Van Tai Nguyen

Mr Van Tai Nguyen

Master of Philosophy

School of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Van Tai Nguyen was born in Vietnam in 1988. He received the Diploma with Honours in Mechanical Engineering from Belarusian National Technical University in 2013. Currently, He is pursuing Master of Philosophy program at the University of Adelaide. His research interests include exoskeletons, robotics.

  • Appointments

    Date Position Institution name
    2013 Teaching Assistant ThuyLoi University
  • Language Competencies

    Language Competency
    English Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
    Russian Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
    Vietnamese Can read, write, speak, understand spoken and peer review
  • Education

    Date Institution name Country Title
    2008 - 2013 Belarusian National Technical University Belarus Diploma in egineering
  • Postgraduate Training

    Date Title Institution Country
    2017 - 2019 Master of Philosophy the University of Adelaide Australia
  • Research Interests

  • Journals

    Year Citation
    2020 Nguyen, V. (2020). Magnetic field distribution of a conical permanent magnet with an application in magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 498, 8 pages.
    2019 Nguyen, V., & Lu, T. (2019). Modelling of magnetic field distributions of elliptical cylinder permanent magnets with diametrical magnetization. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 491, 11 pages.
    DOI Scopus2 WoS1
    2019 Nguyen, V., Lu, T., Robertson, W., & Grimshaw, P. (2019). Magnetic field distribution of an elliptical permanent magnet. Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, 97, 69-82.
    2018 Nguyen, V., & Lu, T. (2018). Analytical expression of the magnetic field created by a permanent magnet with diametrical magnetization. Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, 87, 163-174.
  • Conference Papers

    Year Citation
    2017 Nguyen, V. T., Lu, T. -F., & Grimshaw, P. (2017). Human Intention Recognition Based on Contact-less Sensors to Control an Elbow and Forearm Assistive Exoskeleton. In The 7th International Conference of Asian Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology Vol. ARM-P-06 (pp. 1-4). ASPEN.
  • Position: Master of Philosophy
  • Phone: 0416853416
  • Email:
  • Campus: North Terrace
  • Building: Engineering South, floor 3
  • Room: 3 14
  • Org Unit: School of Mechanical Engineering

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