Wei Jie Gao

Wei Jie Gao

Higher Degree by Research Candidate

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

My research interest focuses on terahertz waveguides, components, antennas, and microwave reconfigurable antennas. Research in terahertz integrated systems as a frontier of photonics have attracted a great attention. With integrability, portability, and low cost, terahertz integrated systems promise a wide range of unique applications, from 6G wireless communications to nondestructive imaging. To this end, terahertz integrated waveguide platforms with high efficiency, low dispersion, and broad bandwidth are crucial to build the comprehensive systems. Up until recent years, there was no unique integrated platform for terahertz systems available. Existing platforms adopted either millimeter-wave or photonic integrated circuit into the terahertz range. However, all those adopted platforms exhibit limitations in this range in terms of efficiency and bandwidth. Recently, we have proposed a class of self-supporting substrate-free effective-medium-clad dielectric waveguides together with a series of elementary components as building blocks for a terahertz integrated platform at WR-3 band. Based on the proposed platform, I have developed several terahertz components including effective-medium-clad Bragg grating filters, effective-medium-based lens antenna, and terahertz polarization beam splitter. All these devices feature high efficiency with a fractional bandwidth of 40%. We can foresee that the concept of effective medium can benefit integrated photonics at large.

2020, 2021 ECMS HDR Travelling Scholarships
2019 The University of Adelaide Research Travel Scholarship
2018 – Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Science Scholarship & University Full-Fee Scholarship

  • Mentoring

    Date Topic Location Name
    2020 - 2020 All-Silicon, Low-Crosstalk Terahertz Waveguide Crossing Based on Effective Medium School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Adelaide Harrison Lee
    2020 - 2020 All-Silicon Terahertz Planar Horn Antenna School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Adelaide Jie Liang
  • Community Engagement

    Date Title Engagement Type Institution Country
    2016 - 2018 Research assistant in microwave antennas Scientific Community Engagement Adelaide Applied Electromagnetics Group, The University of Adelaide

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