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Victor Gostin
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Associate Professor Victor Gostin


Date Position Institution name
1970 Associate Professor University of Adelaide

Awards and Achievements

Date Type Title Institution Name Amount
2011 Geological Society of Australia (SA) Bruce Webb Medal Geological Society of Australia (SA)

Language Competencies

Language Competency
English Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
French Can read, speak and understand spoken
Russian Can read, speak and understand spoken


Date Institution name Country Title
1966 - 1968 Australian National University Australia PhD
1962 - 1963 University of Melbourne Australia MSc


Date Citation
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Date Citation
1990 Lemon,NM, Gostin,VA, 1990, Glacigenic sediments of the late Proterozoic Elatina Formation and equivalents, Adelaide Geosyncline, South Australia, 149-163
1988 Belperio,AP, Gostin,VA, Cann,JH, Murray-Wallace,CV, 1988, Sediment-organism zonation and the evolution of Holocene tidal sequences in southern Australia, 475-497

Book Chapters

Date Citation
2011 Gostin,V, McKirdy,D, Webster,L, Williams,G, 2011, Mid-Ediacaran ice-rafting in the Adelaide Geosyncline and Officer Basin, South Australia, Geological Society of London, United Kingdom, pp. 673-676 10.1144/M36.66
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Conference Papers

Date Citation
1997 James,NP, Bone,Y, Hageman,SJ, Feary,DA, Gostin,VA, 1997, Cool-water carbonate sedimentation during the terminal quaternary sea-level cycle: Lincoln shelf, southern Australia, Conference on Cool-Water Carbonates, GEELONG, AUSTRALIA
1991 Young,G, Gostin,V, 1991, Late Proterozoic (Sturtian) succession of the North Flinders Basin, South Australia; An example of temperate glaciation in an active rift setting 10.1130/SPE261-p207
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