Researcher Profiles

Dr Sylvia Villios

Faculty of the Professions

Sylvia Villios is a lecturer at the Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide. Sylvia researches and teaches in taxation law, particularly focussing on questions about the operation of the Australian tax system, taxation policy, corporate taxation and the role, powers and accountability of the Commissioner of Taxation.

Mr David Unsworth

PhD Candidate & Provisional Psychologist
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

David Unsworth is currently completing a Combined Masters / PhD in Clinical Psychology. David is primarily interested in areas, such as, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and substance abuse. He has a particular interest in cell therapies for stroke and is currently researching the perioperative psychological and psychosocial factors that predict positive stem-cell treatment outcomes.

Danielle Lemieux

Faculty of Arts

PhD student in Anthropology, School of Social Sciences at University of Adelaide. I completed my Bachelor of Arts (majors in Anthropology and Asian Studies) and Diploma of Languages (Japanese) at the University of Adelaide in 2014, and completed Honours (first class) in Anthropology in 2015.

Aimee Brownbill

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Aimee Brownbill is a PhD candidate with the School of Public Health, supervised by Professor Annette Braunack-Mayer and Associate Professor Caroline Miller.

Her research is on the topic of sugary beverages, an area of increasing interest due to the negative health effects that are a consequent of over consumption. She is particularly interested in marketing techniques used by beverage companies to drive sales of these products, and the effect of this marketing on population perceptions and behaviours around sugary drink consumption.

Dr Anna Szorenyi

Faculty of Arts

Dr Anna Szorenyi is a gender studies scholar whose work focuses on cultural representations of 'victimised migrants' - refugees, asylum seekers and trafficking, understood from a perspective based on feminist theorisations of vulnerability, precarity and responsibility.

She has a particular interest in the work of Judith Butler which she is also currently applying to a project on Gender Equity in Computer Science.

She has also written on trans-generational effects of historical atrocity - the Holocaust and colonialism in Australia.

Ms Jasmin Sorrentino

PhD - Master of Psychology O&HF Candidate
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Jasmin Sorrentino is currently completing her second year of the combined PhD/Master of Psychology (Organisational and Human Factors) program, under the supervision of Professor Martha Augoustinos and Associate Professor Amanda Lecouteur.

Dr Christopher Smith

Program Director UG-Marketing and Management
Faculty of the Professions

After several years as a clinical psychologist Chris moved into the business sector. Initially in a corporate HR role he subsequently fulfilled a number of GM/CEO roles across a variety of international industries finishing up in the UK as the CEO of a multinational division overseeing businesses throughout Australasia, UK, Europe and the USA. In the mid 90s he left the business world for Warwick Business School (The University of Warwick - UK) where he completed his doctorate in strategy before becoming full time member of the faculty.

Dr Megan Shelden

Faculty of Sciences

Megan is an ARC DECRA Fellow. She gained her PhD in Plant Biology at The University of Adelaide. Megan’s research interest is in the area of abiotic stress (salinity, drought) tolerance in agricultural crops. Of particular interest to her is the ability of the root system to adapt to abiotic stress and maintain growth, increasing root soil exploration for nutrient and water uptake. Her expertise includes root biology, plant physiology, plant biochemistry, molecular biology and functional genomics.

Dr Carolyn Semmler

Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

My research applies psychological theories to the law. I am interested in understanding how memory reports become distorted by post-decision feedback, how confidence and accuracy are related in recognition memory and in unfamiliar face matching. I have also worked on methods to improve juror comprehension of legal concepts, how to limit the impact of misleading drug promotion marketing and how to improve the use of forensic science evidence in legal settings.

Dr Peter Sandiford

Senior Lecturer Organisational Behaviour
Faculty of the Professions

I lecture in Organisational Behaviour and Management and joined the Business School in July 2012. Before this I worked in a number of universities in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. My previous career focused on Hospitality, working in hotels, restaurants and bars internationally, although I also have experience in accounts and sales.

My current teaching includes International Management, Organisational Behaviour and Research Methodology.