Yunle Wei

Yunle Wei

School of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD (as Co-Supervisor) - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Enthusiastic scientist in glass science. Passionate specialist in developing ultra-low loss flouride glasses and fibres

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2024 Yang, M., Wei, Y., Reineck, P., Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H., Li, J., & McLaughlin, R. (2024). Development of a glass-based imaging phantom to model the optical properties of human tissue. Biomedical Optics Express, 15(1), 346-359.
    2023 Wei, Y., Zhao, J., Fuhrmann, S., Sajzew, R., Wondraczek, L., & Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H. (2023). Controlled formation of gold nanoparticles with tunable plasmonic properties in tellurite glass. Light, science & applications, 12(1), 1-14.
    2019 Wei, Y., Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H., & Zhao, J. (2019). Recent advances in hybrid optical materials: integrating nanoparticles within a glass matrix. Advanced Optical Materials, 7(21), 1900702-1-1900702-34.
    DOI Scopus83 WoS60
    2017 Guo, H., Chi, X., Wei, Y., Noh, H. M., Moon, B. K., Park, S. H., . . . Kim, K. H. (2017). Luminescence and Energy Transfer Process in YNbO 4 :Bi 3 + , Sm 3 + Phosphors. Science of Advanced Materials, 9(3), 349-352.
    DOI Scopus14
    2016 Cao, J., Li, X., Wang, Z., Wei, Y., Chen, L., & Guo, H. (2016). Optical thermometry based on up-conversion luminescence behavior of self-crystallized K3YF6:Er3+ glass ceramics. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 224, 507-513.
    DOI Scopus153
    2016 Cao, J., Wang, X., Li, X., Wei, Y., Chen, L., & Guo, H. (2016). Enhanced emissions in Tb3+-doped oxyfluoride scintillating glass ceramics containing KLu2F7 nano-crystals. Journal of Luminescence, 170, 207-211.
    DOI Scopus53
    2015 Wang, L., Guo, H., Wei, Y., Noh, H. M., & Jeong, J. H. (2015). White luminescence and energy transfer process in Bi<sup>3+</sup>,Sm<sup>3+</sup> co-doped Ca<inf>3</inf>Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>6</inf> phosphors. Optical Materials, 42, 233-236.
    DOI Scopus38
    2015 Li, X., Cao, J., Wei, Y., Yang, Z., & Guo, H. (2015). Optical Thermometry Based on Up-Conversion Luminescence Behavior of Er<sup>3+</sup> -Doped Transparent Sr<inf>2</inf>YbF<inf>7</inf> Glass-Ceramics. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 98(12), 3824-3830.
    DOI Scopus88
    2014 Yang, J. W., Guo, H., Wei, Y. L., Noh, H. M., & Jeong, J. H. (2014). Luminescence and energy transfer process in Cu<sup>+</sup>,Sm<sup>3+</sup> co-doped sodium silicate glasses. Optical Materials Express, 4(2), 315-320.
    DOI Scopus21
    2014 Li, X., Guo, H., Wei, Y., Guo, Y., Lu, H., Noh, H. M., & Jeong, J. H. (2014). Enhanced up-conversion in Er<sup>3+</sup>-doped transparent glass-ceramics containing NaYbF<inf>4</inf> nanocrystals. Journal of Luminescence, 152, 168-171.
    DOI Scopus27
    2014 Luo, Q., Chen, Y., Li, Z., Zhu, F., Chen, X., Sun, Z., . . . Huang, S. (2014). Large enhancements of NaYF<inf>4</inf>:Yb/Er/Gd nanorod upconversion emissions via coupling with localized surface plasmon of Au film. Nanotechnology, 25(18), 185401.
    DOI Scopus46
    2014 Wei, Y. L., Li, X. M., & Guo, H. (2014). Enhanced upconversion in novel KLu<inf>2</inf>F<inf>7</inf>: Er<sup>3+</sup> transparent oxyfluoride glass-ceramics. Optical Materials Express, 4(7), 1367-1372.
    DOI Scopus35
