Researcher Profiles

Dr Tiziana Torresi

Faculty of Arts

My main area of research is normative political theory. I have worked mainly on normative theory and governance of migration, in particular temporary migration. My interest include theory if transnational justice and democratic theory.

Carmine Wainman

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

PhD candidate with research interests in the following fields: sedimentology, stratigraphy, palynology, and coal geology.

Dr Ying Xu

Research Follow
Faculty of the Professions

Ying Xu is an applied economist by training who joined the Centre for Global Food and Resources in 2016. Her previous work has been centred on risk analysis from both theoretical and empirical perspectives, which covers a wide range of topics including forest management under sequential natural disturbances, agricultural water use and irrigation technology adoption under climate risks, and wildlife conservation decisions under spatial-correlated risks. She is currently working on the climate and environmental impacts on health outcomes.

Wei Zeng

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences