Alyssa Cormick

Adelaide Nursing School

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Alyssa Cormick is a non-Indigenous research assistant with the Aboriginal Kidney care together: improving outcomes now (AKction) research project. Following the completion of her undergraduate studies at the Australian National University, Alyssa moved to the University of Adelaide to undertake an honours degree in psychology, and while doing so, she became involved with the AKction project. Alyssa's current position involves supporting ongoing research projects with AKction’s Aboriginal reference group members and research team. Alyssa says that it is her privilege to work with this amazing team, collaboratively conducting research that prioritises Aboriginal knowledge and ways of doing.

Research Projects
AKction 2: Aboriginal Kidney Care, Improving Outcomes Now (April 2021 – March 2026) 

Aim: to improve the experience and outcomes of kidney care for and with Aboriginal patients, families and community members and kidney health services in South Australia.


  • Indigenous governance
  • Kidney journey mapping
  • patient support & patient navigators
  • cultural safety in kidney care

Role: Research Assistant

Health Journey Mapping (The University of Adelaide AKction Research Project & The Lowitja Institute) (2021 –2022)

Aim: to codesign a mapping resource that could be used by healthcare professionals to map health journeys and promote cultural safety

Method: using a codesign and participatory action research approach. Development was informed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and family members, and Indigenous and non-Indigenous health professionals. 

Results: developed three mapping tools and education resources

Role: Research Assistant


AKction 1: Aboriginal Kidney Care, Improving Outcomes Now (2021)

Aimto provide opportunities for Aboriginal kidney patients and family members, health professionals, health services, academics and researchers to work together to improve kidney care in South Australia.

Methods: Aboriginal community consultations, focus groups, patient journey mapping, identification of barriers and enablers and effective strategies for improvment, education package development for staff and students

Results: Voices of Aboriginal people with kidney disease were heard and their journeys publicised. Their stories and experiences were shared to inform and improve health services in South Australia and beyond.

Role: Research Assistant


Health Journey Mapping to Identify Strength and Resilience as experienced by an Aboriginal Woman with Kidney Disease, Psychology Honours Research Project, 2021.
  • Presentation

    Date Topic Presented at Institution Country
    2021 - ongoing Health Journey Mapping to Identify Strength and Resilience as experienced by an Aboriginal Woman with Kidney Disease Adelaide Nursing School Conversazione The University of Adelaide Australia

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