Yanyan Hong

Yanyan Hong

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Humanities

Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

Yanyan is a PhD Candidate in the field of communication and media studies in the Department of English, Creative Writing and Film Studies at the University of Adelaide (2022 - present), and a TED Language Coordinator for Chinese, Simplified language community (2017 - present). She received her Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media in 2018 and Master’s degree in Communication for Social Change in 2020 at the University of Queensland (UQ). In addition to doing research and translating TED Talks, she also translates films and is a Bollywood aficionado. In fact, one of Yanyan’s guiding mottos comes from the words of Bollywood icon (and TED speaker) Shah Rukh Khan: “To have faith is to have wings.”

As a Bollywood aficionado of Chinese origin for about 15 years (having watched more than 1,200 Indian films and counting!), Yanyan's current research is focused on contemporary Indian cinema in global contexts.

Research Interests:

  • Indian Cinema, in particular Bollywood
  • Digital Media
  • Communication (for Social Change!)
  • Cross-cultural or intercultural communication
  • Screen and media culture
  • Film and photography
  • Global cinema
  • Transnationalism and migration
  • Audience Reception

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