Zygmunt Szpak

Zygmunt Szpak

Australian Institute for Machine Learning - Operations

Division of Research and Innovation

I'm a computer scientist and senior research associate in the School of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. I work in the Australian Institute for Machine Learning on numerous industry-inspired computer vision and machine learning problems.

When I am not engaged in a concrete industry project, my primary research endeavours are devoted to problems in projective parameter estimation, in the context of multiple-view geometry. The statistical estimation problems that I am interested in fall under the banner of non-linear errors-in-variables models.

You can find out more about my research themes here: https://zygmuntszpak.github.io/

Z. Szpak, W. Chojnacki  “Target Recognition and Measurement at the Limits of Resolution”,   AUD 100k   Defence Science Technology Organisation, 2017

Z. Szpak, W. Chojnacki  “Parameter Estimation at the Limits of Resolution”,   AUD 78k   Defence Science Technology Organisation, 2016

Z. Szpak, J. Mackenzie  “Sharing the knowledge required to successfully utilise object detection software for use in future research opportunities”,   AUD 20k   ECMS Faculty, Adelaide University, 2016

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