Yannan Yang

Dr Yannan Yang

Group Leader, Biomat & Immune Eng Lab (BIEL)

South Australian Immunogenomics Cancer Institute

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Eligible to supervise Masters and PhD - email supervisor to discuss availability.

Dr Yannan Yang completed PhD (Biomedical Engineering) in Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology/University of Queensland in 2019 before taking a postdoctoral research follow position in the same institute. In 2023, he established his own research group (Biomaterials and Immune Engineering Laboratory - BIEL) in SAiGENCI in the University of Adelaide. He has developed innovative synthetic approaches for biomaterials and nanoparticles with controllable architecture and composition, and devemostrated the great potential of materials based cancer immunotherapy. Dr Yang's vision is to develop novel biomaterials-enabled vaccine technology for cancer immunotherapy and promote the clinic translation of the technology to significantly improve the treatment outcome of cancers with poor prognosis.

Dr Yannan Yang is the head of Biomaterials and Immune Engineering Laboratory (BIEL). BIEL aims to leverage state-of-the-art biomaterials and nanotechnology-based approaches to modulate immune system and create translational immunotherapy strategies with improved therapeutic efficacy and minimized adverse effects. Our laboratory is specifically interested in designing and fabricating biocompatible nanoparticles, hydrogels, scaffolds and cell/bacteria derived biomimetic materials with immunomodulatory activities and controlled drug release profile for engineering immunity. We stand at the materials-bio interface and investigate how biomaterials at different scales (nano, micro and bulk) can interact with bio-systems and tumour microenvironment, and how these interactions can be further controlled to benefit the outcome of immunotherapy that aims to prevent and treat cancer.

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    DOI Scopus2 WoS2
    2014 Yang, Y., Karmakar, S., Zhang, J., Yu, M., Mitter, N., & Yu, C. (2014). Synthesis of SBA-15 rods with small sizes for enhanced cellular uptake. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2(30), 4929-4934.
    DOI Scopus23 WoS21 Europe PMC3
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    DOI Scopus15 WoS14
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    DOI Scopus15 WoS17 Europe PMC5
  • Theses

    Year Citation
    - Yang, Y. (n.d.). Development of a mesoporous silica based nanosystem for safe and efficient therapeutic delivery.
  • NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow (EL1), 2022-2026, Sole CI, $650,740
  • ARC Discovery Project 2020-2023, CI B, $395,000
  • UQ-Early Career Researcher Grant 2020.1-2020.12, Sole CI, $20,000
  • Position: Group Leader, Biomat & Immune Eng Lab (BIEL)
  • Phone: 83133776
  • Email: yannan.yang@adelaide.edu.au
  • Campus: West End Health Precinct
  • Building: AHMS - Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences, floor Ninth Floor
  • Room: 9069
  • Org Unit: South Australian Immunogenomics Cancer Institute

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