Dr Bryan Coad

Bryan Coad
Senior Research Fellow
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

Dr Bryan Coad is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine. His background is in physical chemistry. His areas of expertise are in bioactive, nano-engineered material surface coatings and biomaterials.

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Dr Bryan Coad

Dr Bryan Coad is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine. His background is in physical chemistry. His areas of expertise are in bioactive, nano-engineered material surface coatings and biomaterials.

My research goal is to develop novel surface coatings for the improvement of human health and well-being. As key biological processes occur at the interfaces of surfaces, my approach is to tailor the physical properties of materials at the nanometre scale and to study biological outcomes. Such "biomaterials" have a role as biomimetics, diagnostics or as therapies. I am also interested in understanding the advanced manufacturing process and how we can develop new coating technologies for materials.

My chief research activities include

  • Developing biomimetic surface coating for understanding diseases affecting plants
  • Developing antimicrobial therapies to combat biofilms
  • Understanding how to harness plasma deposited surface coatings for applications in manufacturing

My background is in Chemistry and I collaborate on many interdisciplinary research projects involving biologists, clinicians and engineers. I am particularly interested in how fungi interact with surfaces and cause diseases that have devastating effects for food security and in human health. I lead the Mycology / Surface Interfaces Group (MSIG) which has a unique focus on studying and understanding key processes related to how fungi colonise surfaces.


Date Position Institution name
2017 Senior Research Fellow University of Adelaide
2010 - 2016 Senior Research Fellow University of South Australia


Date Institution name Country Title
The University of British Columbia Canada PhD
Simon Fraser University Canada BSc


Biomaterials, Chemical Characterisation of Materials, Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Crop and Pasture Protection, Functional Materials, Infectious Diseases, Medical Devices, Nanomaterials


Date Citation
2016 Coad,B, Griesser,H, Peleg,A, Traven,A, 2016, Anti-infective surface coatings: design and therapeutic promise against device-associated infections, PLoS Pathogens, 12, 6, e1005598-1-e1005598-7 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005598
2016 Lamont-Friedrich,S, Michl,T, Giles,C, Griesser,H, Coad,B, 2016, Chlorine-rich plasma polymer coating for the prevention of attachment of pathogenic fungal cells onto materials surfaces, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49, 29, 294001-294001 10.1088/0022-3727/49/29/294001
2016 McInnes,S, Michl,T, Delalat,B, Al-Bataineh,S, Coad,B, Vasilev,K, Griesser,H, Voelcker,N, 2016, "Thunderstruck": plasma-polymer-coated porous silicon microparticles ss a controlled drug delivery system, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 8, 7, 4467-4476 10.1021/acsami.5b12433
2016 Michl,TD, Coad,BR, HÃ sler,A, Valentin,JDP, Vasilev,K, Griesser,HJ, 2016, Effects of Precursor and Deposition Conditions on Prevention of Bacterial Biofilm Growth on Chlorinated Plasma Polymers, Plasma Processes and Polymers, 13, 6, 654-662 10.1002/ppap.201500191
2016 Saboohi,S, Coad,BR, Michelmore,A, Short,RD, Griesser,HJ, 2016, Hyperthermal Intact Molecular Ions Play Key Role in Retention of ATRP Surface Initiation Capability of Plasma Polymer Films from Ethyl α-Bromoisobutyrate, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 8, 25, 16493-16502 10.1021/acsami.6b04477
2015 Griesser,S, Jasieniak,M, Coad,B, Griesser,H, 2015, Antifungal coatings by caspofungin immobilization onto biomaterials surfaces via a plasma polymer interlayer, Biointerphases, 10, 4, 1-9 10.1116/1.4933108
2015 Coad,BR, Lamont-Friedrich,SJ, Gwynne,L, Jasieniak,M, Griesser,SS, Traven,A, Peleg,AY, Griesser,HJ, 2015, Surface coatings with covalently attached caspofungin are effective in eliminating fungal pathogens, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 3, 43, 8469-8476 10.1039/c5tb00961h
2015 Coad,BR, 2015, On the surface of it: the role of materials science in developing antifungal therapies and diagnostics, Microbiology Australia, 36, 2, 71-71 10.1071/MA15024
2015 Michl,TD, Coad,BR, Hüsler,A, Vasilev,K, Griesser,HJ, 2015, Laboratory scale systems for the plasma treatment and coating of particles, Plasma Processes and Polymers, 12, 4, 305-313 10.1002/ppap.201400141
2015 Jasieniak,M, Coad,B, Griesser,H, 2015, ToF-SIMS multivariate analysis of surface-grafted small bioactive molecules, Biointerphases, 10, 4, 1-11 10.1116/1.4937464
2015 Saboohi,S, Jasieniak,M, Coad,BR, Griesser,HJ, Short,RD, Michelmore,A, 2015, Comparison of Plasma Polymerization under Collisional and Collision-Less Pressure Regimes, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 119, 49, 15359-15369 10.1021/acs.jpcb.5b07309
2015 Michl,T, Coad,B, Doran,M, Osiecki,M, Kafshgari,M, Voelcker,N, Hüsler,A, Vasilev,K, Griesser,H, 2015, Nitric oxide releasing plasma polymer coating with bacteriostatic properties and no cytotoxic side effects, Chemical Communications, 51, 32, 7058-7060 10.1039/c5cc01722j
2014 Coad,B, Kidd,S, Ellis,D, Griesser,H, 2014, Biomaterials surfaces capable of resisting fungal attachment and biofilm formation, Biotechnology Advances, 32, 2, 296-307 10.1016/j.biotechadv.2013.10.015
2014 Coad,BR, Bilgic,T, Klok,HA, 2014, Polymer brush gradients grafted from plasma-polymerized surfaces, Langmuir, 30, 28, 8357-8365 10.1021/la501380m
2014 Coad,BR, Styan,KE, Meagher,L, 2014, One step ATRP initiator immobilization on surfaces leading to gradient-grafted polymer brushes, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 6, 10, 7782-7789 10.1021/am501052d
2014 Lindén,JB, Larsson,M, Coad,BR, Skinner,WM, Nydén,M, 2014, Polyethyleneimine for copper absorption: Kinetics, selectivity and efficiency in artificial seawater, RSC Advances, 4, 48, 25063-25066 10.1039/c4ra02223h
2014 Michl,TD, Coad,BR, Doran,M, Hüsler,A, Valentin,JDP, Vasilev,K, Griesser,HJ, 2014, Plasma polymerization of 1,1,1-trichloroethane yields a coating with robust antibacterial surface properties, RSC Advances, 4, 52, 27604-27606 10.1039/c4ra01892c
2013 Ameringer,T, Ercole,F, Tsang,KM, Coad,BR, Hou,X, Rodda,A, Nisbet,DR, Thissen,H, Evans,RA, Meagher,L et al, 2013, Surface grafting of electrospun fibers using ATRP and RAFT for the control of biointerfacial interactions, Biointerphases, 8, 1, 1-11 10.1186/1559-4106-8-16
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2012 Coad,BR, Lu,Y, Glattauer,V, Meagher,L, 2012, Substrate-independent method for growing and modulating the density of polymer brushes from surfaces by atrp, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 4, 5, 2811-2823 10.1021/am300463q
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2012 Christo,S, Sarvestani,G, Griesser,S, Coad,B, Griesser,H, Vasilev,K, Brown,M, Diener,K, Hayball,J, 2012, Individual and population quantitative analyses of calcium flux in T-cells activated on functionalized material surfaces, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 65, 1, 45-49 10.1071/CH11311
2007 Coad,B, Kizhakkedathu,J, Haynes,C, Brooks,D, 2007, Synthesis of novel size exclusion chromatography support by surface initiated aqueous atom transfer radical polymerization, Langmuir, 23, 23, 11791-11803 10.1021/la701703c
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Conference Papers