    2014 Wei, Y., Yang, H., Li, X., Wang, L., & Guo, H. (2014). Elaboration, structure, and intense upconversion in transparent KYb <inf>2</inf> F <inf>7</inf>: Ho <sup>3+</sup> glass-ceramics. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 97(7), 2012-2015.
    DOI Scopus35
    2013 Wei, Y., Chi, X., Liu, X., Wei, R., & Guo, H. (2013). Novel upconversion behavior in Ho <sup>3+</sup>-doped transparent oxyfluoride glass-ceramics containing NaYbF <inf>4</inf> nanocrystals. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 96(7), 2073-2076.
    DOI Scopus34
    2013 Wei, Y. L., Liu, X. Y., Chi, X. N., Wei, R. F., & Guo, H. (2013). Intense upconversion in novel transparent NaLuF<inf>4</inf>:Tb <sup>3+</sup>, Yb<sup>3+</sup> glass-ceramics. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 578, 385-388.
    DOI Scopus67
    2013 Wei, Y., Li, J., Yang, J., Chi, X., & Guo, H. (2013). Enhanced green upconversion in Tb<sup>3+</sup>-Yb<sup>3+</sup> co-doped oxyfluoride glass ceramics containing LaF<inf>3</inf> nanocrystals. Journal of Luminescence, 137, 70-72.
    DOI Scopus56
    2013 Liu, X., Wei, Y., & Guo, H. (2013). Luminescence of Eu-Doped transparent LuPO<inf>4</inf> glass-ceramics. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 96(2), 369-371.
    DOI Scopus19
    2013 Liu, X., Wei, Y., Wei, R., Yang, J., & Guo, H. (2013). Elaboration, structure, and luminescence of Eu<sup>3+</sup>-doped BaLuF<inf>5</inf>-based transparent glass-ceramics. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 96(3), 798-800.
    DOI Scopus55
    2012 Wei, R., Ma, C., Wei, Y., Gao, J., & Guo, H. (2012). Tunable white luminescence and energy transfer in novel Cu<sup>+</sup>, Sm<sup>3+</sup> co-doped borosilicate glasses for W-LEDs. Optics Express, 20(28), 29743-29750.
    DOI Scopus74
    2012 Guo, H., Liu, X., Li, F., Wei, R., Wei, Y., & Ma, C. (2012). Enhanced white luminescence in mixed-valence Eu-doped BaAl <inf>2</inf>Si <inf>2</inf>O <inf>8</inf> glass ceramics for W-LEDs. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 159(6), J223-J226.
    DOI Scopus54
    2012 Guo, H., Wei, R. F., Wei, Y. L., Liu, X. Y., Gao, J. Y., & Ma, C. G. (2012). Sb<sup>3+</sup>/Mn<sup>2+</sup> co-doped tunable white emitting borosilicate glasses for LEDs. Optics Letters, 37(20), 4275-4277.
    DOI Scopus41
  • Current Higher Degree by Research Supervision (University of Adelaide)

    Date Role Research Topic Program Degree Type Student Load Student Name
    2023 Co-Supervisor Development of two-dimensional nanomaterials based sensor devices for breath analysis Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Ehab Mohamed Ali Eid Salih
    2023 Co-Supervisor The new project is about advancing the development of rare earth doped core/clad (step-index) ZBLAN fluoride glass fibres for laser and amplifier applications. The research includes uncovering the impact of fabrication processes, rare earth doping and other factors on the core/clad interface quality. Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Ehab Mohamed Ali Eid Salih
    2021 Co-Supervisor From Moon Materials to High-Performance Products: Ultrapurification of Resources and their Manufacturing as Medicinal Formulations Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Quy Don Tran
    2021 Co-Supervisor Development of fibre optic fluorescence probes for multiple applications Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate Full Time Mr Mingze Yang

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