Researcher Profiles

Professor Johannes Baltussen

Hughes Professor of Classics
Faculty of Arts

Prof. Han Baltussen has been fascinated by the ancient world and its influence on later ages ever since he started his classical education at the Henric van Veldeke College (ancient Greek and Latin). He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, Editor of Antichthon, and was until recently Coordinator of the BA(Advanced) program at the Faculty of Arts (2013-2016). Born in Maastricht, a Dutch city founded by the Romans, he was awarded his PhD at Utrecht University (1993), and held prestigious postdoctoral positions in Utrecht, Washington D.C.

Mrs Judith Bailey

Research Librarian
Faculty of Arts

I am the Project Officer for the Digital Literacy Framework Project which started in May 2016. This project is a joint initiative with the DVC (Student Learning) and University Libraries to embed digital literacies in the undergraduate curriculum.

Ms Kellie Toole

Faculty of the Professions

I joined the permanent staff of the Adelaide Law School as a full-time academic in 2012 after having practiced as a criminal defence lawyer. I teach in:

Evidence Law
Criminal Law and Procedure
Military Disciplinary Law

My interest in both legal practice, teaching and research is at the intersection of criminal law and human rights law. I am undertaking a PhD on how prosecutors decide whether to prosecute particular cases.

Mr Chia Thong

Research Grants Support Officer
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Gizachew Tessema

Higher Degree by Resarch
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Gizachew Assefa Tessema (BSc, MPH) is originally an Ethiopian, is currently working as PhD research fellow at University of Adelaide. He is also tutoring Public Health 1A course for Undergraduate Health Science Students. Before transferring to Australia for pursuing his education, he had been working in teaching and research at University of Gondar, Ethiopia. Gizachew’s main research focus is reproductive health in developing countries. He has published more than 15 articles in peer-reviewed International journals.

Professor Anne Taylor

Head Population Research & Outcome Studies
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

ANNE TAYLOR (BA, MPH, PhD) is a Professor in the Discipline of Medicine at The University of Adelaide and has had Senior Management experience at a variety of levels throughout her career in Government. As Head of the Population Research and Outcome Studies (PROS) at the University of Adelaide, she oversees the development of state and nation- wide population surveys as well as chronic disease and other epidemiological research initiatives.

Dr George Tan

Research Associate
Faculty of Arts

George Tan, PhD, is a Research Associate at the Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research and teaches in the Department of Geography, Environment and Population at The University of Adelaide. He has a background in demography and migration and is particularly interested in the demographic, social and spatial implications of international student mobility, skilled migration and refugees/asylum seekers.

Guy Robinson

Faculty of Arts

Guy Robinson is a human geographer with over 40 years experience of teaching and researching in universities in Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand. He has published eight books and over 200 papers in journals/book chapters and participated in numerous research projects. He holds degrees from the Universities of London and Oxford and has held positions at the Universities of Oxford, Edinburgh, Kingston London and South Australia as well as being an official visitor at 14 different institutions. He joined the University of Adelaide as an Adjunct in June 2015.

Miss Megan Rebuli

PhD Candidate
Faculty of Health Sciences

School of Public Health | BetterStart Child Health and Development Research Group