Date Citation
2013 Radford,J, Wang,L, Li,J, Coad,BR, McFarland,CD, Nordon,RE, 2013, A novel flash detection algorithm for single molecule counting with TIRF microscopy, IEEE 10th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro, ISBI 2013;, San Francisco, California 10.1109/ISBI.2013.6556662


Date Citation
2014 Nyden,BM, Nann,T, Griesser,HJ, Coad,BR, Larsson,M, Linden,JB; 2014; Metal ion binding polymers and uses thereof
2010 Coad,BR, Ameringer,T, Evans,RA, Forsythe,JS, Hou,X, Meagher,L, Pasic,P, Thissen,HW, Tsang,K; 2010; Electrospun polymer fiber useful for manufacture of polymer brushes


Date Citation
2006 Coad,BR; 2006; Evaluation of entropic interaction chromatography media


Project/ No.


Funding Body


2015 - 2018


Griesser HJ, Coad BR, Klok H-A, Read ND

Australian Research Council


2016 - 2018


Griesser HJ, Short RD, Coad BR, Michelmore A

Australian Research Council


2014 - 2017


Peleg AY, Traven A, Griesser HJ, Coad BR

Australian National Health and Medical Research Council


2016 - 2017

Best-defence materials for understanding and outsmarting invasive pathogens

Griesser HJ, Plush SE, Brooks DA, Coad BR

University of South Australia, Research Themes Investment Scheme


2016 - 2017

New in-vivo technologies for preclinical assessment of novel antimicrobial drugs against wound infections

Kopecki Z, Cowin A, Venter R, Garg S, Coad BR

University of South Australia, Research Themes Investment Scheme

2013 Antifungal surfaces Coad BR University of South Australia, Divisional Research Funding Scheme $4,000


I hold a research-only position but am interested to lecture on topics in biomaterials, chemistry (physical, polymer), and surface analysis.

Current HDR students co-supervised through the University of South Australia

  • Stephanie Lamont-Friedrich

  • Javad Naderi

  • Mohammed Altaf Hossain

  • Xiaoxiang (Crystal) He

Committee Memberships

Date Role Committee Institution Country
2016 - 2017 Co-Chair Organising committee for the 2017 Australian Colloid Society Conference
2013 - 2017 Board Member Australasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Australia
2012 - 2013 Co-Chair Organising Committee for the 2013 Australasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Conference Australia
Senior Research Fellow
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