Xiaopeng Bi

Mr Xiaopeng Bi

PhD Candidate/ Research Associate

School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Xiaopeng 'Gavin' Bi, graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Adelaide in 2018, with gratefully receiving the 1st class honours in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Mechanical). Later, he decided to pursue a PhD study in the field of fluid mechanics with Professor Gus Nathan. Now, his research involves studies of different types of industrial-relevant particle-laden flows using various advanced optical techniques. Besides, he works closely with his supervisors and colleagues to develop and utilize new laser diagnostic methods.

"Our methods are globally unique, having been developed in-house, complementing other related investigations performed in a handful of places world-wide. I am very pleased to have access to such cutting-edge facilities and the rich experience accumulated by the Centre for Energy Technology. " --- Gavin


Laser technique: simultaneously measuring both particle- and fluid-phase velocities in particle-laden flows by two-color optical phase discrimination.

Supervisors: Professor Graham ’Gus’ Nathan (Principal),  Dr Timothy Lau  and  Dr Zhiwei Sun.

Activities: multiple research conferences and industry-engaged activities, e.g., Selected speaker at the Gordon Research Conference on Laser Diagnostics (US 2021), Presenter at the 22nd & 23rd Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (AU in 2020 & 2022, volunteer at the 21st in 2018), Australian Combustion Symposium 2023, the 27th SolarPACES Conference (US 2021) and the 3rd High Temperature Mineral Processing Forum - HiTeMP-3 (AU 2022), as well as Mentee in the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (AU IMNIS - ATSE, 2020-2021).


Particle-based concentrating solar power technology (G3P3-Sandia DoE - US)


My PhD research focuses on fundamentally and experimentally studying lab-scale densely-laden particle-laden flows in the development of next-generation commercially up-scaled renewable energy system, a concentrating solar thermal system, named as “falling particle receivers”, under the G3P3 project led by the Sandia National Laboratories (US), and partnering with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Australian National University (ANU).   
Particle-based thermal reactor for renewable mineral processing (Calix - AU) 2023-Present

The other research I am doing is experimentally studying particle burst flows in the development of Calix’s (AU) next-generation thermal flash reactors using renewable energy for advancing mineral processing in the production of lime/cement and metals, and benefiting CO2 capture/reduction. 

High flux thermal pre-treatment of low-grade iron ores for improved liberation, beneficiation and quality (FMG, Roy Hill, Liberty Steel & CSIRO - AU) 2023-Present

Another research I am also doing under HILT CRC Iron ore, is systematically and experimentally studying a series of processing techniques (comminution / beneficiation) integrated with novel thermal pre-treatment methods based on high heating fluxes and high heating rates for up-grading low-quality iron ores and reducing crushing energy cost.


2020 - 2021 Teaching Assistant (MECH ENG4107/7029 - Air Conditioning)

2019 - 2019 Teaching Assistant (CHEM ENG 1009 - Materials I)

  • Position: PhD Candidate/ Research Associate
  • Phone: 83136385
  • Email: xiaopeng.bi@adelaide.edu.au
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Engineering South, floor 3
  • Org Unit: Research Scholars (Positions)

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