Dr Armin Mehdipour

School of Architecture and Built Environment

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Land recycling and reuse is believed to be an effective strategy to avoid urban sprawl and its negative implications. In order to pursue the ideal of efficient land use, urban brownfields represent valuable land resources that must be put to good use. My research is to provide an indepth understanding of the concept of ‘sustainable brownfield regeneration’, through an intensive review of relevant academic literature, policy reports and documents. It examines and highlights multiple international cases in order to set some findings suited to the scope for brownfield land recycling and policy framework in Iran. In this regard, four cases- including the U.S., Europe, Japan and China- have been selected that will allow for an analysis of how different nations characterize and practice brownfield regeneration. Indeed, the study will be important in fully comprehending the lessons learned from researchers, policy makers and developers in tackling brownfield activities in both global and local levels.

The overall goal of the research is to shed light on how the concept of brownfield regeneration could be conceived and applied into urban renewal policy and jurisdiction in Iran, from the early stages of decision-making to the later stages of site development. To achieve this goal, the research project is structured in three major phases. The first phase includes a comprehensive review of literature. This literature review aims to outline critical issues relating to brownfield regeneration and frame these in the broader context of urban change to discover the rooted causes of brownfield generation. The second phase will be based on data collection and analysis of international case studies. It highlights the key characteristics of the policy-making frameworks associated with brownfields redevelopment in different countries and examines to what extent their approach is adaptable to the Iranian context. Finally, the third phase of this study is to pursue the ultimate objective of the project which is to formulate a comprehensive redevelopment model for brownfield sites in Iran.

June 2015: Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI), The University of Adelaide

April 2016: AHURI Top-up Scholarship, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, $21,000

January 2017: MLFP Scholarship, The Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program (MLFP), $12,000

2010-2011: Teaching Assistant for the course "Applied Scientific Methods of Solar Thermal Energy in Ambient Conditions Control" at the Shahid Beheshti University (Iran)

2010-2011: Teaching Assistant for the course "Environmental Control Systems" at the Shahid Beheshti University (Iran)

2016-2017: Academic Tutor for the course "Environment I" at the University of Adelaide 

2016: Guest Lecturer for the course "Design Studio VI " at the University of Adelaide 


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