Theories of Subjectivity Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Part Time Ms Belinda Jane Hewlett Sanders
  • Memberships

    Date Role Membership Country
    2016 - ongoing Member Australian Population and Migration Research Centre, Adelaide University Australia
    2016 - ongoing Member Stretton Institute Australia
    2013 - ongoing - Australian Gender and Women's Studies Assoc -
    2011 - ongoing - Australian Political Studies Association -
    2010 - 2010 - International Sociological Association -
  • Editorial Boards

    Date Role Editorial Board Name Institution Country
    2015 - ongoing Editor Editorial Board for international journal, Men & Masculinities - -
    2015 - ongoing Board Member Advisory Board for NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies several Swedish universities Sweden
    2015 - ongoing Associate Editor Guest Editor for journal, Men & Masculinities - -
    2015 - ongoing Associate Editor Guest editor for journal, Sexualities - -
    2013 - ongoing Consulting Editor Consultant editor for journal, Outskirts - -
    2012 - ongoing Board Member International Advisory board for Routledge Social Justice book series - -
    2012 - ongoing Consulting Editor Advisory editor, Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Gender & Sexualities Studies - -
    2011 - ongoing Associate Editor Guest editor for journal, Australian Feminist Studies - -
    2008 - ongoing Associate Editor Guest editor for journal, Health Sociology Review - -

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